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Displays damage text on actors.

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This is a mod that displays damage text on actors.
You can open "FloatingDamage.ini" to change the settings.

SKSE 1.7.3+

Compatible with most mods.

[Change Log]
2018/04/22 v1.5.1
    - Fixed the positions of text "BLOCK", "SNEAK" and "CRITICAL".
2018/04/21 v1.5
    - Damage text animation can be changed to several patterns.
    - Critical attack and sneak attack can be set separately.
    - "BLOCK", "SNEAK" and "CRITICAL" are displayed at the position where damage is displayed.
    - The degree of dispersion of the damage display depends on the distance between the player and the actor.
    - Damage text is displayed on the flying dragon.
2017/12/07 v1.4.1
    - Added ini option to display Magicka and Stamina damage.
    - Added ini option to append characters to damage numbers.
2017/12/06 v1.4
    - Added function to display healing numbers.
2017/12/02 v1.3.1
    - Fixed the positions of text "BLOCK" and "CRITICAL".
    - Changed ini option "EnableBlock" and "EnableCritical" to make some settings.
    - Added ini option "BlockSize" and "CriticalSize" to change font size.
2017/12/01 v1.3
    - Added ini option "Alpha" to change opacity of font.
    - Added ini option "OnlyHostile" to not display damage text on actors outside the range.
    - Added ini option "EnableBlock" to display text "BLOCK" when blocking.
    - Added ini option "EnableCritical" to display text "CRITICAL" when you do sneak attack or critical attack.
2017/11/24 v1.2.2
    - Added ini section [FirstPerson] to display damage in first person view mode.
    - Fixed "FarRadius" setting does not work in version 1.2 and 1.2.1.
2017/11/23 v1.2.1
    - Minor bug fixes.
2017/11/23 v1.2
    - Some optimizations.
2017/11/20 v1.1
    - Added shadowed damage text.
    - Added ini option "Name" and "Size" to change font and font size.
    - Added ini option "HideNoLOS" to hide damage when the player does not have line-of-sight to the target.
    - Added ini option "FixIsInMenu" to avoid CTD when opening menus.
2017/11/15 v1.0
    - Initial release.

himika for libSkyrim.
SKSE team for SKSE.

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