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  • Detailed Information: Enchanted Loot

    Detailed Information: Enchanted Loot
    Getting Started
    Step 1: Go to the loot injector in the MCM menu and register the inventory hotkeys.
    Step 2: Now, find a generic enchanted item (IE not player made). Say, "Iron Sword of Flames".
    Step 3: Highlight said item in your inventory, and press [R}
    Step 4: Click "Quick-Identify"

    And you're done.

    There's also an Identify Spell in your inventory, that you use by dropping a player enchanted item on the ground and casting the spell at the item. This spell works like quick-identify, but also allows you to do things like salvage items for arcane dust, socket gems, or reroll enchantments.

    List of Perks
    Unlocks the offensive property slot on ...

  • Detailed Information: Vile Concoctions

    Detailed Information: Vile Concoctions
    Vile Concoctions Perks
    Can craft and throw grenades
    You can either throw them manually, without a cooldown, (IE using up hand slots)
    Or you can throw them via hotkey, which (optionally) uses a cooldown
    Can craft and deploy mines
    Mines come in 2 Qualities: Standard and Dwemer
    Dwemer ones are twice as potent but require rarer materials
    Can craft explosive arrows
    Potion last thirty times longer.
    Alchemical effects increase toxicity.
    Start with a maximum toxicity of 3.
    Hearty Thirst
    Restore potions are four times as effective.
    Drinking potions causes cooldowns with a base duration of 10 seconds.

  • Detailed Information: Signature Arms

    Detailed Information: Signature Arms

    Signature Arms Perks
    Signature Arms
    Gain the ability to mark and upgrade signature weapons
    You are limited to 9 marks, one for each weapon type
    Arcane Weapon Forge
    Gain a second weapon upgrade slot
    Gain the ability to craft random unidentified weapons with ingots and leather
    Cutting Edge
    Can craft critical weapon upgrades, that apply magical effects when you critically hit
    Limit 1 critical weapon upgrade per weapon
    Gain a third and final weapon upgrade slot
    Signature Armors
    Gain the ability to mark and upgrade signature armors
    You are limited to 10 marks, one for each armor slot and armor type
    Arcane Armor Forge
    Gain the ability to sa...

  • Detailed Information: Compatibility

    Potential Compatibility Issues
    Where are the compatibility patches?
    Virtually unnecessary. GUISE changes very few records.
    The start of this article will briefly overview of record changes.
    The rest will be details on why they exist and how you should handle conflicts if they arise.

    Load Order?
    Put GUISE towards the bottom, in case any mod might try to over-write Vile Concoction's alchemy record changes.

    Complete List of Potential Record Conflicts
    * This list is in TES5edit notation, for your convenience.

    Actor Value Information - Smithing/Enchanting/Alchemy
    Game Setting - fWeaponConditionCriticalChanceMult
    Magic Effect - Various Alchemy Effects
    Magic Effect - PerkQuickShot, PerkDualFlurryWeapo...

  • Removing Perk Trees with TES5Edit

    Removing Perk Trees with TES5Edit
    Open GUISE in TES5edit
    Right click the desired skill in the Actor Values Section
    Click Remove
    Save the change

    Doing this will allow you to use another perk tree with GUISE
    Perks will still be accessible via MCM menu...

  • The Enchantopedia

    This is the Enchantopedia
    It is also an in game book containing information on the various new enchantments and what they do

    Armor: +15 Carry Weight
    Jewelry: +10% Fortify Melee

    Armor: +20 Armor Rating
    Jewelry: +10% Fortify Ranged

    Armor: +10 Magicka
    Jewelry: +25% Magicka Rate

    Armor: +10 Health
    Jewelry: +25% Health Rate

    Armor: +10 Stamina
    Jewelry: +25% Stamina Rate

    Armor: +7 Magicka and Stamina
    Jewelry: +15% Fortify Destruction Mag

    Flawless Garnet
    Armor: +30 Carry Weight
    Jewelry: +20% Fortify Melee

    Flawless Amethyst
    Armor: +40 Armor Rating