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Grimy's Unrealistic Immersionless Skill Expansion

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Grimy's Unrealistic Immersionless Skill Expansion.
1st Place Skyrimmods - Smithing Competition

GUISE is a skill expansion. That is, it adds new features without removing vanilla features.
GUISE does replace the perk tree though. This perk tree is optional.

Brief Feature Overview
See the articles page for more details on each of skill modules.
Enchanted Loot
The Enchanted Loot module adds Diablo style loot to the game along with over 100 new enchantments.
It works by rerolling generic enchanted items. If you find say, "Iron Sword of Flames", you can attempt to reroll the enchantment into a diablo style enchantment.
Detailed Info Article

Signature Arms
The Signature Arms module improves weapon upgrading to offer a slot based upgrade system, instead of simple tempering.
You mark your weapons/armor as signature items, and then apply upgrades to these signature items.

Signature Arms also makes leveling more interesting.
You can gain experience for salvaging armors, weapons, and a number of other materials.
You can also craft unidentified items for the Enchanted Loot module, that way you actually have a chance to craft something new every time.
Detailed Info Article

Vile Concoctions
Vile Concoctions is a "Battle Alchemy" expansion that adds new game mechanics to make Alchemy more engaging.
It features explosive grenades, mines, arrows, and optional toxicity/potion cooldown systems.
Detailed Info Article

Spell Weaver
Spell Weaver is an expansion to the Alteration tree.
It introduces 5 new perks that give the player the ability to craft spells.
Demo Video
Crafting spells consumes Aetherial Ink, which is acquired by salvaging spell tomes.

SkyUI 5.1+
SKSE 1.7.3+*

Compatibility issues are basically non-existent, so no real need for patches. See article for more detailed information.
SkyTweak is highly recommended for balance
Menu based hotkeys may not work for mods in your 127th mod slot or higher.
If that is the case, it is because your SKSE is either installed incorrectly or outdated.