About this mod

A clothing/armor overhaul that merges and extends V30's mods, giving the game a more historical Dark Ages/Early Medieval feel, by replacing various vanilla armors and adding tons of new sets. Support for Falskaar, Helgen Reborn, 3DNPCs, and BS Bruma.

Permissions and credits
Official SE Port

V30 Extended Replacer

1.I've merged all three of Vaultman30's mods--YAGA, Simple Hauberks, Early Medieval Helms, including the early version of the helms--into one esp. I also added beast race compatibility thanks to aicy!

2.Created dozens of re-textures, adding color variants to all V30's armors, as well as completely new sets, with recipes. Also added guard armors and new stuff to shops where it makes sense--for example, you can buy a set of guard armor at the local blacksmiths, padded and other light armor where hunting supplies are sold, etc.

2.Replaces vanilla steel, iron, banded, orcish, leather, hide, scaled, Elven, Glass, Nordic plate, vampire, and studded armors, including adding numerous variants to shops/leveled lists.

3.Thieves guild--replaced all the various guild armors, including Karliah and Nightingales--new padded leather and mail byrnies, leather gloves from Credo--as well as changes to outfits/leveled lists.

4. Forsworn--added numerous variant armors, helms, and hoods--Celtic inspired tartan--all temper-able, replaced Armor of the Old Gods with a new mail byrnie and tartan tunic, and added to appropriate shops/leveled lists.

4.Companions--replaced wolf armor as well as added variations for other guild members via outfit and leveled lists.

5.Stormcloaks--added several variant armors, helms, and boots to the leveled lists to give the Stormcloaks a less uniform look, more like a rag-tag militia. See pics above, which shows only a few of the many options possible.

6.Vigilants of Stendar--added various appropriate helms to the outfits/leveled lists, and added new mail hauberks from Archdukeoflandsee.

added various appropriate helms to the outfits/leveled lists. Replaced the heavy armor woth Croc's Cyrodiilic Chainmail. I also suggest using Improved Closefaced Helms for the heavy Dawnguard helm--as well as the few remaining vanilla helms not replaced by V30E. Just be sure to place it above V30E in your load order.

To help add to the more historical vibe, I replaced much of the vanilla Nord clothing with new V30 tunics, re-textured merchant dresses in multiple colors for females, as well as variant textures of the leather jerkin from Croc's awesome Norse Viking Chainmail. Also added new jarl clothing, as well as executioner's armor, adding all to leveled lists/outfits.

9.Replaced Deathbrand and Nordic carved armor from Dragonborn, with new cuirass, helms, bracers, and boots.

10.Added hold color appropriate armor for housecarls, thanes, stewards, and other members of the jarl's courts, including some NPCs who change status after completion of the civil war. It also allows NPCs like Vulwulf Snow-Shod--that old guy in Riften who gets drunk and tells imperials they suck--to show his Stormcloak pride. :)

11.Added embroidered Nord tunics by yoshimuji! which use the wealthy clothing keyword.

temper-able Nord bandit shields from YAGA. All shields are DSR ready--the meshes already included--just run your patcher!

13.Added appropriate armors for various mercenaries, including Black-Brier and East Empire guards,
Blackblood Marauders, ect.

14.Added superb new meshes and V30 re-textures by Grey_hunter, which adds numerous helms and shields to the game.

15.Replaced Dark Brotherhood shrouded armor and variants with appropriate content from V30.

16.Added shields by TheMalfazar to replace hide, iron, orcish, steel, banded, nordic carved, and stalrhim shields. All new shields are DSR-ready, just run your patcher.
To be sure that DSR doesn't get confused and use the vanilla models, you should delete the old shieldonback meshes from the various folders i.e. hide/iron/steel/orcish in your meshes/armor folder.

17.Added additional outfits for NPC's all across Skyrim that better reflect their character, i.e. some Bretons now wear Reach tartan; corsairs, sailors, and hunters wear various light armors; Thieves Guild members are now clad in more diverse armor, etc.

18. Replaced orc armor with a new set by Grey-hunter.

19. Replaced  Daedric armor with scale and heavy ebony hauberk, using the scale armor mesh from ArchdukeofLandsee.

. Replaced the vanilla daedric artifact 'ebony mail' with re-textured hauberk from V30's Simple Hauberks.

21.Added leather gambesons and robes from Nernie's Armor Pack. All armors are craftable and temperable, and can be purchased at various merchants who sell hunting and archery supplies and specialty gear (Drunken Hunstman, Grelka's, Niranye, etc.) Replaced Summerset Shadows and Karliah's armor with leather gambesons, as well as added the armor to other npc's outfits, specifically the Khajiit caravans, various elves, and the reavers on Soltheim.

