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In this sequel to Here There Be Monsters, continue the hunt as you face terrible creatures from beyond the stars, and unravel a terrifying plot to consume Mundus and return it all to the Void.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...

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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you..." 
--Friedrich Nietzsche

They call you the Monster Hunter. You have fought the terrors of the deep. You have faced monsters greater than any dragon. And you have have killed them all. You have slaughtered the Sea herself. 

But the final words of Tiamat still echo in your mind. "That is not dead which can eternal lie..." 

Strange things have begun to happen across Tamriel. Barbaric cults have began their ancient rites in the dark places of Skyrim. Monsters have grown huge and terrible in the ashes of Red Mountain. And there are whispers across Solstheim of an ancient city name R'lyeh... 

Something has awoken in its ancient House. Something the Sea has held for aeons. Something more terrible than any monster on this Nirn. For He is not of this world. 

Cthulhu has awoken.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn... 

This quest will plunge you into the depths of Lovecraftian horror that were only hinted at in the Dragonborn DLC, pitting you against giant monsters not from the sea, but from the stars.  This is a direct sequel to Here There Be Monsters, and as such will require both mods.  After you finish the original two quests, (and walk into one of the coastal taverns to trigger the quest,) you will receive a letter that will set in motion a new chain of events that will pit you against the Great Old Ones. This quest will assume you have completed both the main quest and Dragonborn, since it is a bit of a sequel to the Miraak story as well. (However, this is not technically required; I realize some people may have multiple characters that have not finished the main quest. Just realize that the dialogue/story assumes you have beaten both Alduin and Miraak.)  Please consider this a sort of endgame quest; I cannot guarantee that all NPCs will survive, especially if you choose to join Cthulhu...

-Fully voiced!
-Giant otherworldly monsters!
-Terrifying new enemies!
-Custom armors & weapons!
-Unique spells and shouts!
-Visit the southern continent of Pyandonea!
-Explore the eerie Plateau of Leng, in the Dreamlands of Vaermina!
-Fight against the rising of R'lyeh . . . or help bring it about!

I've added some fail-safes in case you do things out of order, but if you get stuck here are the quest IDs in case you need to use some console trickery:

COCHTBM3TheOldOne - If you choose to oppose the Cult. 
COCHTBM4TheCrawlingChaos - If you choose to join the Cult. 

Just use getstage [quest id] to get your current quest and setstage [quest id] XXX to set it to the next stage (Just keep adding five until it completes what you need it to.) 

Alternatively, if you killed a monster before you were supposed to, just use the "resurrect" command in the console and kill him again. 

DISCLAIMER:  Please keep in mind that I started this mod like EIGHT YEARS AGO, so I probably did a look of stupid stuff back then because I had no idea what I was doing.  I'm trying to get things up to date and make sure I fix things now that I know how, but please bear with me.  If you find an issue, just ask.

-"The Hunter" is the main character in this mod. He is essential for the quests and the story that they tell. As such, the mod will make him follow you through most of the quest. He should stop following you after the quest is completed. Please do not murder him, or disable him, or otherwise get rid of him. The quest makes no sense without him, just let him follow you. Thank you.

-This mod may duplicate some assets from the original Here There Be Monsters mod.  This is intentional, please allow this one to overwrite if prompted.

-This mod may share some assets with some of MihailMods creatures.  If prompted while installing, you should be fine overwriting (it only duplicates them so you don't need the original mod.)  It would be safest to install any MihailMods AFTER this mod, and let them overwrite this one.

Side quests in Pyandonea & Leng - I've been adding little features and side quests here and there.

Armor - I'm pretty happy with the custom cultist/maormer/deep one armor & weapons, but I might add a bit more. 

Monsters - There's always more to tweak with the monsters; to level them, edit textures, make them fight better, etc. 

R'lyeh - I'm still not satisfied with R'lyeh. I'd like the sunken version to feel more creepy and underwater, and the risen version to feel more swampy and ruined and slimy and gross. 

Horror - The whole thing needs a big shot of horror. It takes a lot of subtle manipulation to create a sense of horror, and that kind of detail is difficult in a mod. 

Here are some great mods that will add to your overall experience:

Sea Elf Follower -

Curse of the Wereshark -

H.P. Lovecraft Books -

Game Assets:
Vicn -

GendunDrup -

Lifestorock -

Dogtown1 -

Delincious -

Backsteppo -

lightningo -

InquisitorOctavius -

Nickgee -

PrivateEye -

Link815 -

Quechus13 -

Artisanix -

MudCrabKing -

Xiank -

A million thanks to Tom Isaksen of for modeling the Great Old One himself. Check out his incredible 3d work here:!prettyPhoto 

A special thanks to rougeshot for letting me use his improved creature skeletons!

Also, a special thanks to CD Projekt Red for a number of assets that were converted by others to be used in Skyrim!

Voice Acting:
The Hunter - Starrkk

Captain Gamli - skinnytecboy

Captain Ghoragdag - GigaRat

Captain Guomundr - oxid95

Phorcys - oxid95

Tiamat - GigaRat

Flagg - DerHeimataerde

The King In Yellow - DerHeimataerde

Nyarlathotep - DerHeimataerde

Zadok Allen - DirtyWeaselMedia

Bete - GigaRat

Dawnstar Guard - GigaRat

Posse Leader - GigaRat

Obed Marsh - minngarm

Abdul Al'hazred - MeekVoice

Delmus - MeekVoice

King Orgnum - MeekVoice

Hermaeus Mora - skinnytecboy

Asenath Moslin - skinnytecboy

Ghoul - DerHeimataerde

Deep One - DerHeimataerde

Yellow King Sailor Male - timbo4567

Yellow King Sailor Male - DerHeimataerde

Yellow King Sailor Female - GigaRat

Cthulhu Cultist Male - DerHeimataerde

Cthulhu Cultist Male - timbo4567

Cthulhu Cultist Female - GigaRat

Innsmouth Villager Male - timbo4567

Innsmouth Villager Male - DerHeimataerde

Innsmouth Villager Female - GigaRat

R'lyeh Prisoner Male - timbo4567

R'lyeh Prisoner Male Argonian - DerHeimataerde

R'lyeh Prisoner Male Khajiit - DerHeimataerde

R'lyeh Prisoner Male - DerHeimataerde

R'lyeh Prisoner Female - danabronz

R'lyeh Prisoner Female Khajiit - danabronz

Sailor Male Argonian - SkObiWanShinobi

Sailor Male Khajiit - DerHeimataerde

Sailor Male Orc - SkObiWanShinobi

Sailor Male - timbo4567

Sailor Female - GigaRat

Sailor Female Argonian - GigaRat

Sailor Female Orc - GigaRat

Sailor Female Khajiit - GigaRat

Sea Elf Commoner Male - Psytronix

Sea Elf Commoner Male - timbo4567

Sea Elf Commoner Female - GigaRat

Sea Elf Guard Male - Psytronix

Sea Elf Guard Female - GigaRat

Note the awesome cover image art? The Cthulhu tribal design was created by Verreaux at DeviantArt. Check his stuff out at: 

I'd also like to give a shout-out to the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, my constant consultants in the ways of madness:


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