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Added: 26/02/2014 - 06:46PM
Updated: 09/02/2016 - 02:42PM

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Last updated at 14:42, 9 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 18:46, 26 Feb 2014

Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor and opening map.

More videos below.
SKSE and SkyUI are required.

Dynamically attaches script and thus compatible with objects from DLCs or other mods. For example: looting animation will work for a chest added by another mod. Drinking potions animation will work for any potions from other mods as well.
Animation is choosen dynamically depending on Z coordinates and height of player and activated object. So even the same container can be opened with different animations depending on player position.
Animations aren't made by me. They are default Skyrim animations.

By default it plays animations in third person and return you to first person if you were in this mode. Can be set not to change POV in the MCM, but there are no first person animations.
Can be used with Immersive First Person View or Enhanced Camera for first person animations.

Options in MCM:
  • Enable/disable the mod
  • Disable any part of the mod. For example, you can use only lockpicking, opening and drinking animations and disable everything else.
  • Enable less functional but more safe mode that doesn't use BlockActivation() function and thus prevents from possibile conflicts with other mods. More information in the MCM itself.
  • Length of each animation and POV for it
  • Randomisation of the animation length for looting, harvesting and lockpicking to make it more natural.
  • Enable camera movement for harvesting, looting, lockpicking, praying, drinking or equipping.
  • Allow NPCs to attack player during animation.
And more.


Download it like a usual mod. Load order doesn't matter. Load the game and make a new save. Then enable mod in
the MCM.


Disable mod in the MCM! It's
important! Only then delete files or disable it in


Doesn't change any object in
the game. Only dynamically attaches scripts. But, due to
BlockActivation() function can be incompatible with mods that affects
activation process of objects. You can use a safe mode of this mod if
you have problems with compatibility..esp details

How it works

Adds scrip to an object you are currently looking at
by using OnCrosshairRefChange event and blocks this object from
activation with BlockActivation(). When you press "Use" on this object,
script selects the animation and plays it, then it actually activates an
object. For looting animation it tracks taking items from container and
with OnMenuClose event plays


  • I have installed the mod, but I don't see it in the MCM.- Make sure you have latest versions of SKSE and SkyUI, wait longer or try moving this mod in load order.
  • I'm not able to interact with some objects.- Some people have this problem
  • for unknown reason.Press Emergency Button in the MCM, enable Unblocking
    mode and try looking at one of the objects you can't interact with. If
    the message will tell you that this object is blocked from activation,
    press unblock. Disable "Use BlockActivation" option on the main page of
    MCM to use a asafe mode of this mod. And use Emergency Button to unblock
    objects you aren't able to interact with.
  • Animations stopped working and MCM is freezed.- Probably caused by Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
  • Pass through a loading door to solve the freeze and download
    compatibility fix (optional file here).

Form lists editing:
Normally script selects animation by looking at objects type, but it's not always possible to determine object simply by
its type. For example, Nirnroots obviously should use harvesting
animation, but unlike all other plants they are not plants, they are
activators. The only way is to make a list of different nirnroots (only 2
in vanilla game) to be able to defer them from buttons, levers and
other activators.This means that if any other mod ads new types of
Nirnroots they won't be recognised as Nirnroots by Animations. But with
Form lists editing menu you will be able to add new Nirnroots to the
list. Another example is dwemer levers. Normal levers are marked with
special keyword, but dwemer levers don't have it for some reason, that's
why there is a form list for them. If you have any new lever that
doesn't play animation, you can add it to dwemer levers form list.