22. Added Nord merchant clothes and hat variants from Romanov Couture. Nordic npc's will now wear a much wider variety of clothes, temper-able light armor versions of the furred hats are available in shops, as well as worn by hunters, bandits and Stormcloaks.

23. Added keyword compatibility for users of True Armor.  Each armor now only has one material, allowing TR to more accurately gauge it's protection level.

Replaced light and heavy stahlrim sets with armor from Simple Hauberks--the light set is a simple mail hauberk, while the heavy set adds lamellar plates and pauldrons. The Early-Medieval Helmets Pack replaces both helms as well, while the gauntlets and boots use the new Nordwar lamellar and splinted steel versions, respectively.

25. Added various superb content from Grey-Hunter and ArchdukeofLandsee. This includes bracers, greaves, helms, shields, and armor sets, reworked by me.

26. Unique vanilla shields replaced with new kite shield textures--these include
Ysgramor's, Auriel's, and Spellbreaker shields, as well as a new leather lamellar variant which replaces the Savior's Hide armor.

27. Added new heavy and light surcoats to various hold blacksmiths--
a mashup combining V30's  Simple Hauberks and the heavy hauberk from ArchdukeofLandsee with an original surcoat mesh by jomalley12211. Falkreath, Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Companions, and generic black variants, plus tempering recipes. Also added a few new kite shields.

You won't need V30's esps anymore, so you should remove them and add my merged file. Overwrite all V30's meshes/textures when prompted. USLEP is required--I've copied over appropriate changes where needed. The fixes are pretty minuscule, so I could easily get rid of the requirement, though why would anyone not be using USLEP at this point anyway? (What's funny, is I held out against changing from the original unauthorized patches, forever, because I didn't want to break my load order--it had taken so long to get right! But in the end resistance was futile! Too many cool new mods required it... and updating was pretty easy. So maybe this can be your USLEP Waterloo...)   :)

Load Order/Compatibility--
For best results use on a new game, otherwise you may need to use the resurect command to see changes/fix naked NPCs, etc.

V30E_Falskaar_Patch.esp (Place anywhere below Falskaar esm. or any other Falskaar patches)
HelgenRebornGuardArmor.esp (Place below HelgenReborn.esp or any other HR patches)
BSBrumaArmorReplacer (place below BSHeartland.esm and any other BSBruma esp's and patches)
V30E_ImperialPatch.esp (place just above
Vaultman30MergedReplacer.esp, especially if you don't use a merged/bashed patch--which you should be!)  ; )
V30_3DNPC_Patch.esp (make sure 3DNPC.esp is above V30E and other 3DNPC patches, where applicable i.e. any that affect NPC outifts)
V30ENordPlateAddon.esp (No longer needed, though a dummy esp. is provided to keep your load order intact on older saves. It should be jettisoned at the earliest opportunity.)

Since it makes changes to many NPC's/armors/outfits, it would be best placed relatively late in your load order, though at worst it should only result in the changes not showing up, nothing game breaking--knock on wood. To get the most out of V30E it should be used with both a merged and bashed patch--I can't stress this enough. See below for details.

Current Saves--You may need to use the console command 'resurrect' to re-equip NPC's on a current save game--at least in cells you've already been in. To use console commands press the tilde key '~' in game, then click on the NPC and get their reference id number, then type 'resurrect', without quotes, then hit the 'enter' key, and they should equip the new armor.

Bashed/Merged Patches--You'll be best served by using the mod with bashed/merged patches! This way, the changes won't be canceled by other mods. The mod is also marked to Relev/Delev for this reason--though you can always amend this in Wrye Bash, if you wish.

Immersive Armors--Using this mod with mine can interfere with V30E's leveled lists--or any mod for that matter--because it uses scripts to add its armors to the game, which can cause the game to revert to vanilla lists, wreaking havoc with one's save. I stopped using it years ago--it's just too invasive. Also, IMHO, it doesn't add anything that can't be gotten from better sources anyway, mods that have better compatibility with merged/bashed patches.

Additional Patches and Mods--

1.  BS Bruma

What It Does--
A stand-alone, simple replacer of the Bruma guard's armor, (cuirass, gloves, boots) as well as adds replacers for the new Colovian chainmail (cuiarass, boots), using assets from Vaultman30, and both sets of Colovian fur (both cuiarass) with work from FranklinZunge. I've also added re-textured cloaks to better match the new guard armor from
BS Bruma Tweaks and Enhancements for those that use the cloaks patch, though the mod is not required.

NEW! BS Bruma Patch NEW!

