Bloodmoon Rising - Dawnguard Werewolf Overhaul by XeNoN
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Last updated at 19:25, 16 May 2014 Uploaded at 23:52, 17 Aug 2012

Mod is fully compatible with Moonlight Tales


Recommandation by author how to use the mod!

AS some of you already know i designed this mod primarly for players on lvl 30 + who play on either Master Level Difficulty or Legendary difficulty.

If youre using this mods:

Deadly Monsters Tweaks (Deadly Dragons Optional Plugin)

Make sure that you set up for each type of NPC:
Health 50% + (I have it on 300 % from lvl 10)
Damage 100% +
Armor 50 +

With this setting Bloodmoon Rising really starts to "shine", not only it gives you survivability but good damage output.

SkyRE + SkyRE Combat + SkyRE Enemy AI

With this mod things get a little harder, use tactics to avoid enemy attacks, altough Bloodmoon Rising still scales very good with SkyRE combat and enemy AI.
One thing to mention if youre using SkyRE:

Since SkyRE changes Fortify Unarmed Damage (werewolf fortify unarmed damage is excluded by SkyRE), the WerewolfImmunity (Werewolf BLood), will give you 40 % reflect damage except Fortify Unarmed Damage, which is low but useful.
Im playing with all those settings + SkyRE, the game is very hard in human form, but in werewolf form slightly easier but still chalanging.

Again i aim always for balance and better scaling without overpowering the werewolf, so i hope you enjoy the mod as much i enjoy to improve it! Also dont forget to endorse! :)

This mod is now as it should be since i wasnt satisfied with the first release so i hope you will be satisfied with this new release, this mod is continiuation of the mod by Xahstur ToL Werewolf Overhaul The Call Of The Bloodmoon.

Also dont forget to endorse it keeps me motivated to continue working on this mod. Ty!






This mod provides 13 new perks, some old/new werewolf abilities.

Werewolf abilities from 10 to lvl 50 scale but its unchanged Unarmed damage, Full Moon Rising ability is now incorporated but changed drastically (through perk),you gain more silver weakness with each level of Feral Hide perk but you gain more abilities (more on perk section), player gains Well rested when sleeping, Detect Life in human form and more.


GORGING: instead of 100 hp heal while devouring your prey, youre healing by total of 400.
Beastial Strength Lvl 4: Adds Sweep Attack.


Fury 2 ranks:

The fury of your inner beast gains more combat prowess thus increases your attack speed by:
30 % lvl 1 Fury perk
50 % lvl 2 Fury perk

Version 2.1b changes:

Due to Frenzied attacks in the werewolf form, the mechanic in game (werewolves) is restricted by animation so the new values are:
50 % increase lvl 1
80 % increase lvl 2
Which in game is increase of first level by 30-40 % (lvl 1 Fury) and 50-60 % (lvl 2 Fury), ive also changed magic effect that is now Dual Weapon Speed Mult with AV 1.00 for left weapon speed mult, so now the attack speed is procing correctly.

Fury Swipes:
Prerequi: Claws Of Rage lvl 3

CHANGES IN 2.0: Now the Fury Swipes perk is like ive wanted.
It adds the bleeding when you hit the enemy which stacks with each hit (percentage chance for higher bleeding damage):
Bleeding Damage: 3 damage per 1 second (6 seconds total) which is always applied the rest of of the Bleeding Damage scales up to 20 damage (the higher the bleeding damage the lest chance you will apply it).
Also adds base added damage of 15, but scales to 120 additional damage per hit, meaning:
You always have 15 base damage of the perk itself, so the rest of the damage:
30 bonus damage (80 % chance), 40 Bonus Damage (70 % chance), 60 Bonus Damage (50 % chance), 80 Bonus Damage (40 % chance) and 120 bonus damage (10 % chance or lower).
Also the skill stacks with Fury Claws (Claws Of Rage) where critical strike can be applied.

Claws Of Rage 3 ranks:
Prerequi: Lvl 1 (1st level of Bestial Strength) lvl 3 (Bestial Strength lvl 4)
lvl 1 : 10 % for crit damage
lvl 2 : 15 % for +20 % crit damage
lvl 3 : 20 % for + 50 % crit damage

Bloodmoon Rising:
Prerequi: Feral Hide Second Rank

Adds + Health/Stamina and +20 % Werewolf Walk/Run speed during night, half of that is active in human form.
Werewolf Form : +150 HP/Stamina, 20 % Werewolf Speed
Human Form : +75 HP/Stamina and 10 % Walk/Run Speed

BUG: This bug i cant solve, it appears that you dont get Stamina if this perk is active, but in the CK all looks fine, until i figure out how to solve this please be patient.

