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A fully animated playerhouse with a 360° view over Skyrim and many mysteries to unlock

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► Fully animated playerhouse
► Over 100 animated interactions.
► Sleep UNDER blankets rather than on top of them.
► Change table settings, bed sheets, lights, wall maps & more.
► Unlock mysteries left by previous occupants.
► Plant and grow your own crop (no DLC required).
► Followers craft, cook, mine, smelt, tan, for real.
► Followers store their own crafting supplies.
► Drinks in tankards, soup in bowls and pots, meat in bread.
► Learn how to craft some very unique items.
► Decoration as an homage to fellow modders.
► Customizable sleep and shower outfit management.
► Customizable crafting supply auto-storage.
► Fully navmeshed and cleaned with TES5edit


No DLC or other mods are required to use Clearsky, but as I deliberately avoided to mess up with followers quests and player's AI to preserve maximum compatibility, a couple of mods are strongly recommended to make full use of all the available features:

1. a follower mod that will let your follower(s) sandbox (FCR, AFT, EFF, etc.) - but if you do use followers I'm guessing you already have one installed. If you don't use followers, don't bother, anything they can do in Clearsky, your character will be able to do too and a lot more.

2. a player sleep mod if you want to see you character sleep under blankets (see links below).


Right after you've installed Clearsky, a message will be delivered to your Breezehome door. Not by courier though - just stand on your door step and look around a bit, you should find it fairly easily, even if you have a modified version of Whiterun installed. Just follow carefully the instructions. If you're an 'Open Cities' user, a compatibility patch is available which moves the delivered message to the back door of Riften's Honeyside.


1. NO key SPAMMING: as there are many activators in Clearsky, try not to spam your activate key to avoid triggering 2 events in the same time.

2. 3rd PERSON: all the animations used are Vanilla and many do not have a 1st person version - it is thus best played in 3rd person of course - but why would you want to use an animated mod if not to see animations at play? (See further below potential conflicts with FOV tweaks and mods).

3. FOLLOWERS: give them a little time to adjust to the new place and find their ways around activators. It shouldn't take them too long but they usually tend to get first to the furnitures they know, then as they walk around they'll gradually find them all.

4. DO NOT USE CONSOLE COMMANDS other than tfc - this will break Clearsky's features beyond repair. Clearsky (like every other mod - or the game itself) is not meant to be stormed through using console, it is meant to be PLAYED. Never thought I'd have to write that... (see further down for warnings).


- Japanese version by BowmoreLover on the Nexus: Clearsky Hideout - Fully Animated Playerhouse - Japanese

- If you find other versions on other websites than the Nexus, do know that I did not authorize them and will not help you if they mess up your game. Please report them to me and only download Clearsky from the Nexus if you want clean files.


Clearsky is a house mod unlike any other I've seen or used in my games. There are many great house mods on the Nexus, some wonderfully designed and decorated, and I don't pretend to do better - just a bit different.


Somehow, I always missed feeling that my character was actually living there other than being able to sit around, get the well-rested bonus and use crafting stations. So I created Clearsky to try a new concept: a lively, fully animated place where your character and follower will find a lot to do.

In Clearsky, you can read or drink in the tub, choose your dinner menu and play the corresponding animations, you can choose to set the table for dinner or for work, you can sleep under blankets rather than on top of them, you can carry your own wood from the stables to the house to light a fire, you can light and blow out the candles, dig and weed the ground, create your own seed blends and plant your own crops... and much more. You will play many small animated events that give your character a new life and a new feeling of immersion.

Your follower will find a lot to do too, not just using idle markers, he or she will be able to craft their own potions, cook some food, unload their firewood and crafting supplies burdens in the appropriate containers, melt some of their ores at the smelter and tan some pelts, they'll serve you soup, undress to go to bed or shower and dress up again when coming out, they'll sleep under the blankets too, relax with a snack, a drink or a book, relaxing in the shower or by the fire will set a smile on their faces, they'll even play a little music for you once in a while - and a lot more too.

You can even get to taste your companion's more or less fortunate attempts to create new potions...


It also always felt a little strange to me that the modded houses I lived in appeared out of the blue just for my Dovahkiin's needs. Unless you build them from the ground up, houses have stories too, and in Skyrim they sure should.

In Clearsky, two generations of previous tenants have left many traces of their lives, adventures, dreams and misfortunes: a couple of wanted Nord renegades and a mysterious, kinky, long dead Dwarf.

