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Skyrace is a race mod which attempts to make the game more realistic and create greater distinctions between the races. Great for roleplaying, immersion and survival.

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NOTICE: These mods for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim are not intended to receive any further updates. Please refer to the SSE version of the mod, if there is one available.

Updated and refined, a new version of Skyrace is now available for SSE!

Before anyone even asks – this has nothing to do with real-life racism. Skyrim is in fact a province full of diversity. But that's not the same as saying that all of its inhabitants are happy about it. Lore-wise, Skyrim is a very racist land, such as seen in Windhelm, or from the Thalmor.

Quite frankly, it might very well be supported by facts. It makes no sense that in the vanilla game, all races start with the exact same stats and stat regenerations, despite literally being different species. It also doesn't make any sense that various other race mods that attempt to deal with this issue, only tweak things a few percent here and there. What we need are clear diversities that play an important role over the entire course of a playthrough.

If you like race mods which add mesmerizing new abilities and super cool features, then this is probably not for you. However, if you like tough challenges, harsh survival gameplay and a more realistic touch to Skyrim overall, then this might very well be a mod for you.

Tweaked base stats in all their glory make the races more diverse at a first glance, but after just a few levels, it's not even noticeable. What's really interesting and has a major impact on the gameplay is stat regeneration. In vanilla, after just a few adventures, any race is theoretically able to pursue any goal, which really doesn't make any sense. Experience is necessary, but when it comes to things like stats, biology should be just as important.

The vanilla ideas are actually pretty good as they are when it comes to racial abilities, and there is no real need to expand upon those. In fact, a few were even removed since they were too unrealistic.

The heights of the races have also been slightly tweaked, with High Elves remaining the tallest among elves, but Orcs being the tallest race in general. Wood Elf males are now of average height rather than short. Finally, all races have received nerfs to their carry weights, and buffs to their unarmed damage. It varies between most of the races, but as a rule of thumb, assume that the more muscular a race is, they can carry more and deliver stronger punches. The new standard carry weight is 100.

The human races (aside from Bretons) start with less magicka, and have a bit slower magicka regeneration. Aside from that though, they aren't extremely diverse from one another.

Nords are quite strong, but they can certainly not scare away half an army by simply yelling (the Battle Cry ability was removed).

Redguards are a bit more agile, and they have retained the ability to hone their fighting skills (the Adrenaline Rush ability remains).

Imperials are somewhere in between the others, being reasonably fast and strong. However, they can not just pacify an entire army simply by speaking (the Voice of the Emperor ability was removed).

Bretons are more adept with magic, and thus have more magicka and magicka regeneration than the other humans. At the same time, they are generally less fit for physical activities. Aside from that, they have retained all their old magical skills.

The elven races generally start with some more magicka, magicka regeneration and stamina.

High Elves are very skilled with magic. Additionally, regardless if one likes it or not, they are in fact superior to most of the other races, exceeded by few, in few areas.

Wood Elves are focusing on agility and stamina, but they are still able to hone their elvish nature and aren't bad with magic if they give it a try.

Dark Elves are somewhere in between the other elves, being reasonably agile, strong and adept with magic.

Orcs have received major buffs to health, health regeneration and stamina, effectively making them stand out as the most physically strong race. However, they are extremely lacking in magic, and to make matters worse, they do not regenerate magicka at all.

Khajiit and Argonians are what you would expect, where both retain their respective abilities. However, their stats will now of course be much more accentuated towards the sneaky, predatory style that they both tend to follow.


Skyrace is balanced according to lore and physical appearance of the races. Some races are (somewhat) more powerful than others, which only makes sense. At the same time, all races have something they are good at which most likely will benefit matching races and playstyles. Due to its more immersive and survival-based nature, Skyrace is not directed towards average players, but rather to those who want the most challenging and immersive experience possible in Skyrim.

Some races have stat regenerations that may look pretty powerful, especially if compared with many survival games, where a stat such as health doesn't tend to regenerate at all without the use of healing items. However, try not to think of them exclusively by what they are called.

  • Health is not really body damage, but rather toughness and how much of a beating one can stand, before being finished off by the last few hits.
  • Stamina is not just energy to run, but rather endurance and overall physical shape, something which many other mods further adds on to.
  • Magicka isn't just the amount of spells one can cast, but rather something which represents how intelligent and patient a particular race tends to be.


Using Vortex is the recommended method.


All you need is Skyrim.


Skyrace should be compatible with most mods, except from other race mods. Additionally, our other mod Skyswim is embedded within this mod, so if you are using both, place Skyrace later in your load order. However, you would preferably not even need to have Skyswim activated, since it literally is a part of this mod and thus obsolete. Finally, if you are using our other mod Skywild, again place Skyrace later in your load order to avoid issues.

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