Feral Hide (2 Ranks):
Prerequi : Feral Endurance

lvl 1: +50 Damage Resist (same as buffs on leveling from 10 to 50) and Weakness to silver weapons by x1
lvl 2: +100 Damage Resist and Feral Reflexes and x2 damage from silver weapons
Feral Reflexes description:
Slow Time effect, it is activated when enemy is power attacking (25 %) and during normal attack (10%).

Hunter's Endurance:

In the werewolf folklore the werewolves are known to heal rapidly.

Prerequi: Savage Feeding

Adds Heal Rate of x3.5, combat heal rate mult of 2 x and 100 stamina rate mult (basically this is regen based perk)
New (2.1b):
Adds Heal Rate of x1.5 + 100% Heal Rate Mult (doesnt work while in combat) basically if you have for example 500 hp, the you regenerate total of around 20 HP/sec (again doesnt work in combat as other healrate/healrate multipliers except Combat HealMultipliers).
Adds Combat HealRateMultiplier of x2.5 heals total 10 Hp/sec during combat (in Human form combat healratemult is 0.7 which heals you by 2-3HP/sec as vanilla)
Adds 100 % stamina regeneration (as default).

NEW PERKS (v2.0):

Werewolf Elder:

Prerequ: Bloodmoon Rising (you need to have a bloodmoon rising perk)

After Long life with the beast your inner self feels the beast within, and under the werewolf form and during the night (20PM-4am) your powers at their highest peak:
Abilities gained:
Immunity to Iron and Steel weapons (bows are excluded) and +50 additional Damage.

Bestial Sprint:

While youre sprinting in the werewolf form, the momentum of your fury and speed knockbacks your opponents (you need to sprint into the targets to knock them back)

Werewolf Endurance:

In The Werewolf form the falling damage is reduced.


This is the part of the description for those who didnt played werewolf before or they do not accually know how to increase Werewolf combat capabilities against more powerful NPC's or other challanges.
So lets begin:

TIP 1:
Double Claw Sprint Attack
Hold The sprint and press either M1 or M2 to perform Double Claw attack, altough pressing both M1+M2 grants more accuracy

TIP 2:
Bestial Smite:
Now this is the knockback attack that does have the chance to trigger killing blow animations (Crushing head animation or Throw anitmation).
How to?
Hold (While standing) both M1+M2 buttons.

Tip 2:
Forward Swipe Attack
This looks like uppercut animation but has the very small chance to trigger the animation which impales your enemies on your claws.
How to?
By moving forward (running but not sprinting) press either M1 or M2 to trigger this attack, also knockbacks opponents.

Tip 3:
Frenzy Combo Attack type 1:
Hold M1 during attacking.

Tip 4:
Frenzy Combo Attack type 2:
Hold M2 During attacking.

Tip 5:
Frenzied Rage Combo Attacks (My favourite)
This type of attacks can be extremely useful against stronger enemies, basically you never stop attacking!
Type 1:
Standing Frenzied Combo Attack:
Start by holding M1 (standing) as soon the animation finishes Hold M2 to perform more combo's and vise versa.
Type 2:
Standing + Run Frenzied Combo Attacks:
Now this type of attack is a little tricky it envolves:
Forward Swipe attack, Type 1 Frenzied Combo Attack. (Either start by Hold M1 then move forward and press M2 or vise versa)
Type 3:
This is the hardest:
It envolves Sprint Double Claw Attack, Type 2 Frenzied Combo Attacks and some added other combos (use your imagination!).

The reason ive posted this little tutorial because alot of players play werewolf...well a little bad so i hope with this tips and tricks you will enjoy this mod even more!


If you had my previous werewolf overhaul mod:

Dawnguard required, 1.9 TES 5:S patch required!

1. Enter in game and open console: Type StopQuest WerewolfStatsQuest
2. Type in console player.removespell f5ba0 (this removes Werewolf Immunity) or Cure yourself from Lycanthropy with Tales Of Lycanthropy config ring.
3. Save the game and exit.
4. Disable DBRWO.esp (OLD mod version) and relaunch the game, save again to make clean save and exit.
5. Extract Data folder to Skyrim folder, eneble the esp and play.

For new users
1. Extract contents of the archive to the Skyrim installation folder.
2. Eneble the esp in the launcher.
3. Play!


Bugs: None known so far

Incompatibilities: This mod IS NOT compatible with the mods that alter werewolves perk tree and AbWerewolf (like Werewolf Perk's Expanded).
It fully compatible now with Werewolf Mastery and Moonlight Tales (Make sure you load Moonlight Tales after BR since it only modifies Beast Form).