Not just books and journals and notes - though they have left these too for you to read (animated of course) and discover who they were, but also custom drawings and paintings, home-made furniture, clothes, weapons, keys, bags, music boxes, artefacts, all lying around the place as they were obviously using it all before they had to leave in a hurry. Unfinished projects too, hidden caches, a mysterious laboratory, a secret escape route, etc. Even a grave which has its secrets to tell.

Most of these objects are not Vanilla, many are from other mods I love and admire, whose authors have kindly given me permission to use them in Clearsky. Others are my own creations to better fit the mood and story of Clearsky.


As much as I enjoyed displaying armors on mannequins and trophies on the walls for a while, I grew tired of it. The truth is my favorite items and fondest game memories are modded ones now.

Which is why I always wanted to decorate my first house mod as an homage to fellow modders. So no mannequins here nor weapons plaques (they're buggy as hell anyway) but mostly very unique objects, beautifully designed items or particularily creative ones.

In Clearsky, you'll find some of FavoredSoul's most beautiful weapons, some of Kurese and the Roadstroker's nicest clothes, a model of MuppetPuppet's wonderful Elsweyr ship from "MoonPath to Elsweyr", Razorpony's inventive Steam Horse, Grohiik's mechanical Dwemer dragon or BrettM's aquarium - only to name a few. Of course, all of these modders have kindly given me permission to use their creations in Clearsky and I am very grateful for their trust.

Other very unique items from modders who created modders resources have been used too, with their permissions of course: Stroti's oil lamp, sundial, gramophone, tools, Runspect's globe, InsanitySorrow's hourglass, telescope, bed sheets, Tueffelachtein's modular crafting stations, JackMorris21 animated containers, etc.

Many of these items have been slightly tweaked, remodeled or completely retextured by me to better suit the spirit and mood of Clearsky. Bed spreads have been remodeled in 3DS for instance and all furniture entirely retextured to look like freshly cut pine wood rather than weathered old wood.

I nonetheless managed to keep the bed nifs 100% Vanilla so that they will work flawlessly with any player sleep mod you want to use - and no actor, player or NPC, will ever occupy the middle of the bed which can effectively sleep two.

This explains the fairly large size of Clearsky file (new meshes and textures) but also the very unique (I hope) feel to the place.


Clearsky is placed on top of the second highest mountain of Skyrim - and still low enough as to work beautifully with COT - in a cell where the most addicted player will probably only get once in a playthrough.

From up here, you'll have a stunning view over the plains of Whiterun to the South, Solitude to the West, Winterhold to the East and the Northern coast of Skyrim, as well as plenty of sitting or laydown spots to enjoy the stary nights or the boreal auroras.

Unless you can fly, there are actually 3 ground ways to climb up to Cleasky, but none of them is devoid of dangers and bad encounters.

The counterpart is it is far from Whiterun and Riverwood of course, but the idea is to use Clearsky as a stop-over, a place to relax for a while before moving on to new adventures. Should you want to settle down though, there are dozens of non-respawning containers in Clearsky. Auto-Storage of crafting supply can be turned on or off in game.


No add-ons, plugins or third party mods are required to install Clearsky. All you need is an updated and legit Skyrim game.

You can plant crops even if you don't have Hearthfire (I never installed it - so the planting/cropping system is totally independent from Hearthfire).

HOWEVER, I strongly recommend 2 types of mods:

- a sleep mod to be able to see yourself sleep under the blankets in bed or inside bedrolls. I strongly recommend Another Sleep Mod which has always worked perfectly for me (no shut-eye bug or blocked beds): you'll have to get it from Steam's Workshop or directly from LP's personal ftp if you do not use the Workshop - you'll find the link to his ftp on his Workshop thread.

- and a follower mod so that your follower can get busy and use all the features and animations Clearsky has in store for them. It works great with Amazing Follower Tweaks and Followers Can Relax, it should work just as fine with any other follower mod that lets your followers sandbox when not in combat. There are many brilliant follower mods on the Nexus, but in case the one you use does not have the sandbox feature, just add KingCoin's "Follower Can Relax" to your mods list and that'll do the trick, it's clever, very clean and works almost with everything else.

No quest, Vanilla or modded, has been edited for Clearsky, so it should not conflict with anything other than a possible mod which edits the same cells (but I have not seen any yet). All player's animations are attached to activators so you do not actually need a player animation mod and it should work with no conflicts at all with the vast majority of them (see further down for details).


