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Swimming becomes really hard if you do it wrong. Great for those who want a challenging survival experience.

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NOTICE: These mods for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim are not intended to receive any further updates. Please refer to the SSE version of the mod, if there is one available.

In the vanilla game, it's safe to say that by looking at swim speed, the Dragonborn would be able to defeat most Olympic swimmers by far, even while simultaneously wearing the heaviest of armours. With Skyswim however, those days are over, and swimming can now be much more challenging.

When you enter the water, or rather when you start swimming, any equipped armour or attire will become extremely encumbering and thus slow you down. However, if you decide to swim naked (i.e. without any worn items), you will be able to swim at normal vanilla speed.

It may first seem odd, but it actually makes sense that light armours (fur, hide and fabric) will encumber you in the water almost as much as heavier metal armours. Unlike the latter, the former would absorb lots of water and make up for the difference that way. If you ever tried swimming with your clothes on, you will know how hard it is.


Skyswim is supposed to be used alongside Frostfall and Skydrown. By having Frostfall installed, it creates an interesting balancing choice, where you will have to decide whether to swim naked and expose yourself to the cold, or whether you want to sacrifice speed in favour of remaining warm. Skyswim is not directed towards average players, but rather to those who want the most challenging and immersive experience possible in Skyrim.


Using Vortex is the recommended method.


All you technically need is Skyrim, but you should use this along with Frostfall. Even though there wouldn't be any bugs if you used it alone, it would lose its purpose, and the only reason someone would want to use it like that would be for debugging purposes.


Skyswim should be compatible with most mods, except from the majority of race mods. However, if you are the sort of person who likes Skyswim and other hardcore mods, you probably want to use our other mod, Skyrace, a race mod which has Skyswim as a built-in feature and thus good compatibility.

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