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Added: 29/07/2012 - 04:33PM
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Last updated at 21:11, 19 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 16:33, 29 Jul 2012

3D Preview

Texture is down scaled to 1024px from 2048px due to sites requirements.
Some objects is missing due to sites : one model upload requirements.

A complete custom made outfit created from scratch by using Jason Chan's Concept Art

This MOD will add:
  • 1 Set of Outfit.
  • 2 Sets of Cloaks.
  • A total of 8 meshes & 4 textures.

MOD Info:
  • Gender = Female only Outfit.
  • Works with weight slider = Yes
  • Craft & upgrade able = Upgradable / Not Craftable
  • Body = Vanilla

Video Preview

Special Thanks to svaalbard for his video.
Skyrim Mod Spotlight

Special Thanks to SkyrimSpotlights for his video.
Mod Spotlight

Big Thanks to Saiodin for reviewing my Mod.
Skyrim Mods Series - #76

Big Thanks to asianface95 for reviewing my Mod.
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If however the stats of the Outfit doesn't suit you, then use the Creation Kit there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you out!

  • Install
  • Extract the content to "...SkyrimData" Folder
  • Tick the box for "theRoadstrokersRogueSorceress.esp" in data files in the Skyrim launcher.
  • Or use Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended)
  • Play the Game!

  • UnInstall
  • Delete "theRoadstroker" Folder From ...SkyrimDatatexturesArmor Folder
  • Delete "theRoadstroker" Folder From ...SkyrimDatameshesarmor Folder

Find a Barrel near Riverwood (see screenshot). or type "help Rogue" in the console and use the "Player.additem" command

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  • When ever you make a post - Do so in a positive way or with constructive criticism. Negative Post will be 100% reported to the Moderators and will make you look 100% dumb.


  • Jason Chan - For his Concept Art (
  • NIFTools Crew - For creating the useful NIFTools.
  • The Fans - For ...being there and downloading my crap.
  • Nexus Crew - For ... also being people can download my crap.
  • Bethesda Softworks - For Supporting Modding and Creating TES Games.

Thank You for reading through this.

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Hope you Enjoy this Mod.