Well, I suppose I should apologize right now but even though I'm French, as some of you may know, I did dare write quite a lot of pages for Clearsky (that essentially explains the .esp being over 700k). Some of these awful English trials, you'll unfortunately have to read... Not necessarily the previous Clearsky inhabitants' stories, if you can't stand reading them, don't. But you'll still need to open some of them to unlock some clues or new activators. Just opening them is bearable, right?

But there's one you'll need to take a quick look at though, it's the Clearsky Guide which you'll find inside the house. Not so much because it's fascinating but mostly because it lists all the Clearsky's features which would take way too long to list here, like the non-depletable ore veins, the "bottom-less bag", the dwarven compressor, the Dwemeri notes, the painting, and way lot more. Clearsky can be just another house to live in if you want it so, just a bit more lively because of the animations, but it also has many other unique features which may make your stay a little bit more fun, immersive or puzzling. It's up to you to decide how far you want to explore. Just know that you don't have to if you don't feel like it - or that it's there if you're in the mood.

Anyway, all these features are listed in the Read Me - it's basically a copy of the Clearsky Guide you'll find in game. It also contains spoilers and clues for those of you who are some "deus ex machina" adepts ;).


As a precaution, for all scripts to initiate properly, make a clean save in an interior cell (Breezehome for instance), quit, enable Clearsky and reload. You need to be at least 5 cells away if you're in a exterior cell - there's a Vanilla bug that prevents some furniture animations to load properly ("chop wood" for instance) if you load your plug-in less than 5 cells away. No stress if you don't though, all you'll need to do is to enter the house, exit again and the chop wood furniture will again work properly.

As a general rule, always make a clean save you can return to whenenever you install a new mod. Take a quick tour of the place, try a few things, if you intend to keep it a bit longer, go on. If you realize this is not for you, just uninstall it and reload your clean save. That's the safest way to test a new mod.

Edit (April 12 2015):

- if you install Clearsky for the first time in your current game, use Main File '1stInstall_V01.5' version. This will get Clearsky started in Whiterun where a message will be delivered at your Breezehome door.

- if you per chance also have Open Cities installed, you will also need to use 'OpenCities Patch for 1stInstall_V01.5' - install with NMM and say yes to overwrite your current .esp. The starter message will instead be delivered outside Riften's wall, to the back door of Honeyside, on the platform over the lake.


If you're upgrading from V01 or V01.2, download manually 'UpV01.5' (stands for Upgrade V01.5) and place it anywhere you can easily find it. Upgrading won't require that you haul all your stuff out of the house or restart the mod nor do a clean save in between versions. This has been designed to make this upgrade as fluid and simple as possible. What you need to do is:

1. Make a clean save in game anywhere you want, even inside the house if you wish to.

2. In NMM's plugin's tab, take note of Clersky's rank in your load order.

3. In NMM mods' list, uninstall and delete all previous V01.2 patches first: SoS, Frostfall, Open Cities - all the ones you have been using, including the Music loose files if you've been using them. You do not need to uninstall Vanilla version of clothes if you were using this. Then, completely uninstall your current Main File version, whether it be V01 or V01.2 - and delete it too.

4. Stay in NMM, don't go back in game right now. In NMM, import 'Clearsky Hideout UpV01.5' you've just downloaded manually. Install it and enable it. Make sure the .esp has the same rank in your load order as the one it had before, noted in step 1.

5. Now you can reload your previous save - nothing should have changed in your game. When in the house, make sure to fix the bookshelves first thing (whether you had the bug or not - this will clear up a couple of scripts you won't be needing later anyway) but don't try to use the shelves right away: EXIT the house and REENTER. Exiting the house will not just complete the bookshelves fix, it will also autosave in your game all the other fixes from V01.5.

The complete list of issues fixed by V01.5 can be found in the forum's thread or under the 'Changes' Tag up here.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PATCHES: V01.5 and UpV01.5 both have integrated compatibility with Frostfall, Sos, Skinny Dipping, Bathing in Skyrim and partial compatibility with RND. So you won't need to add any compatibility patch to UpV01.5. You won't need either Open Cities compatibility patch even if you're still using Open Cities when you're updating: what you needed from that initial patch is already stored in your saves if you've already retrieved the message and the Amulet bag.


