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  1. GrimyBunyip
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    Version 2.07
    The salvage inventory hotkey will no longer salvage player made enchanted weapons and armor.

    The new version of the script will need to look at each of your weapons/armor one by one to make sure it doesn't destroy any of your player enchanted items. This will slower, noticeably so if you are salvaging a huge stack of weapons/armor.

    This new salvaging procedure only affects weapons and armor.

    ^^ this issue cropped up when I allowed non-unidentified items to be quick-identified. Accidentally salvaging one of your best items sounds mortifying, made sure to fix this right after I heard of the issue. Sorry about the oversight guys.

    edit: had to take it down and put it back up for a bug fix.

    Version 2.08
    Minor change, jewelry can be salvaged now, for random gold, silver, and gems.

    Version 2.09
    Fixed a bug where aetherial ink would be consumed even if you cancelled the creation of a signature spell.
    Applied the same fix to spellcrafting as in version 1.02 of better spellcrafting.
    Please update your Grimy Plugin Version

    WIP Version 3.00
    Salvaging enchanted weapons or armors will now provide enchanting experience and 1.5x as much arcane dust.
    Added loading menu tip for the above change.
    Need to get off my bum and finish armored arts.
    Signature potions will refill even when completely empty, the player will now "stash" a copy of the potion as reference material.
    Updated vile concoctions perk descriptions in MCM menu.
    Engrave now converts generic enchantments into player made ones when making them into signature items.
    Combined inventory key moved from R to C.
    I should probably separate MCM menus into a "setup" and "settings" tab
    Maybe add tutorials that pop up under certain scenarios?
    Concentrated Poison changed to Snakeblood, salvaging ingredients for explosive powders no longer reveals effects unless you have the snakeblood perk.
    The player no longer starts with identify, the Enchanter perk has been renamed "Identification", and now provides the identify spell.

    Note to self: Change the salvage algorithm to use the UI.Count feature.
  2. Szebron
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    I'm setting up my load order for Skyrim playthrough(s) after I finish Morrowind, but I already love this mod. I've been looking for a mod seamlessly implementing bombs/explosive potions into the game for a very long time(when I was playing Skyrim years back) and finally, I've found it. I also love, that you can decide if you think something should be a perk, like grenades, or to give it yourself for free, like toxicity, or grenades if you think everyone should be able to blow sh** up. From my limited testing(basically: Is all this sh** gonna' run together, or is it gonna' crash horribly) is spotted one issue(or maybe it is intentional?): healing from food seems to be increased Hearty Thirst, although it may be a mod conflict. I'm also confused, about the modularity of components. Do I have to use them all, or only ones I want to? I know I can ignore most of the features, but I'm using a different mod for enchanted items. Will Enchanted Loot affect my game, even if I don't click Inject in to list, or whatever that option is called.
    BTW: Can't play this game without SkyTweak, thank you for it.
  3. Aegidius989
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    Will it come to Skyrim Special Edition when the SKSE64 is out?

    Thank you for making this mod by the way, it is a great idea, especially the signature potions and arms, makes a lot of RPG sense to be able to craft something that is unique to you.
    1. TheDraggo
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      Still hoping for a port. I hope he'll return.
  4. DragonBorn5185
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    I have probably overlooked this somewhere, but how do you mark signature potions??
    1. Avastgard
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      There's a long time I don't use this mod, but I don't think you can make signature potions.
    2. cazinnova345
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      use the mod hotkey that brings up quick identify etc. marking potion scrolls craft unidentified options are all in that.
  5. Merchante
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    Grimy you f***ing wizard!.. I read the Vile Concotions on your webpage and rushed here in joy to find this bombshell.
    But the 300 endorsements.. are highly annoying (Nexus is drunk) , I will rape the endorse button and enjoy the last drop of your solid work. Thanks for everything bro!
  6. Elizinator
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    what is the story with sigil stones? despite having done the master conjuration quest, and my loading screens regularly telling me to talkto phinis gestor, he has no options related to sigil stones. he doesnt sell them, nor any spell that seems related to them =/
  7. zodiac213
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    Downloaded this mod for the vile concoctions module and absolutely loving it for my witcher playthrough,however I noticed something strange. Seems as if everytime I throw a grenade,it uses up two of the aforementioned grenades. Any fixes for this?
  8. chickentastesgood
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    For some reason signature arms armors don't seem to do anything. With the plating schematic, for example, In the MCM menu i can see the effect, but when I look at my armor rating, it isn't any different from before.
    1. chickentastesgood
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      Ok it seems to resolve itself after loading in a new cell...I don't really know why that is happening, but at least I know how to fix it.
    2. Avastgard
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      I remember asking this to Grimy and, if I'm not mistaken, he said that it's not supposed to show up on the armor rating because it was added by script, or something like this. But the actual armor rating would increase, even if you couldn't see it.
  9. Dembed
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    I realy like this mod and thank you for sharing this awesome work with us.

    Currently I am facing the problem of no menü showing up, example I use the upgrade kit and when I leave the inventory I see that the game froze and I need to leftclick it once, as I see it the menü shows but it is invisible for me and thuse I cant choose what to do.

    This problem persists for all menüs of this mod except in mcm.

    Thank you again for this mod and good luck
  10. TheBaconDragon
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    Does anyone know if the explosives/mines from vile concoctions will ignite the (Elemental Oil) Alchemy perk/power from Ordinator?
  11. WhiteBlaze
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    In response to post #37352920.


    That's what I'm doing. There are instructions in the Articles tab on how to do it.

    yeah, i'm not sure that im doing it right, i mean, yes, i got ride of the perk trees edits made by this mod, while keeping the perks in the mcm, but for some reason the mcm menu is merely eating up my perk points without giving me the perks when i select them, no changes i make within the mcm menu past enabling toxicity, and its literally the last active plugin in my mod loadout at number 251' of my 251 active plugins.

    its literally the only mod who's mcm menus aren't functioning as intended for me, i mean look up the perk values, and manually add the perks via console command, but that's not going to amount to squat if there's a hiccup in the scripts somewhere that are preventing the mcm menu changes from saving.

    I'm working off version 2.10 that's currently uploaded. maybe i'm doing something wrong without knowing it?

    even when removing the meta data marker in LOOT to have the mod load as low as possible in my load order (had this mod so low on the list so that changes added by the Witchery perk tree mod wouldn't conflict with this mod) its placement is at 122 out of 251, and still i'm experincing the same issue. every other mcm menu loads perfectly within under 20 seconds (the longest load time i've ever had for MCM menus to register and update).

    even on a clean save after fixing the load order, still the same issue, i have mods with MCM's that appear in the 200 range on my list and they function perfectly.
    If anyone can get back to me on how i can fix this issue, that be cool'

    If not, then well, i'll just keep playing with it disabled for now i guess.kinda a let down really to have ran into this issue, as i never found the mod until recently, so i have no "older versions" to fall back on.
    1. Avastgard
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      Is your problem that the perks are not being applied besides you buying them or that the MCM does not show up?