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A massive feature expansion on Moonlight Tales Essentials

Permissions and credits
Lose Control:
Driven by the moon, your mind is in an intense combat with your inner beast.
Your inner Beast may take the full control over your Body,
only driven by it instinct to kill everything and anything unlucky enough to be in range.
Neither Walls nor Doors will protect your poor victims, if your inner beast detects a meal.

Drop Inventory:
Transformation into a Werebeast is really crude towards your body and your gear,
in the pain of the transformation you may throw all your property away from you,
and a Werewolf has no hands to pink it up afterwords.
However you might be able to remember your last transformation spots.

The Ring of Hircine:
The only artefact on this world powerful enough to calm your inner beast
and protect you and your surroundings, is the mighty ring for Hircine,
but even it's power is limited, it will slowly charge over time
and might same you from some Lunar Transformations.
Or at least calm your inner beast far enough to allow you to regain the control over your actions.

The Bone chilling Music from MTO is back.

Advanced Werebeasts:
Werebeasts have much better senses than normal humans, even if they are in their humanoid form,
as a result you gain a toggle able Night Vision [x].
You can now cycle though the 3 vanilla Howls, by just pressing one button .
You con also now change the height of the power jump.

Werewolves now spread a disease in combat the system is pretty simple:
Once enabled in MCM
werewolves will have a 10% Chance per hit to infect any allowed actor they attack.
The Player and the active follower are always allowed any other unique actor can be allowed by dialogue.


 • Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials (v2.51) (and it's respective requirements)

Lose Control technical details:

You will be replaced by a NPC Werewolf with all your stats,
and an additional perk giving -50% dmg from any source +50% own dmg, and a small healthreg,
the AI will fight against anything but your followers, and other werebeasts,
it will dynamically detect and use doors, and kill everything on it'S path.
The Feedscorecalculation:
Each time you feed on an humanoid, the Score increases by 2 + feedscoreboost.
feedscoreboost increases each time you feed on an humanoid by 1.
feedscoreboost will reset to 0 if you don't feed on anything for 45sec, yes animal will count here to.
Feedscore will be reduced by 10% if the Lose Control chances were rolled.
Both value start with 0 after a fresh lunar-transformation.
Feedchance is Feedscore/Feedscoremax[200], Lunar and Basechance should be self explaining.
Dices are rolled any 180sec to 600sec randomly.
The lose control duration is only calculated using feedscore:
FeedMult = 1 + Feedscore*3/Feedscoremax[200] and not greater than 4
The duration is rand(60sec,120sec)*FeedMult, so it's ranging from 60sec to 480sec.

Drop Equipment technical details:

Your Equipment will be moved inside a new dynamical created container, so if you transform 7 times you get 7 containers.
Questitems and the Ring of Hircine won't bei moved inside the container.
You will get a questmarker for the last 5 containers.
The Container (technically an activator, and an invisible container) looks like a sack (not fount a better mesh yet).

A short plain and boring table of contents:

Adds additional Features to the Mod Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials (v2.06):
1) A toggle able chance to lose the control over your Character while a
Lunar transformation, which means you will see your body moving around
killing everything that comes too close, the Chance's calculation is
highly customizable using:
A base chance
The actual Lunar transform chance
A feedscore, based on how frequently you are feeding on humanoids
2) An Option to drop all your gear, when transforming.
3) Some new uses for the ring of Hircine, which now slowly gains usage
charges able to channel lunar transformations or regain the control ones
it's lost as mentioned in 1)
4) An Option to make Werebears slower, but stronger: -20% speed +10% damage -10% incoming damage (only works
for player an NPCs explicit spawned by this mod due to the lacking
ability to add perks to NPC's via script)
5) adjustable power jump hight

Features ported from Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul:
6) 2 Skins
7) Being warned about lunar transformations, before they happen.
8) Music

Features ported from Tales of Lycanthropy - Werewolf Overhaul:
9) Nightvision Hotkey
10) Cycle Howls Hotkey

Bug Fixes:
11) MCM Freeze
12) Power Jump no fall dmg is now reliable
13) Horse Camera Bug fixed

Known Issues:
Sometimes the new Big Bad Wolves Skins by Fiszi aren't displayed correctly,
this happens due to a small formid conflict between this mod an MTE,
as the MTE 2.5.0 updated after the release of this mod, there is not way to evade this,
but you can resolve it, basically the MCM script just got the wrong number for the skins,
so all you need to do is resetting this numbers: resetquest MTE_Quest_Main
(only do this in human form without incoming transformations,
the popular "clean save" method would work, too)

About Performance:
Like MTE this file tries to use as less scripts as possible,
there aren't any scripts running all the time in the background if the mod itself does nothing.
Some features require polling a situation (polling means looking something up over and over again to detect changes)
these polling features are: (they will always end polling once they are done)
- Lose Control (only using polling while active to load new cells your body enters)
If the mod isn't actively doing something useful, It wont run any scripts.