If you've used Clearsky a while and decide to uninstall it anyway, it should be no big deal either as long as you take some precautions:

1. Empty the house of all your gear and followers.
2. Get away from Clearsky, preferably into an interior cell (Jorrvaskr or Breezehome)
3. Sleep for 3 days - that's precaution to reset the crop script. The fireplace script reset in a day.
4. Save, quit, uncheck Clearsky in NMM.
5. Reload your save and you should be okay.

If you want to double check and can read your Papyrus log, open up log 0 and search for "HDS". If you get no warnings, that means all scripts have properly stopped running.


If you uninstall the main file with NMM, both .bsa and .esp will be removed from your game. But if you used some optional files or replaced some items and installed them manually, there may also be some loose files remaining. Just make sure that all the following files are gone:
- meshes\DwemerShack
- music\DwemerShackMus
- scripts: anything which starts with "HDS_" is a Clearsky script you can remove if you have uninstalled the mod.

DwemerShack is the initial name I used when I started creating this mod, so anything called "DwemerShack" is actually part of the Clearsky mod. Sorry for the inconvenience of non consistent namings.


I will NOT help you solve your issues if you have been using console commands in Clearsky - other than the safe and easy "tfc". "Consoling" your way through Clearsky can - and most certainly will - break the mod's features (and your game, or other mods) beyond repair.

Please read carefully the Skyrim UESPWiki's warning, which I quote here word for word:
If you don't know what you're doing, using console commands can cause your game to malfunction! Executing the wrong command can cause your game to stop working normally; furthermore, you may not become aware of such malfunctions right away, and you may not be able to trace their cause. They can cause problems like making quests impossible to complete, altering your game's display, all kinds of game behaviors, your ability to play your character, and your ability to play the game at all. Solutions are not always easy, and may involve losing saved games or reinstalling your game.


No conflicts at all:

Clearsky has been designed with maximum compatibility in mind with other animation mods. Since no combat animations are used, it is fully compatible with all combat animation mods. It is also, of course, fully compatible with FNIS even though it does not require it, as well as with every animation mod which requires FNIS.

It is fully compatible will all animations mods where animations are triggered by spells. It works flawlessly with:
- Dovahkiin Relaxes Too
- AE Animations,
- most Vanilla animation replacers
- Harvesting animation
- Third Person Eating and Drinking

It is also compatible with the vast majority of Breezehome or Whiterun mods (except Open Cities - which you'll find a patch for in the optional files) as long as the exterior meshes of Breezehome have not been too heavily modified.

It shouldn't conflict either with any auto-storage or outfit management mods which you may have already installed as long as you do not enable Clearsky auto-storage or mini outfit-management. By default, all customizable features (except animations) are disabled the first time you enter the house.

Compatibility has also been reported by users with most ENBs and Climate overhauls mods:
- Climate of Tamriel
- Climate Overhauls: Winter, Summer and Spring (Loot says place Clearsky after CO)
- Springtime in Skyrim
- Tropical Skyrim
- Relighting Skyrim (scriptless version)

Full or partial compatibility:

Clearsky V01.5 provides integrated compatibility with Frostfall - not just fires but also blankets and the tub's steam bath should keep you warm.

The tub is also fully compatible with SoS, Bathing in Skyrim and Skinny Dipping Equipable items are also 100% comptabible with SoS.

Partial compatibility with RND: 99% of the food you can craft in Clearsky is Vanilla so this should be ok. A few Clearsky custom food items, including Clearsky water bottles, have been added standard compatibility with RND. You can also fill your RND bottles in the tub, but not in the fountain so far - this is stupidly due to the fact that nearly all Vanilla water meshes in Skyrim are square-shaped and I needed a round-shaped one for that fountain, unfortunately the mesh I had to use was not recognized as "water" by RND. RND is quite a complex mod and the author unreachable atm. If you want better compatibility, I recommend that you also use DavidTheFalcon's RND - Universal Compatibility Patch.

Some potential conflicts:

- Essentially with some features of Animations by Genebriss, but not all. Harvesting, drinking, equipping, opening doors and looting most containers will work fine. There will however be conflicts with the praying animation, since praying is animated in Clearsky - I'd recommend that you disable "Animations" praying anims when in Clearsky. Looting most containers should be fine except when you are using the woodpiles and a couple of hidden caches. If you wish, you can disable the Clearsky wood pick up and wood drop animations to be safe - or disable the looting animation in "Animations" when you are in Clearsky. Clearsky animations are limited to the Clearsky's cells and will not affect any other zone of the game.