A much more comprehensive replacer that helps integrate BS Bruma and V30E, replacing guard, chainmail, and iron armors, fixing discrepancies in
various outfits, adding to shop inventories, adds tempering recipes, makes bandit's wear a wider variety of gear, etc. You won't need the simple original version, see sticky post/change log for more details.
Load below V30E main mod.

Helgen Reborn

What It Does--
It replaces the Helgen Reborn guard cuirass with a new armor (mail byrnie and light blue tunic) created using Vaultman30's assets. See pic above.


What It Does--
Adds V30E content to Falskaar, replacing both side's armors, including the jarls and their housecarls. You must have V30E's meshes/textures installed for this to work, though it isn't dependent on the V30E esp. Place above V30E in your load order.

4. Stormcloak Only Version

What It Does--
The original version of this mod, which simply extends Vaultman 30's Yet Another Guard Armor to include Stormcloaks--who now use the Windhelm guard armor, with normal Stormcloaks clad in the leather breastplate version, the commanders in the steel version. These changes are included in Vaultman30 Extended, so don't use both, there's no need!

To Install--
Simply overwrite the Yet Another Guard Armor esp--though be sure to keep the meshes/textures.

5. Imperial Replacer Patch
What it does--
Replaces all Imperial armor, shields, and helms with V30 content. You must have all the meshes/textures included in the main mod. Place the Imperial patch just below V30E in your load order. If you use DSR, remember to run your patcher, so the new shields are recognized.

7.Interesting NPCs Patch

What it does--
Helps integrate 3DNPCs and V30E, fixes discrepancies in various 3dnpc outfits,  replaces armors for the Blood of Skyrim and Garbania's guards, adds appropriate guard armor to Falkreath and Morthal merchants added by 3dnpcs. Adds generic heavy surcoat for Erevan, and gives Hiram an Order of the White Rose surcoat and shield, while also adding the new items to Khajiit caravans for purchase after quest.

Load order--(applies to the other patches above as well, they should be placed just below V30E)


8. Dawnguard Replacer Patch

What it does--
Gives the Dawnguard and Vigilants of Stendarr new surcoats, also adds variant armors and changes both factions outfits to add more variety. You must download the latest Hotfix, and load V30E_DawnguardPatch below the main mod--it's dependent on it, not a standalone--or you'll get a ctd. DSR users will need to re-run their patchers for the new Dawnguard shield to be worn on back.

Suggested Mods
These mods go great with V30's stuff.

Loading Screens--The Elder Scrolls General Load Screen Replacer keeps the vanilla models replaced by V30E from popping up in your loading screens. It also makes the whole game much more immersive.

Gamwich's Rustic Clothing really compliments V30E, as it improves many of the armor's pants textures, as well as boots, hoods, gloves etc. and makes everything pop just so.

2.aMidianBorn Fur Armor--
nice fur textures to go with Rustic Clothing, just be sure to put some god-damned sleeves and a shirt on it with the
Comprehensive Sleeve Pack! It's cold in Skyrim...

3.Gemling Queen Jewelry--
gives the rings and necklaces a real 'Dark Ages' look, making them actually look as if they are crafted by skilled hands.

JS Circlet Replacer--makes the circlets match Gemling Queen ring textures, making them actually bearable.


1. Comprehensive Sleeve Pack--
A great mod that replaces the hide and fur armors with content from Brigandage. Adds sleeves to most vanilla clothes and armor, including mail to the iron set (which I have a re-texture for, if people are interested.) Load before V30 Extended for best compatibility.

2.Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons--For those who don't want to use the V30E Imperial replacer patch, this version of Jedo Dre's fantastic Historical Revival is a good option. It really compliments V30's Stormcloaks, and gives the civil war a real historical verisimilitude. As is, the Celtic and Germanic component isn't compatible with V30 Extended, unless you tweak it yourself in the Creation Kit. If there is enough demand and I can get permission, I'd be willing to release my modified esp. which adds the Celtic armor and weapons to the Forsworn leveled lists, making it compatible with a bashed/merged patch.

3.Alternative Scaled Armor--Defunkt's mod replaces the scaled armor with a much better model with mail byrnie beneath. Now that the latest version of V30E replaces scaled armor, use the standalone version, which adds them to the leveled lists and crafting recipes.

Dawnguard Heavy Armor with Hauberk--Also from Defunkt, this adds a mail hauberk under the heavy Dawnguard armor. I've re-textured this with the same mail used in V30's Simple Hauberks, if anyone is interested.

NEW! Check out the beta V30E weapon replacer in the main download section! It uses assets from many of the mods listed below.NEW!

1.Bob's Armory Iron and Steel Replacers--A simple replacer mod for Nordic steel and iron weapons from Bob's Armory.

2.Regent Armory--These are really beautiful, realistic weapons. The two-handed  claymore makes a great iron greatsword replacer.

