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IMPORTANT : Works best for new games or games with towns left you have not visited yet, cause in Skyrim the named npcs gold/inventory may be forever set the 1st time you visit their area -at least waiting for cell reset did not respawn them when tested with an older char.

POCKET MONEY by mistress miaura

Ever wondered how they manage to cough up coin for their quest rewards, when "checking" their purse even the supposedly richest people only seem to carry a few coppers?
Feeling like the richest person in Skyrim after getting your 1st couple of thousand gold in a few adventures seems immersion breaking to you too? Or want to roleplay a peddler with the "Npc Bartering" mod but no one can afford your goods?

-"Common citizens" now have a random amount from 5 gold up to about 800 gold tops (the 800g = a very rare chance).

-Rich people usually carry from around 60 gold up to around 3000 gold, plus a very rare chance of more...
Should you get extremely lucky the most gold a rich vanilla npc can have would be around 7000 gold. (=Still less than an average Dragonborn ;P! )

- Poorest folks not affected. Note that some few people who donĀ“t appear so poor may have the vanilla poor list or no gold lvl list on them at all.

Just by adding more money to npcs this mod makes pickpocketing a bit harder, remember that the risk of being caught is higher the more money you try to take :D!
And a warning!! :
Even with 90% chance, the way the skill works in Skyrim, an npc with more than about 3000 gold will allways catch you if they are not sleeping. (says the Uesp wiki.) With low skill, best leave the ones with lots of gold for later- though with greater risk come greater rewards ;).

The mod makes changes to 2 leveled list: "LootCitizenPocketsRich" and "LootCitizenPocketsCommon",if you have other mods affecting these (or are unsure if you do or not) use Wrye Bash to merge lists = make a bashed patch.
And, If another mod just adds more npcs with those lvl lists in their inventory, you get more people with added money, obviously :)


Made this for myself after starting a new game with the "npc bartering" mod by Volek that lets you trade with allmost any npc, that mod, here : is highly recommended for trader roleplaying goodness.
there is a "Khajiit speak" version of Npc bartering by mjharper especially for khajiit players, as a modular part of "Khajiit Speak" mod, here :