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Adds a permanent Candlelight effect around the player's Vampire Lord form

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The Dawnguard Vampire Lord can be a bit ... hard to see with.
I play with Climates of Tamriel and Realistic Lighting Overhaul, so my dungeons and nights are dark, and I rely on my wearable lantern and my light spells. But the Vampire Lord has none of those! Vampire's Sight is a poor substitute.

This mod fixes that by adding a permanent Candlelight effect to your Vampire Lord form.

This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop:

Will conflict with any mod that changes how the player's Vampire Lord form is affected by sunlight, but should be compatible with most anything else

Works great with:
Climates of Tamriel
Realistic Lighting Overhaul
Better Torches (and magelight)

I also highly recommend
Wearable Lanterns
Allow Vampire Lord Action

I will not be taking requests to make the effect toggleable or to remove the floating light etc. etc. If you want such a mod, pick up the Creation Kit and start hacking! If you make one, let me know and I'll link to it.

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