- not a conflict per se as it only matters for retrieving the initial message which'll display Clearsky's location on your map, but Open Cities's users will need the available Open Cities Compatibility patch when first installing Clearsky. This is no longer needed when upgrading.

- not a conflict per se either, but if you have Dynamic Things by Dominoid installed - do not use its features when you are in Clearsky, do not steal, disable or delete anything or you may break Clearsky's features beyond repair. You don't need to disable "Dynamic Things", just do not use it in Clearsky. To prevent it to break Clearsky's features, you will need to uncheck the "Enable Items Below" box in MCM configuration while you're in Clearsky.

- FOV tweaks and mods: not a bug per se either, BUT "Joy of Perspective" mods, First Person camera mods, fixes or tweaks, "Customizable Camera" as well as any mod which modifies the "Field Of View" (FOV) are very likely to alter your camera angles when using Vanilla animations. It's not a bug, it's a glitch. It's just more likely to happen in Clearsky because so many interactions are animated.
Remember that most of these animations were created for NPCs alone and do not have a 1st person version. Clearsky is meant to play in 3rd person.
Knowing this, please attempt to activate animation triggers in 3rd person view if you have mods that alter camera angles.

- a couple of non essential items to Clearsky (the Diving Gear and the Dwemer Flying Machine - the latest requiring SKSE anyway) have also been reported to be incompatible with XP32 Maximum Skeleton - which is to be expected as all equipable items in Clearsky are rigged to the Vanilla skeleton. But this doesn't interfere at all with any of the main features of Clearsky. Be aware however that XP32 Max skeleton can also cause glitches with Vanilla animations and Clearsky only uses Vanilla animations: nothing game-breaking but worth mentioning so that you do not blame Clearsky if these glitches happen to you.

If you find other conflicts, please let me know.

Animobjects replaced:

Clearsky replaces quite a few Vanilla animobjects, just the nifs and textures, not the animations:
- animobjectbread: the texture is replaced to add meat in the bread. If you use my own mod Hoamaii Meat Sandwich, you can uninstall it as it is included in Clearsky.
- animobjecttankard, animobjecttabletankard and animobjectdrinkingtankard: if you use my Wine and Beer In Tankards animobjects mod in its beer version, you can uninstall it as it is the version included in Clearsky. If you prefer the wine version however, just put it after Clearsky in your load order.
- animobjectsilverbowl: Clearsky adds soup in the bowl and replaces the bowl's texture for the glazed bowl.
- animobjectcastironpotsmall, animobjectsmallpot and animobjectwoodenladle: Clearsky adds soup both in the pot and in the wooden ladle.

These animobjects replacers shouldn't conflict with anything since, if I'm not mistaken, I'm the only one (that I know of on the Nexus) who has modified animobjects this way. However, animobjects are used through the whole game, so these will be replaced everywhere in your game. If you prefer to keep the empty Vanilla animobjects, you'll find an optional file to restore them to their Vanilla forms in your game without uninstalling Clearsky.

One Cicero dance replaced:

Clearsky also replaces "special_cicerodance1" with another short, funny little dance. If you don't wish to replace it, you'll find an optional file to restore your Vanilla version.

All other custom items in Clearsky are standalone and do not replace any Vanilla asset.


