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Skips the cart ride and the tutorial dungeon, allowing you to jump straight into the game proper.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes a "New Game" start at the very end of the Helgen dungeon, so you skip the cart ride, Alduin's attack, and the dungeon itself. You choose your race, are given a choice of whether you followed the Stormcloak or the Imperial through the dungeon, and then start right near the exit with a set of basic equipment.

And now, as of version 1.4 of this mod, I have mostly replicated the destruction of Helgen!
Unfortunately, installing the update will not destroy Helgen in your current game, it will only apply to any new games you start with this mod installed.

I have also uploaded this mod to the steam workshop at

A french translation thanks to lasyan3 is available here:
A polish translation thanks to MrQubo is available here:

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Version history:
1.6: More fixes to HelgenRandomSoundScript and Ulfric's gag
1.5: Hopefully fixed HelgenRandomSoundScript crashes. Will only apply to new games, unfortunately :(
1.4: Helgen now gets destroyed as if the dragon attack had happened! Also, enhanced compatibility with other mods (Sabretooth was reported as causing problems).
1.3: ACTUALLY fixed the issue, after understanding how the new scripting system works. Added the compiled script to the archive.
1.2: Fixed issue with Alduin not spawning for a final flyby if you choose stormcloaks, and Ralof staying in cowering position for 24 hours.
1.1: Removed helmet from starting inventory, so you can see your face in the race and character creation menu
1.0: First version. Set MQQuickStart to "3".

Install/Uninstall instructions:
I strongly recommend you use the nexus Mod Manager, but if you wish to install/uninstall the mod by hand:
To install, extract contents of archive into your Skyrim Data folder. Activate the mod by ticking "QuickStart3_NoHelmet.esp" in the Data Files menu of the Skyrim Launcher.
To uninstall, delete the QuickStart3_NoHelmet.esp and QuickStart3_NoHelmet.bsa file from the data folder, and (FOR OLDER VERSIONS) the file "QF_MQ102B_010A4C68.pex" from the DataScripts folder.

Known Issues in 1.6:
1. Unfortunately, the equipment is NOT the kind that you would have found inside the dungeon. People don't seem to mind, so I will probably leave it as it is.
2. Although Helgen is now properly destroyed, there are still some slight issues: 3 Imperial soldiers remain in Helgen. As far as I can tell, they are scripted to disappear when the cell is reset. In either case, they aren't too much of a problem.
3. I have not touched the interior of Helgen keep, so there are a couple of characters still alive there (some stormcloak soldiers and the torturer in the torture room) - I might track them down and update the mod again, but now that I'm done with the important part - Helgen getting destroyed - it's not very high on my list of priorities. Also, there is one section at the start of Helgen keep where a tunnel collapses to the sound of a dragon roar and a camera shake.

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