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About this mod

Adds variety to enemy werewolf encounters. There are now 25 werewolves and 13 werebears, each leveled at 11 possible ranks for a total of 418 new enemies. NPC werewolves also have custom skins.

Permissions and credits
  • German
-25 enemy werewolf skins and 13 werebear skins
-Each at 11 levels of strength (matching vanilla)
-Hand-picked skins for NPC werewolves (Aela, Sinding, etc)
-Werewolf corpses, head-on-spikes, etc are covered
-Werebears in mainland Skyrim (consistent with lore)
-Optional file to choose the player's werewolf skin (no plugin required)
-Compatible with female werewolf replacers

Detailed Contents

NPCs with hand-picked skins:
Werewolves: Sinding, Farkas, Aela, Arnbjorn, Majni, Akar, Rakel, Hjordis, Farmer (randomly spawning werewolf)
Werebears: Torkild, Snowclad Ruins Werebears, and the 3 randomly spawning Werebears on Solstheim.
The record changes for these NPCs are as minimal as possible, to maximize compatibility. In some cases the changes are on associated quests, since that is what controls the transformations.
NOTE: To get the custom skins for all NPCs, start a new save after installing DWC. It's perfectly safe to install DWC later, but depending on your progress some NPCs will use the default skin.

Enemies with randomized skins:
Werewolf, Werewolf Savage, Werewolf Savage (Boss), Werewolf Brute, Werewolf Brute (Boss), Werewolf Beastmaster, Werewolf Beastmaster (Boss), Werewolf Skinwalker, Werewolf Skinwalker (Boss), Werewolf Vargr, Werewolf Vargr (Boss)
Each of these now comes in a male and female variant as well, but you won't notice the difference unless you use a female werewolf body mod (see Compatibility section).
The stats of these enemies are unaltered, only their skins have changed. They will inherit any werewolf stat changes made by other mods. The only vanilla records overwritten for these are the LCharWerewolf and LCharWerewolfBoss leveled lists.

Newly added Werebears:
Each of the above randomized werewolf enemies also has a Werebear counterpart. These are incorporated into the same leveled lists as the werewolves, appearing about 1/3rd of the time. The lore actually says that Werebears are supposed to be the most common Lycanthrope in Skyrim but I didn't want to go that far. The werebears also have randomized skins.
Werebears also come in male and female variants, but there aren't any female werebear mods that I know of so it's really just for posterity.
Werebears have higher health and stamina, stronger power attacks, weaker perks, etc, consistent with vanilla. The exact values were determined by my personal judgment with an attempt at balance, since Dragonborn only added Werebears at level 25.

Werewolf corpse remains:
The werewolf corpses and spiked heads in and around Silver Hand camps have randomized skins also. These will not change on each playthrough, unlike the enemies -- the static objects were randomly replaced in TES5Edit, not chosen at runtime.

This mod contains no scripts.

When do I see enemy werewolves anyway?
In vanilla Skyrim they are rare, though there are the NPCs you see listed in Detailed Contents, plus the caged werewolves found in Silver Hand camps, and a couple of rare wild encounter events added by Dawnguard.
I highly recommend pairing this mod with More Werewolves or a similar mod, which will allow you to encounter more enemy werewolves.


Install the mod (with mod manager, or drag files into Skyrim/Data) and enable it.

To test, type "player.placeatme 1e791" into the console to spawn a random werewolf/werebear.


If you have any other mods that edit the leveled lists for enemy werewolves, make a Bashed Patch for full compatibility, or otherwise make sure DWC is loaded after them. 
There may be quest-related conflicting edits from some mods to some of the hand-picked NPCs, you can detect and fix these with xEdit. YASH2 is reported by etpak1 to have an issue that is avoided by using DWC's version of the conflicting record (merging them caused Sinding to die immediately). There are also reported conflicts with Bijin NPCs.
Mods that add additional opportunities for existing NPCs to transform (such as Aela) will probably not use the custom Aela werewolf skin without a patch, and patching may be complicated.
This is fully compatible with More Werewolves as well as Moonlight Tales Special Edition.

Female werewolf body mods:
DWC now supports female werewolf body replacers, assuming that their meshes have preserved the original order of body parts. However, you only need the meshes from those files and not the plugins, since DWC distributes these female skins itself.

Confirmed working with:
Female Werewolves
Female Werewolves Extended SSE

Note that it IS NOT currently compatible with La Femme Lycana, which changes the body part order resulting in bad retexturing. I have notified the author.

Specifically, you need this file from within the mod: meshes\actors\werewolfbeast\character assets\FemaleBodyWerewolf_1.nif
If your mod also provides FemaleBodyWerewolf_0.nif, you can copy that as well for automatic weight slider incorporation. However, I'm not sure if werewolves have varying weights anyway. You could choose to use the _0 file instead of the _1 file by just renaming it, if you like it better.
Any werewolf body can be used as the female werewolf by renaming it and putting it there, so long as it is compatible with plugin-based texture replacements.


spwned/Brevi - Resources were originally collected and organized by Brevi in his file, Moonlight Tales. Some plugin data from MTSE was used also.

NsJones - Heart of the Beast skin and eye textures.
KrittaKitty - HD Werewolves skin and eye textures.
Fiszi - Big Bad Wolves Skin Pack.
KnErBSE73 - FURTASTIC werebear textures.
Jeremy Hamilton / artifex0 - Natural werewolf skin texture.
Bellyache / wrig675 - Realistic werewolf skin textures. (Parts of the textures were used as base.)

Also on Skyrim Special Edition!