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Adds to the game craftable crown-like helmets of various armors.

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Single ESP and beast race compatibility by CyrusFyre -->

[size="4"]Crown Helmets[/size]

-Adds to the game craftable crown-like helmets of various armors.
-Beast races are not compatible.
-All of the crowns are craftable and temperable standalone helms.
-Modular install, each crown is a separate ESP so you can choose which you like and which you don't.
-Uninstall first any previous versions of the mod.
-Any problems or bugs let me know.

-male version added for all crowns
-fixed some clipping issues in some crowns

-added glass crown, dragonplate crown,daedric mask/crown and ebony crown.
-all are craftable and temperable standalone crowns.
-dragonplate crown based on the jagged crown mesh

-added female only glass crown, dragonplate crown and daedric mask, all beta replacers far from final release, just a test, male helms wont show correctly using this beta replacers.

-the crown its now craftable under the "Dragon" category in the forge.

-removed male version.
-complete remodeling of the crown.
-no clipping with vanilla hair.
-does not replace vanilla dragonscale helm (standalone version).

-Now works in all male human races, male elves and orcs.

-fixed floating horns when seen from behind.
-cleaned mesh.
-adjusted mesh to be more close to the face (not recommended for "big" hair styles see pics).

-Now works in all female human races, female elves and orcs.

-Texture problems when seen from behind in version 1.0, not noticeable if using a big hairstyle.

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Special thanks to mlandstreet for making the crown craftable, kudos for you!!!
Thanks to Ketwaroo D Yaasir for inspiring me to do this.
Thanks Dragonporn for the saint seiya style pic lol.
Thanks Bethestha and stuff.