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I make relatively simple hardcore survival mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4, mainly because I couldn't seem to find anything like that anywhere else.
I am not exactly the most experienced mod author on this site by any means, but after quite a lot of trail and error, I do have a relatively good understanding of how to make certain types of mods using the Creation Kit.
I often refer to any of the mods that I make as "ours" since it's a matter of the user experience above all else. Even if I put something together in the Creation Kit, what matters in the end is that people actually get to use it in their game.
As long as you just talk to me about it first, I will normally be fine with and allow most things. Formally, I tend to follow the standardised rules for how to allow or prevent distribution of the content that I make. That is not for the sake of some sort of copyright or ownership, but simply because I otherwise couldn't ensure the quality or be held responsible for exactly what the mods are used for, if they are published on other sites without my knowledge, or by any means modified by other users for unknown purposes.
I try to consider more or less all suggestions I receive. If you make a suggestion but I don't implement it or discuss it any further with you, it's almost certainly because:
A) I don't know how to make it, or I don't know whether it's even possible to do it.
B) The suggestion is made without a proper understanding of what the mod is trying to accomplish.
C) I have forgotten it.
If I have previously agreed that you made a good suggestion, but then never made it or got back to you about it, then most likely it fell under category A. If the suggestion seems simple enough that it would fall under category C however, I'd most likely be grateful for being reminded of it.

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