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From request from the ladies of my "Of Wolves and Men mod" as a separate file.

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Please view Credits/Permission above for further information about the mod and images.

About this mod:
A team of Lafemme werewolves as requested from my Of Wolves and Men mod to make a separate esp. When their health goes below 50% or in bleeding state, they will transform to their own unique werewolf form. Their werewolf form last 2 mins before transforming back to their human form.  Werewolf script was done by StCooler for Dividedbythe9s Rust Follower mod with inspirations from TransformHeroFollowerMaskDwemerRX by m150. Their innate damage and their werewolf unarmed damage increase at level 15, 30, 65, 100, and 150:
Level 15: +20 unarmed/destruction/melee damage
Level 30: +20 unarmed/destruction/melee damage
Level 65: +20 unarmed/destruction/melee damage
Level 100: +20 unarmed/destruction/melee damage
Level 150: +50 unarmed/destruction/melee damage(All Stats will Stack)

*Of all the Brevi and spwned mods only Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials is fully compatible.
*Diverse Werewolves is 100% compatible.
*Moonlight Tales SE for Skyrim - Werewolf and Werebear Overhual is semi compatible, just turn off NPC Skins and Shaders in the Ancient rings menu under NPC Settings, otherwise game will crash when Sayeon transform.
*Semi compatible with AFT and other follower framework mods as the mods use DialogueFollower quest/script which isn't compatible with their transformation script.  You can try to place IHRLaFemmeTeam.esp at the very bottom of load order, but I won't guarantee it will work this way.
*Should be 100% compatible with EFF as I use it 100% of the time since day one.
*Please see post section for more info.

Side Note:
*If you use player.placeatme, the copy or cloned version of her default form won't be able to transform, as the script can only work on the original/referenced follower.  If anything, I'd prefer to meet them in their respective inn location below.
*Please do not use mods/dialogue to turn or infect them, as there will be conflicts.
*After uninstallation, please use Save game script cleaner by Hadoram as a parting gift.

Default Form:
Name: Ashaika
Level Cap: 200
Race: Redguard (Custom)
Trait: ht 1.06 wt 1.00
Voicetype: FemaleSultry (Can Marry and Adopt)
Outfit: Vanilla Steel Armor Set(no helm) and nisetanaka's Steel Circlet
Weapon: Vanilla Iron Greatsword and Hunting Bow
Class: 2H weapon Heavy Armored Warrioress
Location: Kynesgrove Braidwood Inn

Name: Susana
Level Cap: 200
Race: Nord (Custom)
Trait: ht 1.00 wt 0.70
Voicetype: FemaleCommander (Can Marry and Adopt)
Outfit: Vanilla Studded Imperial Armor Set(no helm)
Weapon: Vanilla Iron Sword and Hunting Bow
Class: 1H weapon Light Armored Lightning Spellsword
Location: Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern

Werewolf Form:
Wolf Trait: Howling LaFemme Striped Hyena ht: 1.30
 LaFemme Albino ht: 1.15
Innate Ability: Increased unarmed damage every 15 levels or so. All damage stack.
Custom Flame Cloak
Custom Shock Cloak
Immune to Paralysis and Disease
Custom Werewolf Race for the combat health regeneration