3.Chronicles of Steel--Realswords is a must have mod--it's what I use to replace many of my steel and iron weapons, as well as add to the Imperial arsenal. I also use it to replace most of my arrows--steel, iron, Forsworn, Orcish, etc--using the TCoS Nordic arrows as well as the newer Imperial models. Even if you don't use it as a replacer, it adds a slew of great weapons to the game.

4.Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons--This mod makes both lists because it's great, and for the simple reason that it replaces the terrible paddle-gladius vanilla Imperial swords. If this mod is placed above V30E in your load order, it will still replace the Imperial weapons, while V30E's armor changes will win out. Of course, merged/bashed patches are still recommended. I'd also recommend the celtic weapons--cherusker and the hand axes--to replace the vanilla Forsworn weapons.

5.Real Bows--Honestly, if you're still using those abominable vanilla bows I truly feel sorry for you. Use this mod... now.

6.Unique Bows Collection--
Before Real Bows came around this is what I used to replace most of my vanilla bows. Now I use it to replace the ones that Real Bows forgot--and the Real Bow models I don't like as much. It also adds a bunch of cool, unique bows around the world as quest rewards.

7.Bob's Armory--This is the mod where #1 on the list get's it's resources, it's also much larger, adding all kinds of weapons and shields. In particular, I really
like the longbows, which I use as a replacer for the vanilla Forsworn bows.

Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons--Great looking, realistic weapons and shields. I use many of them to replace various vanilla unique weapons in my game.

9.Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer--Replaces the ebony sword, both longsword and greatsword,  with a much more realistic model (though the greatsword is a bit too large in my opinion.)

10. LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons--For those who want an easy option, this mod makes the vanilla weapons more bearable, and also helps fill the gaps left by other less expansive replacers.

11.SBO - Skyrim Blade Overhaul--Another vanilla weapon mesh replacer, which can be mixed and matched with LeanWolf's mod. I actually prefer some of these meshes, and at one time used it quite extensively.

12. Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project--Gets at some weapons missed by the previous two.

13. Moraelin's Maces--I use these models to replace most of my vanilla maces. They're actually the correct size, graceful and realistic--instead of the huge unwieldy clubs, we see all too often.

14. Andragorn's Axes and Maces--I use this mod to replace much of my Orcish, ebony, and Deadric weapons. Though the designs are definitely fantasy-inspired, they still look as if they could have existed in the real world.

15 Elven Weaponry--For Elven weapons, this mod is hard to beat. I use it to replace Auriel's bow, my Elven, ebony, and glass arrows, as well as add various Thalmor weapons to the leveled lists.

16. Elvish Weapons--I use the un-enchanted versions for my vanilla Elven axes and warhammer. The shield would make a nice replacer as well.

17. Dragon Steel Weapons--I use the clean version of these swords and axes to replace many of my Deadric weapons. Fantastic, yet realistic.

18. Marauder Mace--The only replacer worthy of Horksbane!

Credits for Assets Used V30E--

Vaultman 30
I probably wouldn't even still be playing Skyrim if it wasn't for his mods, which inspired me to dive back into modding, as well as learning the basics of re-texturing in Gimp.

FranklinZunge--replacers for Colovian Fur Armor in BS Bruma Patch
I've had Brigandage and Common Clothes in my load order for years, excellent mods that help make Skyrim a much more diverse world. If you aren't already using his mods, what are you waiting for?

Credo's various armors and assets have been used by not only me, but many in the community, in mods large and small, making Skyrim a much more interesting place, to say the least. I'm sure most here are familiar with Medieval Skyrim Overhaul, as well as his Northman and Plate Armor, if not, check them out.

--If it wasn't for Archduke's superb new Byzantine Imperials mod, V30E 2.0 wouldn't have happened. His new scale cuirass and hauberk (based off

Ellise's Wayfarer's Coat) inspired me to finish off the last of the main vanilla armors. He also helped me with learning how to edit meshes--Nifscope, and Outfit Studio--so I owe him a debt of gratitude. He's definitely, the 'Duke of Skyrim'.

Grey_Hunter--a talented Ukranian modder, who has taken V30 original assets to a different level. I've used many of his V30 re-textures in V30E, and it wouldn't be the same without them.

V30E uses assets from Croc's Norse Viking Chainmail as well as 
Jedo Dre's  Historical Revival, and leather gambesons and robes from Nernie's Armor Pack, surcoats in the Dawnguard patch are from jomalley12211, as well as the other talented modders listed above.


BS Bruma--Dual Sheath Redux--Shield on Back Patch

Adds new Bruma guard/iron shields meshes, allowing use with DSR.

Overlooked Armor Mods

Numerous armor/replacer mods that can help 'historify' your game!