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Locks become a lot more challenging to crack. Great for roleplaying, immersion and survival.

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NOTICE: These mods for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim are not intended to receive any further updates. Please refer to the SSE version of the mod, if there is one available.

In the vanilla game, few would be able to feel safe from intruders in their homes, considering that even the strongest of locks can be cracked by a novice thief in no time at all. Those days are over now though. With Skylock, a locked door will be almost as hard to break up as it would have been to break up a door in real life. Unless, of course, you're really good at it...

All locks will now pose significantly more of a challenge to crack. Lockpicks are extremely fragile, and even the slightest bending will render them useless. This is not a question about strength or brute force; if you lack the dexterity to work with such a fine machinery, you fail. At the start of the game, when you neither have the skills, the potions nor the enchantments to assist you when picking a lock, you will find that locks actually were put there for a reason – to keep you out – not as a nuisance for you to deal with in a few seconds.

In addition to making locks significantly harder, you will also gain a lot more experience if you actually manage to open one. In real life, the difference in skill between someone who never tried and someone who actually managed to break up a few locks is certainly noticeable.

Another thing worth to remember is that lockpicking may not be the only way to get access to a door or container. Perhaps stealing a key is a more reasonable option? The immersion and roleplay aspects would in such a situation be further improved if you have our other mod Serious Crimes of Skyrim installed.

One of the main aspects about Skylock is to make the Thieves Guild's questline feel challenging and rewarding, and not too easy. Additionally, potions, enchantments and perk points in the lockpicking skill tree will now actually come in as extremely useful to you, regardless if you use a perk overhaul or not.


Skylock is a very easy way of making the game feel a lot more challenging and immersive when you cannot just enter any house, or steal any item from any container without effort. Skylock is not directed towards average players, but rather to those who want the most challenging and immersive experience possible in Skyrim.


Using Vortex is the recommended method.


All you need is Skyrim.


Skylock should be compatible with everything except from mods that attempt to do the exact same thing.

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