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About this mod

My personal Khajiit follower with skeletonbeast.nif from Khajiitas who has the capability to transform as werebear form at will or 10% to 100% chance.

Please view Credits/Permission above for further information about the mod and images.

About this mod:
A kitty follower npc of mine who can transform into a werebear at will or 10 to 100% chance to transform. Werewolf script was done by StCooler for Dividedbythe9s Rust Follower mod with inspirations from TransformHeroFollowerMaskDwemerRX by m150. His werebear unarmed damage increase every 15 levels or so:
Level 1: +6 unarmed damage (base)
Level 15: +7 unarmed damage
Level 30: +9 unarmed damage
Level 45: +8 unarmed damage
Level 65: +9 unarmed damage
Level 80: +10 unarmed damage
Level 151: +50 unarmed damage (all damages will stack)

*Of all the Brevi and spwned mods only Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials is fully compatible.
*Diverse Werewolves is 100% compatible.
*Moonlight Tales SE for Skyrim - Werewolf and Werebear Overhual is semi compatible, just turn off NPC Skins and Shaders in the Ancient rings menu under NPC Settings, otherwise game will crash when Rakeem transform.

Side Note:
*If you have Are You There? Mod, please select his default form where XX is your game load order for IHRRakeemFollower.esp.
*If Default Form Rakeem is wierding out all of a sudden, open the console and click on the follower then use disable/enable command.
*If for whatever reason she is not appearing again after transformation, please use the prid# below in the console where XX is your game load order for IHRRakeemFollower.esp.

prid XX023511
moveto player

*If you use player.placeatme, the copy or cloned version of his default form won't be able to transform, as the script can only work on the original/referenced follower.  If anything, I'd prefer to meet him in their respective inn location below.
*Please do not use mods/dialogue to turn or infect them, as there will be conflicts.
*After uninstallation, please use Save game script cleaner by Hadoram as a parting gift.

Default Form:
Name: Ra'keem
Level Cap: 200
Race: Khajiit (Custom)
Trait: ht 1.01 wt 1.00
Voicetype: MaleKhajiit (Cannot Marry and Adopt)
Class: Frost Spellsword and Night Blade
Spell: Ice Spike Left Hand, Frost Bite Left Hand, and Ice Storm Left Hand
Location: Dawnstar Windpeak Inn
Innate Ability: Custom Frost Cloak
Khajiit Race Claw

Werebear Form:
Wolf Trait: Werebear Frost FURtastic ht: 1.13
Innate Ability: Increased unarmed damage every 15 levels or so. All damage stack.
Custom Frost Cloak
Frost Bear Cold FX
Immune to Paralysis and Disease
Custom Werewolf Race for the combat health regeneration