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A preset of my dark elf character, Ember

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This was kind of an experiment, i wanted to see if i could create a dunmer character that i liked and Ember was the result. I was quite satisfied with the results so i decided to share :p
Update: finally fixed this bich lol, she look's really different but her face is way less buggy now, her ears are actually elf ears now instead of deformed pointy thingies yay

RaceMenu (duh) 

These next aren't actually required unless you wat her to look e x a c t l y as she does in the picture, you can use the preset without them if you only want the face shape:
The Eyes of Beauty
Main Body Textures
Fair Skin (Makeup only)
XCE Warpaint & Dirt
- Iridum Eyes
Ponytail Hairstyles

Not required but still recommended:
Eye Normal Map Fix 
RAN's Headmesh Variants (Type C)
Better Lightning for Facelight

-Possible Issues:
There's a neckseam that's noticeable from certain angles, i don't know how to fix this so it's gonna stay like that for now. I don't even know if it's related to the preset because all the females in my game have it lmao

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