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Modified .nif and .esp files to allow Argonians, Khajiit and Orcs to equip VAultMaN30's (excellent) Helmets.

Permissions and credits
Praise the Divines for the existance of Modders (apart from me, of course).

The files I provide here belong to VAultMaN30! They have been uploaded with his permission.
Short description: Orc, Khajiit, Argonian support For Early-Middleages Helmets pack

The link to VAultMaN30's fine mod:   

  The original mod lacks support for beast races and Orcs (meaning that, when worn, the helmets will be either invisible (the closefaced ones) or modeled after some vanilla helmets, the metal ones after Steel helmet, the leather one after Leather helmet). To that end, I modified some of the original .nif files, to have them fit the Argonian, Khajiit and Orc physique. Don't worry! For the rest of the humanoid races, the helmets will be the same as VaultMaN30 designed them! The new models are exclusively for Argonians, Khajiit and Orcs, respectively.
  You still need to download the Original mod from the link provided above. My file only has some new(51) .nif files and an .esp. All the remaining meshes and textures only exist in VAultMaN30's mod. So, if you care to play as Argonian, Khajiit or Orc with these helmets, first Install the original mod, then endorse it :). And then add mine, overwriting the former .esp.
  The modifications in the .nif files were made with the nifskope through the simplest of means. That means I only used the edit and scale verticle functions. I really don't know if this is the recommended way. But I believe it is harmless nonetheless. If anybody can direct me to some more advanced modeling instructions/lessons, I'd be most grateful.

P.S. Female and male meshes are the same! Sorry guys.
P.S. 2 I ain't totally sure what a weight slider is, but my mod doesn't have one I think( only _0.nif files)

12/11/2015 Update
Once again, I modified some more of VAultMaN30's Helmets. The old ones, the ones he is no longer including in his newer updates, version 0.2, at his mod page. Only Orc support for them for now. As always, you need to download VAultMaN30's Mod! It is the one named as EMages Helmets pack v0.2 at his mod page, old versions section. By the way, helmets will appear on Khajiit and argonian, just not ready yet.

This mod will be listed as Optional file, version 1 here.

I uploaded another Optional .esp, for the main version. This one will allow Khajiit ears to be visible through their Helmets. In case someone prefers it this way.

P.S. The textures in the new pictures of the latest update are compressed and halfsized for my performace reasons! The original ones from VAultMaN30 are quite more decent as a result, so, don't let the lower quality, if you find it so, discourage you.

Credits go to VAultMaN30