These are not bugs, they're just random glitches which may or may not happen in your game:
- wood pick and wood drop: for some reason, the animation may be skipped or only half played the first time you use it. But after that, it should work properly.
- diving helmet transparency: transparency over transparency (the helmet faceguard against the actor's eyes) don't do well in Skyrim engine. Though I've tweaked it the best I could, you may find that under some lights, wearing the helmet changes the actor's eyes color or they may not show at all. Of course, it all goes back to normal when you unequip the helmet.
- indoor lights flickering: it is not a glitch per se, they are just not meant to be all lit at the same time. When it happens, turn some of them off, the flickering will stop. Just compose your own light.
- rare skipped anims: some animations are timed to play before moving on to something else and the "wait" event is not very accurate in Papyrus. Depending on how many scripts are running in your game, sometimes animations may be entirely skipped or aborted if the stop event gets called too quickly after the animation's start - or at other times, there may be a pause before the next event starts because some other scripted event has not yet finished running. It's not a bug and it should be rare, but it may happen.
- bedroll blanket clippings: as the actors don't automatically unequip when using the bedroll outdoors, they will be clippings if you're heavily equipped or wear large armors. It's up to you to decide if it's actually comfortable to go to sleep with all that iron on!
- rock missing: there's a huge gap in the mountain slab east of the stable. This is pure Vanilla in a cell I have not touched at all. I may fix it at some point, but preferred to avoid having to also fix the navmesh in that cell for the moment.
- FPS: there are many custom objects and textures in Clearsky. Your FPS should be fine in the outdoor cells. But even though indoor cells are small and should only load once, some of you may notice a few FPS drop, not worse than 2 or 3 I'd think and not always.
- missing goblet: I never could get the Wine Barrel's goblet showing up in any of my games when the animation plays, even pure Vanilla. In my game, actors go through the moves of pouring wine into a goblet and drinking from it, but they always do it empty-handed. It's no big deal for me since you cannot move the camera around your character anyway, but I can only hope it works better for you in your games.
- tankards' wine and lights in the stables: at times, the light can be extremely bright up in the mountain and the wine in the tankards will completely loose its transparency and even look like fresh blood. I've only seen it happen once in all my testing, but it may happen. Indoor tankards do not have that issue at all.

If you notice anything else, please do let me know. Thanks.


The procedure is fairly simple but you need an XWM converter program to convert your MP3 to xwm format.

Personally, I use MultiXwm by Vikichan which is easy to use and works perfectly. You can find it on the Nexus.

Once you've converted your files to Xwm, rename them:

HDS_MusicBox01.xwm - HDS_MusicBox02.xwm - HDS_MusicBox03.xwm and HDS_MusicBox04.xwm, to replace the in-house music box themes,

and HDS_MusicTron01.xwm - HDS_MusicTron02.xwm - HDS_MusicTron03.xwm and HDS_MusicTron04.xwm, to replace the music played in the lab.

Create a folder called "DwemerShackMus" in "Data\music" (if you don't have a "music" folder, create one) and place all your renamed .xwm files in this new Data\music\DwemerShackMus folder. You can now play your own music in Clearsky.


When you get out of bed or exit the shower, by default Clearsky will equip the player with one single body-slot piece of armor, males with L0rd0fWar's King's Slayer armor, and females with Nocturnal robe. These clothes are skinned for Vanilla bodies. (If you disable this feature at the "House Rules" board, you'll remain naked).

If you wish to replace these with any another piece of garment of your choice to better suit your style or your body type, you can, as long as this garment is assigned to the body slot (slot 32).

All you need to do is rename that armor "CSInnerWearF_0" and "CSInnerWearF_1" for female, and "CSInnerWearM_0" and "CSInnerWearM_1" for male. Then, in your Data\meshes" folder, create a new folder called "DwemerShack", and inside this folder create another one called "armed clothes" (with a space between the 2 words) - that's where you need to put your custom, renamed meshes. And that's it.


There are a few unique items which are equipable in Clearsky. By no means you have to use them if you don't wish to.

The male items are Vanilla skinned and should do ok with Sundracon or Favored Soul's male body types. But a couple of female items (closer fit) are skinned for UNP by default. If you do not use UNP, there's a Vanilla skinned version of these items which you can download from the "Optional" files of Clearsky. They are replacers, so you do not need to enable any .esp or anything else, just install these with NMM and that's it.

You'll see a new folder appearing in your meshes, which is called "DwemerShack" and inside this folder another one called "armed clothes".


For their wonderful Modders' Resources:

Some items and pieces of furniture have been used as originally created by their creators, some others have been modified and/or retextured by me, not because I did not like the original work but solely because I felt the retexture or reshaping better fitted my idea of Clearsky.

- Insanity Sorrow for his fantastic bedsheets, towels, telescope, soap, brush, hourglass, mortar and pestle, etc. (which all can be found on TES alliance)
- Stroti and Tamira for unique items like the oil lamp, gramophone, sundial, craftsman tools, etc. Stroti Resource Pack and Strotis Craftsman Tools at Skyrim
- Tueffelachtein for the amazing modular crafting station pieces from his Modular Crafting Table
- Stoverjm and Blary for their Open Books Library at Skyrim
- Runspect for the globe, water-mister and rose from his Modders Pack
- Yuril for the barrels textures from his Various Barrels

Other modders' creations used as decoration or music:

All pieces were chosen as a homage to modders and mods I like very much and have been using in my games.
Please note that I made sure that many of these items are not playable as is in Clearsky. If you want the original, do download the original.
I thank you guys very much for letting me use your wonderful works in this mod.

