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Various retextures for werewolves - and werehyenas -, based on Krittakitty's HD Werewolves.

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I always loved Krittakitty's werewolf textures, but I missed some more multiple colored wolves. Also I wanted to have some werehyenas ;) So here it is!
This is an other retexture mod for werewolves. They are very heavily based on Krittakitty's awesome work, The HD Werewolf retextures. My work only contains diffuse maps, so if you want your werewolves look exactly like the ones on the images, I recommand downloading the original mod and overwrite it with one of my files.
 They work with any other normal maps, though, if you want a rougher look.

If you want your player werewolf look unique than others, I recommand this mod: Unique Player Werewolf.

And if you can't decide which one to use, I can highly recommand Moonlight tales - werewolf and werebear essentials! It includes all of this textures so your player can chose any of them, also you can very the shape of the body and also use other textures and other cool features.

I have no plans for werebears (maybe for the Apex werewolves, one day). If you are looking for werebear retextures, check this mod: FURtastic.

recommanded enb: Grim and Somber Hircine enb