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This mod allows you to build small shacks anywhere you like and use them as your player home. You can build as many shacks as you want.

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This mod allows you to build small shacks anywhere you like and use them as your player home. You can build as many shacks as you want.

- Wished you could buy a player home right when you start the game and just go adventuring without following the main quest?
- Want to live in the wilds?
- Don't want to follow some quests just so they let you buy a home in their town?
- Want to settle in one of the cities but don't want to pay the high price of the full blown homes?
- Tired of waiting for a compatibility patch for your player house and town overhaul mod?
- Wished you could live in one of the mod added towns but it has no player homes?

This mod addresses all of them! Get a shack early on in the game and build it absolutely anywhere you want, even in dungeons!


There are 2 main downloads, one for Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer, and another one for manual installing. When installing choose a version of the mod depending on location compatibility (view the compatibility section for more info) and run the game.

The first time you run the game with the mod installed, you will be asked a few questions, these are related to compatibility with frostfall, immersion, upgrading from previous version, and a cheat spell. This in-game set up wizard allows you to play different variations of this mod in different playthroughs without having to install different versions of the mod. The options you choose are saved in your save file.


After finishing the very first quest of the game, you will be outside Helgen. Moving down the road a little bit you will find the carpenter's shack. Under his working table is a chest in which you will find your starter home for free, as well as “Move Spell”. On the table you will find a book called “Shack Purchase Guide” and a “Shack Destruction Axe”. The guide will help you in purchasing goods from the carpenter and building them, and has information about nearly all objects and their usage. If you're mid game you can find a carpenter in Whiterun. Other carpenters sell the Shack Purchase Guide for a low price.


Once you have your shack in your inventory, find a nice place where you would want to build your shack. Take care not to build the shack in a places where NPCs often frequent, like on roads. Stand where you want the center of the shack to be, and face the direction you want the door to open. Save the game and then drop your shack from the inventory. You will be asked several questions and then your shack will be built at the spot you were standing. Use the Shack Purchase Guide (either in the readme file or the in game version) for detailed information of the building process.


Carpenters are special merchants who sell shacks and related goods. One of them is outside Helgen right when you exit the cave at the beginning of the game, another is in Warmaidens in Whiterun, and there are also other carpenters in other areas in Skyrim. Check the “Workarounds” section for their location if you don't want to discover them on your own.

These carpenters also double as “starter merchants” so they sell a variety of items needed for starting the game using mods such as Frostfall and iNeed. This means visiting the carpenter in Helgen is all you need to start your adventures on your own without going into the quests. They also carry a lot of gold and buy anything like the general goods merchants.


In addition to shacks, the carpenters also sell a variety of complementary items. These include the following:

Planks: A piece of plank to build other stuff on. Can be placed at a height.
Stairs: To access the shacks and planks that you have built at a height.
Home Furniture: Things to clutter your shack or any other player home with. Includes the likes of chairs, tables, cupboards, etc.
Crafting Stations: Includes the game's crafting stations such as Workbench, Alchemy table, etc.
Chests: Non respawning chests in case you don't want a full blown shack to call a place home. Chests can be marked on the map.
Barrels: Like chests but cheaper and lighter. However you can only store 300 units of weight in barrels.
Tents: In case you think living in wilds is better done in a tent than a shack. Tents can be marked on the map as well.
Campfires: Campfires to make camp. These are compatible with Frostfall.
Candle Stands: To make some dark places brighter.

Burrows and Basements:

Burrows are very small excavations that can be used as temporary shelter, while basements are larger underground dwellings more suited for living. These can be used if you want to have a player home in an area that is too crowded for shacks.

Placing these in wrong locations can be immersion breaking, (like building a basement on top of a house) so when you first install the game, you can choose to not have them included in your game. It is your own responsibility to not break your own game's immersion if you choose to have these in your game.

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Enhancements: These mods expand upon the functions of this mod and provide greater functionality:

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Multiple Custom Markers with Notes: Lets you mark a place on the map. Constructible Shacks allows you to mark shacks, tents, and chests. If you want to mark something else use this mod. You can also use this mod to mark your shacks with unique names on the map.
Jaxonz Renamer: Rename your shacks, containers, etc.

Living in Wilds: These mods enhance the experience of living in the wilds:

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Loot Later: Adds containers that are more suited for traveling than those of this mod.
Travellers of Skyrim: Adds merchants that frequent the roads. Useful if you don't like going to cities!
NPC Bartering: Lets you trade with random NPCs
Pocket Money: With this mod NPCs carry more money. Useful in conjunction with NPC Bartering.

Town mods: These Mods revamp or add towns to Skyrim. Use the shacks provided by this mod to live in them!

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Live Anywhere: These mods allow you to live anywhere in a different way that this mod offers.

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Inspirations: This mod was inspired by these mods.

Home Construction and Decoration: The house you can build with this mod is quite expensive compared to the ones you can build with Constructible Shacks. Constructible Shacks also offers unlimited shacks whereas with this mod you can only build one player home.
Starter Tent: Inspired me to add tents to carpenters.
Beginner's Shack: This was my main inspiration considering the design of the shacks. Small and to the point.
City Shacks: This mod made me think people would probably need a small shack anywhere.


jaxonz: For letting me see his source code for map markers.
angryglock: For helping with the design of compact cooking and compact smelter.
Mattiewagg and Arron Dominion: For help with shack destruction axe.
kedty794: For pointing me in the right direction to implement dynamic navigation info using navcut boxes.
chikawowwow: For helping troubleshooting fomod.