- Brumbek for letting me use some of his great meshes from Static Mesh Improvement Mod
- Razorpony for his clever Dwemer Steam Horse in the Lab
- BrettM for the great display boxes and his amazing Aquarium in the Lab from his The FPI Aquarium Kit
- MuppetPuppet for his wonderful flying ship from Moonpath to Elsweyr
- Grohiik for the unique mechanical Dwarven dragon in the lab from Dwarven Mechanical Dragons Mod
- L0rd0fWar for his personal version of King's Slayer's armor from The Witcher 2 Model
- Sedryn for the beautiful saddle retexture from his Ornate Saddles
- FavoredSoul for his magnificent "Daedra Slayer" and "Sword of Truth" displayed in the house from his Ultimate Assortment by Favored Soul
- TheRoadStroker for the beautiful cape on the house chair, from his Rogue Sorceress Outfit
- Kurese for his unique InnerWear loincloth on the stool by the tub from his R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set
- Brokefoot and Mako7 for the belt attached to the "Sword of Truth" on the back of the chair, from Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation
- Jackmorris21 for the brilliantly animated satchels, coffins and barrels from Animated Clutter
- Cromanon for his must-have Irish Flute composition and performances of flute tunes from Irish Flute Bard
- MatthiasG. for some Skyrim images used in Katharyn's journal.
- Dimon99 and Sundracon for their wonderful body types I've used in creating sculptures.
- the great Vindsvept for his wonderful music and Elianora for calling our attention to his generous talent.
- and last, but not least, Malukah, whose beautiful performance of Jeremy Soul's music I've used in my video.

If I have forgotten anyone, it is absolutely unintentional but I've been working on Clearsky for months and it may have happened. If so, please do forgive me and yell at me through PM, I'll immediately correct my mistake.

I also want to thank other modders whose tutorials, posts, articles or videos have been a great help to me:

- Nightasy, as always, for teaching me 3D modelling and texturing.
- DarkFox127, Doughamil and Richard Miller whose great videos got me started at scripting.
- Cipscis of course, and all contributors to the CK Wiki for helping me get better at it.
- and all Nexus members and Forum contributors for the time they took answering my questions and helping me solve some issues - with special kudos to IsharaMeradin and Fore for always being available.
My warmest thanks to you all guys, I've learnt a great deal in your kind company :).

As always of course, thanks to Bethesda for creating one of the most amazing games of all times and handing its realm's keys to us players by giving us the Creation Kit.

And finally, my warmest thanks and friendly gratitude to some wonderful Clearsky users who've helped me a great deal with testing the mod with me or even filling in for me up here when I was not available: EMS60 and BugNexus7 of course, but also NiennaClawtooth, TeheeMod, TurriLP, Pharaun159 and DavidTheFalcon.


- Bethesda's Creation Kit
- TES5Edit
- 3DS Max
- Photoshop
- Nifskope
- Gimp
- Unfuzer
- Papyrus LogViewer
- NotePad++
- NifConvert
- Chunkmerge
- MultiXwm
- Audition
- Audacity
- Fraps
- Première
- Nexus Mod Manager


If you want to check some of my other mods, here are a few links:

- Wine and Beers In Tankards - Does just what it says: adds beer, or wine, in all the empty tankards in Skyrim, including in the drinking animations. Partially included in Clearsky (Beer in tankards animobjects) - if you want to replace it with wine, this is where to get the file. Beer or Wine in static tankards is not included in Clearsky.

- Have Pita On Lydia: Hoamaii Meat Sandwich - Included in Clearsky

- Gannicus Modular armor - The complete Gannicus armor from the Spartacus series, modular of course.

- Revenge of the Sexified Housecarls: Hoamaii Armor Mashup for Male - A modular version of the Falmer armor.

- Hoamaii Modular Iron Armor - Just what it says: the Iron armor broken to 10 different pieces to compose your own version.

- Lydia Strikes Again: Hoamaii Inner Wear for Male - A male version of Kurese's UNP InnerWear

- UNP Armored Bikini - Player Inventory Fix - Just a tiny patch for Ortog's armored bikini for the UNP body type.