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Adds recipes for breaking down weapons, armors, arrows and valuable clutter items. Adds arrow crafting. Adds improving of enchanted weapons and armor. Also fixes a couple of small Enderal bugs.

Permissions and credits

Wondering what has changed with the latest version(s) ?  See the Change Log section below or the ReadMe file.

Many new capabilities have been added for the various handicraft (smithing) activites ...
1) Use the forge to craft arrows instead of buying or looting them.
2) While wearing the new Amulet of Arcane Handicraft you can improve the tempering of many
    enchanted armors, circlets, pre-enchanted robes with an armor rating and
    pre-enchanted hoods with an armor rating at the workbench for higher armor ratings.
2) While wearing the Amulet of Arcane Handicraft you can improve the tempering of many
    enchanted weapons and pre-enchanted unique type weapons at the sharpening wheel for higher damage ratings.

4) Use the smelter to create metal ingots from most weapons, armor and circlets.
5) Use the smelter to create metal ingots from arrows, horseshoes and broken weapon tops.
6) Use the smelter to create silver ingots from silver clutter such as platters, candlesticks etc.
7) Use the smelter to turn those ancient nation clutter items such as bowls, cups etc. into ingots.
8) Use the tanning rack to break down leather shields, leather cuirasses, thiefs tunics and vagrant dress into leather.
  { See the ReadMe file for details .  Quest specific items are excluded. }

Fixes some small Enderal bugs...
1) Iron Helmet crafting produces the non-forged version: changed recipe to create the slightly better forged helmet as intended.
2) Crafting recipe for Aeterna Boots has duplicated shadow steel material requirement: removed the duplicated requirement.

For additional bug fixes, I recommend my separate mod 'Enderal - Simple Fixes':

Modifies the standard iron and steel smelter recipes for better balance...
1) The iron ore to iron ingot recipe.
     Two iron ores are required now instead of one.
     Balances out being able to smelt iron from things listed above, and besides iron ore is abundant.

       2 Iron Ores = 1 Iron Ingot

2) The steel ingot recipe.
    Effectively halves the corundum ore required.  Get 2 steel ingots per corundum ore, but requires 4 iron ores.
    An additonal recipe has been added to allow a corundum ingot to be used to make steel.
    Two bulk recipes have been added to be able to smelt five times as much steel in one smelting step.

       4 Iron Ores + 1 Corundum Ore = 2 Steel Ingots
       8 Iron Ores + 1 Corundum Ingot = 4 Steel Ingots
       20 Iron Ores + 5 Corundum Ores = 10 Steel Ingots
       40 Iron Ores + 5 Corundum Ingots = 20 Steel Ingots

Arrow crafting Handicraft level requirements:
level 16 or higher:  iron arrows
level 19 or higher:  steel arrows
level 22 or higher:  sharp steel arrows
level 25 or higher:  fine steel arrows
level 27 or higher:  rune arrows
level 31 or higher:  silver steel arrows
level 33 or higher:  starling arrows (having the starling smithing perk also qualifies)
level 40 or higher:  arrows of the righteous path
level 50 or higher:  aeterna arrows

Amulet of Arcane Handicraft Instructions
The amulet must be crafted at the forge, but the recipe will not be listed until Handicraft skill is level 26 or higher.
Requires these four items: 1 corundum ingot, 1 leather strip, 1 spare parts and 1 filled petty soul gem.
Once crafted, equip the amulet when you want to improve an enchanted weapon or piece of armor.
The amulet does not use a body slot, so you can wear a normal necklace or amulet at the same time.
The amulet is not visible from either 3rd or 1st person view points.  ( pretend it is in a hidden pocket )

Enderal, a total conversion mod for Skyrim.

Uninstall Notes:
Should be very safe to uninstall.
Does not constain any scripts.
Will not create any new items that could become orphaned in your save game files and cause bloat.
See the ReadMe file for detailed instructions.

Optional Experimental Bug Fix Mod
In the Miscellaneous download section is an experimental and hopefully temporary work-around for an Enderal bug.
The bug has been reported to the SureAI team.
The bug is that even with Handicraft level 100 you can only temper items to the 'Exquisite' level.
{ unless you are using skill boosting item(s) or use a console cheat }
See the ReadMe for more information and consider carefully before downloading and installing.

Recommended and complementary mod
'Missing Tempering Recipes for Enderal' by JChinn94
His mod adds addtional improvement recipes for unenchanted weapons and armor, and also contains a few bug fixes:

Change Log:
v2.32 Eighth release ...
v2.32 Removed several recipes for items that are no longer in the game as of Enderal version  E.g. Rune Blade.
v2.32 Updated a couple of internal CK Editor IDs for items that had been changed by an Enderal release.
v2.31 Seventh release ...
v2.31 Five pre-enchanted high level heavy armor tempering recipes fixed; they now require mana salt instead of bastion potion.
v2.3 Sixth release ...
v2.3 Added bulk smelting for non-steel ingots. Six at a time except ten at a time for iron.
v2.3 Added smelting break down for old starling cuirass and old starling helmet to ancient nation ingots.
v2.3 Added smelting break down for hauberk, chain boots and chain gloves to iron ingots.
v2.3 Added tanning rack break down for vagrant dress, old vagrant dress and old vagrant hood to leather.
v2.3 Added improving of pre-enchanted robes and hoods.
v2.3 Added improving of many pre-enchanted unique type weapons.
v2.2 Fifth release ...
v2.2 Added condition to tanning rack break down and smelting recipes to exclude weapons and armor that are equipped
v2.2 Added improving of circlets with an armor rating
v2.2 Added improving of (Set Item) armors.
v2.2 Added smelting for circlets.
v2.2 Added smelting and tanning rack break down for (Set Item) armors.
v2.2 Moved 'Fine Steel Arrow' fix to separate mod: 'Enderal - Simple Fixes', mod #78849.
v2.2 Removed three crafting and improving recipe fixes,
     they are covered by JChinn94's mod: 'Missing Tempering Recipes for Enderal', mod #78415.
v2.1 Fourth release ...
v2.1 Added smelting for most of the rest of the weapons and armor, except those that are pre-enchanted.
v2.1 Added break down for Thief Tunics to leather.
v2.1 Added improving of most pre-enchanted weapons, but not the unique types.
v2.1 Added improving of many pre-enchanted armors, but not set items, robes or special types.
v2.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: Mace of the Righteous Path crafting produces the non-forged version.
v2.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: crafting recipe for Aeterna Boots has duplicated shadow steel material requirement.
v2.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: improve recipes for both Silver Steel Dagger types are missing.
v2.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: improve recipes for both unenchanted Rune Greatsword types are missing.
v2.0 Third release ...
v2.0 Added improving of player enchanted weapons and armor when wearing a new 'Amulet of Arcane Handicraft'.
v2.0 Renamed mod and plug-in to 'Enderal - Handicraft (smithing) Expanded', since capabilities are now beyond the basic level.
v1.1 Second release ...
v1.1 Added crafting recipes for the rest of the arrow types.
v1.1 Added smelting recipes for breaking down the rest of the arrow types.
v1.1 Added smelting recipe for horseshoes.
v1.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: Iron Helmet crafting produces the non-forged version.
v1.1 Added fix for Enderal bug: Fine Steel Arrows have a base value of 0 (zero).
v1.0 First release of 'Enderal - Additional Basic Smelting And Crafting Recipes'.

The SureAI team for the Enderal total conversion mod.

Created with:
AutoIt automation utiltiy

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