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an add one for Anton0028's Animated dragon wings that adds feathered ones

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Have you ever wanted to role play as a fallen angel, winged race, etc.? 
Well, now you can!
you dont need  "Animated Dragon Wings" by Anton0028  anymore for the featherd wings but if you want to use both wings dragon and featherd you need both mods active  . You can find them here:
Optional Stuff:
The "Flying Mod Beta" by PorroOne isn't required, however you cannot fly without it. You can find it here:


Now you can use the mod manager 

download the all in one for the normal animated wings  the other files are for the real flying  

if you do it manualy you probably know what to do but anyway drop the data folder to the folder that TESV.exe is located 
Wings to NPCs
(new ) 
i added the optional rings add one this adds the wings as craftable rings at any smithy sadly cant see icons for wings  but you can see in the potions the wings you like and make them as ring as they have the same name , when you craft the rings you can either equip them instead of using a potion   or give it to a companion to have the wings you wish 

(old method )
thanks to  rcreaper2  who figured out how to add them and pangallosr  who informed me about it .

open the console target the npc you want to add the wings 
type help and wings then look for the wings you want it will look like somthing like /   ALCH (number) 'mutogen: (dragon type) wings'
(make sure you have selected the npc you want them to have them ) then type  equipitem number .

The Future of This Mod:
till i have some free time i will only do small things fixes and such , i wish to add more staff but till i have free time its imposible
**I received permission from Anton0028-who created the "Animated Dragon Wings"-to retexture them into feathered wings.**

*Thank you Paperwallsx33 for righting the new description you are awesome*