Support Contributing Mods
These mods have been included (or partly included) in Moonlight Tales
Essentials with their author's consent. Show your support by endorsing
these projects!
 • Werewolf Aftermath Re-Equipper by Korodic
 • La Femme Lycana Female Werewolf Body by MadCat221
 • HD Werewolves by KrittaKitty
 • FURTASTIC Werebear Texture Overhaul by KnErBSE73
 • Moonlight Tales Mighty Beasts Compatibility by Alkaiser
 • Raven witch armor and Apex Werewolf by Zerofrost Satyr

Recommended Mods
 • Heart of the Beast

The fur and eye textures are included in Moonlight Tales, but not the sound files. I suggest the 'Alpha werewolf sounds' file.
 • Predator Vision
It's a great heat and night vision mod for werewolves and vampires.
Real Feeding
Upon eating corpses, the bodies are replaced with blood, gore and assorted bones.
 • A Matter of Time
Displays the in-game time, date and the current moon phase, among many other useful features.
 • Werewolf Mastery
A great overhaul that includes many options to customize your experience. Fully compatible and no extra steps are needed.
 • Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
Allows you to play from first person view in werewolf form.
 • VioLens - A Killmove Mod
A killmove mod that has several great settings for werewolves.
 • Extended Encounters by Jonx0r
This mod adds countless new randomized encounters to your Skyrim travels. To mention a few:
'Silver Hand warriors with a writ for your death if you're werewolf.'
'Vigilants of Stendarr with a writ for your death if you're a werewolf/vampire.'
'A werewolf fighting two Silver Hand warriors.'
... and more!

Recommended Perk Mods (Install only one of them at a time.)
 • Werewolf Perks Expanded
 • Bloodmoon Rising

If you want only smaller but specific changes to your werewolf then a
modder called Paradox has lots of nice small mini-mods on Steam
Workshop. Note that these mods are not compatible with Werewolf Mastery
as they cover the same areas, but of course fully compatible with my
Link: Paradox Werewolf Changes (PWC)
Here are a few examples from this collection:

PWC - Extra Interactions (DG)
A mod that allows werewolves to loot and interact with objects. Requires Dawnguard.

PWC - Extra Interactions (Vanilla)
Same as above but for vanilla Skyrim without Dawnguard DLC.

PWC - Extra Interactions (Vanilla) + (Critter Feed)
Same as above but also allows you to feed on animals.

PWC - Permanent Werewolf
Makes it so werewolf form lasts forever. (Meant to be used together with a revert feature like the one in my mod.)

German/Deutsch by Blackstarwolf

Credits of Moonlight Tales Essentials Overhauled
ubuntufreakdragon - Main author and developer.
Fiszi - Author of the logo screenshot.

Feature ideas:
Genebriss - Uncontrollable werewolf
oliver1706 - Werewolf Inventory Recovery Overhaul

Credits for the Original Moonlight Tales
Brevi - Main author and developer, scripting, technical aspects and execution. Creator of The Howling werewolf model.
Al99 - Co-author, creative feedback, design advice, documentation and testing.
NsJones - Co-author, fur and eye textures, sound and audio (power jump, moon howls), creative feedback, design advice and testing.

Models (Shapes):
MadCat221 - La Femme Lycana female werewolf model.
VectorPlexus - Mighty Beasts werewolf models.
Zerofrost - Apex werewolf model.
TheOutlander - Unique eye mesh edits that allowed for the left and right eye to be separately customized.
Alkaiser - Converting Mighty Beasts models into Moonlight Tales.

Textures (Furs, Eyes, Mount & Teeth):
NsJones  - Heart of the Beast werewolf textures.
KrittaKitty - HD Werewolves skins and eye textures. Apex werewolf extra eye textures.
Jeremy Hamilton / artifex0 - Natural werewolf skin texture.
Foxcraft7 - More wolf-like werewolf skins. (The normal maps are used in the mod.)
Bellyache / wrig675 - Realistic werewolf skin textures. (Parts of the textures were used as base.)
Zerofrost - Apex werewolf original body and eye textures.

TheLys, Intelligentsia - Atmospheric music from McAsmod's Werewolves Morrowind mod.
INTERNATIONALvids YouTube Team - Bone-chilling Full Moon music theme.

Korodic - Werewolf Aftermath Re-Equipper.

Maryen, Redwes, huntermrg

If someone is missing, please tell me.

My other recent projects: