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Live Anywhere:
Constructible Shacks

Table of Contents:

[2]Shack Purchase Guide
[5]Console Commands
[8]Recommended Mods



This mod allows you to build small shacks anywhere you like and use them
as your player home. You can build as many shacks as you want.

- Wished you could buy a player home right when you start the game and
just go adventuring without following the main quest?
- Want to live in the wilds?
- Don't want to follow some quests just so they let you buy a home in
their town?
- Want to settle in one of the cities but don't want to pay the high
price of the full blown homes?
- Tired of waiting for a compatibility patch for your player house and
town overhaul mod?
- Wished you could live in one of the mod added towns but it has no
player homes?

This mod addresses all of them! Get a shack early on in the game and
build it absolutely anywhere you want, even in dungeons!


There are 2 main downloads, one for Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer,
and another one for manual installing. When installing choose a version
of the mod depending on location compatibility (view the compatibility
section for more info) and run the game.

The first time you run the game with the mod installed, you will be
asked a few questions, these are related to compatibility with
frostfall, immersion, upgrading from previous version, and a cheat
spell. This in-game set up wizard allows you to play different
variations of this mod in different playthroughs without having to
install different versions of the mod. The options you choose are saved
in your save file.


After finishing the very first quest of the game, you will be outside
Helgen. Moving down the road a little bit you will find the carpenter's
shack. Under his working table is a chest in which you will find your
starter home for free, as well as "Move Spell". On the table you will
find a book called "Shack Purchase Guide" and a "Shack Destruction Axe".
The guide will help you in purchasing goods from the carpenter and
building them, and has information about nearly all objects and their
usage. If you're mid game you can find a carpenter in Whiterun. Other
carpenters sell the Shack Purchase Guide for a low price.


Once you have your shack in your inventory, find a nice place where you
would want to build your shack. Take care not to build the shack in a
places where NPCs often frequent, like on roads. Stand where you want
the center of the shack to be, and face the direction you want the door
to open. Save the game and then drop your shack from the inventory. You
will be asked several questions and then your shack will be built at the
spot you were standing. Use the Shack Purchase Guide (either in the
readme file or the in game version) for detailed information of the
building process.


Carpenters are special merchants who sell shacks and related goods. One
of them is outside Helgen right when you exit the cave at the beginning
of the game, another is in Warmaidens in Whiterun, and there are also
other carpenters in other areas in Skyrim. Check the "Workarounds"
section for their location if you don't want to discover them on your

These carpenters also double as "starter merchants" so they sell a
variety of items needed for starting the game using mods such as
Frostfall and iNeed. This means visiting the carpenter in Helgen is all
you need to start your adventures on your own without going into the
quests. They also carry a lot of gold and buy anything like the general
goods merchants.


In addition to shacks, the carpenters also sell a variety of
complementary items. These include the following:

Planks: A piece of plank to build other stuff on. Can be placed at a
Stairs: To access the shacks and planks that you have built at a height.
Home Furniture: Things to clutter your shack or any other player home
with. Includes the likes of chairs, tables, cupboards, etc.
Crafting Stations: Includes the game's crafting stations such as
Workbench, Alchemy table, etc. Also available are compact version of
cooking pots and compact smelters.
Chests: Non respawning chests in case you don't want a full blown shack
to call a place home. Chests can be marked on the map.
Barrels: Like chests but cheaper and lighter. However you can only store
300 units of weight in barrels.
Tents: In case you think living in wilds is better done in a tent than a
shack. Tents can be marked on the map as well.
Campfires: Campfires to make camp. These are compatible with Frostfall.
Candle Stands: To make some dark places brighter.

Burrows and Basements:

Burrows are very small excavations that can be used as temporary
shelter, while basements are larger underground dwellings more suited
for living. These can be used if you want to have a player home in an
area that is too crowded for shacks.

Placing these in wrong locations can be immersion breaking, (like
building a basement on top of a house) so when you first install the
game, you can choose to not have them included in your game. It is your
own responsibility to not break your own game's immersion if you choose
to have these in your game.


[2]Shack Purchase Guide

Shacks come in regular and large varieties. For each there are two types
of shacks available for purchase: Regular shacks and sheltered shacks.
Sheltered shacks do not let the rain and snow come through, however they
lack the window views of the regular shacks.

Each type comes in 3 different varieties: Empty, Basic, and Full.

Empty Shacks are just that, empty. You need to purchase furniture
separately and place them anywhere you want in your shack. Basic Shacks
contain a bed and a chest. Full ones also contain a cooking pot, a
barrel, and an End Table. Buying these packs is cheaper than buying
these items separately, and they are already placed in your shack so it
won't take extra time adjusting the furniture positions.

Building your shack:

Once you have purchased your shack, you can view it in your inventory in
the misc category. Go where you want to build your shack. Take care not
to build the shack in a places where NPCs often frequent, like on roads.
Stand where you want the center of the shack to be, and face the
direction you want the door to open.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to create a save file before building your
shack, once you shack is built it can not be dismantled again.

Now go into your inventory and drop the shack to the ground. This will
start a wizard asking you few questions about the way you want your
shack to be built.

1- In general, what is the weather like here?
Choose how snowy the area you're building your shack is. This will
affect how much snow is piled on your shack.

2- In relation to where you're standing now, the center of the shack's
floor should be:
If you are standing at the highest elevation nearby and want your shack
to be level at your feet, choose that option. Otherwise choose "At a
higher elevation". This will build your shack at an elevation higher
than your feet, and is useful in uneven areas and when you want to build
several stories.

3- On what type of ground are you building this structure?
From left to right, Flat to slope, this affects how high your shack
should be placed in order to not collide with the ground. If you choose
Bumpy or Uneven, the shack will also have a small stairs.

4- How many stories will your building be elevated above the ground?
If you want to build your shack on top of something, like on top of
another shack, choose one of the options. If you're building your shack
level at your feet, but parts of the shack would be suspended above
ground, you need to select the proper elevation here in order to ensure
you have the necessary pillars.

5- Choose a window type for your shack:
Choose if you want your shack to have a window and how large the window
should be. Not available for the sheltered versions.

6- On which side should the door be to you? (large shacks only)
Large shacks are two times larger than regular shacks. Imagine yourself
at the center of the shack, the door will either be on your left or on
your right. Choose your preference.

7- Would you like to mark this location on the map?
This option is available for shacks, tents, and chests. Choose if you
want to mark the location on the map. The marks are limited so only mark
the ones you think you may not find later on. If you're placing a chest
in an exterior you can also choose if you want to be able to fast travel
to said chest. Shack and tent markers are all fast travel-able. The
markers won't work if you're building inside an interior.

Shack Extensions:


Building planks shares the same process as building shacks. These planks
are cheap and light, and can be used to create even ground on top of
uneven grounds to place your furniture on. They can also be used to
build your shack more than 3 stories high. To do so build your plank 3
stories high, and build your shack on top of the planks. You can use
several planks to build at even higher altitudes.


If your shack is too high, you need separate stairs to access it. If
you're planning on building your shack at higher elevations, you must
purchase as many as stairs as you need beforehand. Each stairs covers
roughly half a story. When building your shack at a height is finished,
you will be inside the shack. Move to the door, then select stairs and
drop one on the ground. This will ask you which way you want the stairs
to go. Just choose which ever way that is free for the stairs to go.
Once built, move to the bottom of the stairs, and if you're still above
ground build another stairs. Remember that the stairs should always be
placed when your standing where the top of the stairs would be.

There are also spiral stairs available for purchase. For these you need
to have as many stairs as you need in your inventory, and choose how
many stairs you want from the menu and it will automatically build as
many stairs as you select as long as you have them in your inventory.
Each spiral stair covers roughly 1.5 stories, and they're better suited
for accessing very high structures.


Several different furniture and crafting stations are available from the
carpenters. In order to use them, purchase one, go where you want to
place your furniture, face the way you want it to face, create a save
file, and drop the item from your inventory. Use the third person view
and walk toggle to put them with more precision.

Burrows and Basements:

These can be enabled when you first install the mod, and each comes in
Empty, Basic, and Full varieties. Burrows are very small excavations
that can be used as temporary shelter, while basements are larger
underground dwellings more suited for living. These can be used if you
want to have a player home in an area that is too crowded for shacks.
Burrows are more suited for the wilds while Basements make more sense in
towns and cities.

After purchasing one, go to where you want to build your burrow or cave,
make a save, and drop your item from your inventory.

Take extra care to make these where they would make sense. For instance
you can't excavate a cave on top of another building. While this will
still work, it will break the game's immersion for you, and that's why
it's not available unless you choose to when you install the mod. You
can still access these using the master spell later on in the game if
you chose not to have them.

Shack Tools:

These tools allow you to revise the items you've already built:

Shack Destruction Axe:

Allows you to destroy shacks or any other furniture you have built. To
use, move to the object you want to destroy and swing your axe at it. In
case of shacks and larger structures, swing the axe at the center of the
structure. If you cant select it move closer to the center of the
structure until you can. Once selected, a notification message will
inform you of the object you have selected, and you have the option to
destroy it. Note that this axe is only used to destroy shack items and
does no damage to NPCs.

Move Shack Items Spell:

Works the same as destruction axe. You move close to an object or to the
center of the shack, and use the spell. If the item can be moved, the
game will tell you and you can select how you want to move the object.
"Push forward" and "pull backwards" move the item in relation to the
direction you're facing, while "push down" and "pull up" move it on the
vertical axis, and rotate functions allow you to rotate an item. You can
use this spell to fine-tune the placement of your objects. However be
careful that some objects (like shacks) are built at the spot and can
not be moved using this spell. If you have built an unmovable object at
a bad position you have to reload your save game and build it again.

Master Spell:

The master spell can be acquired the first time you install this mod,
and also using console commands. This spell allows you to move, pick up,
or destroy any shack items without any limits, however this also means
that it is not a lore friendly tool and its functionalities can be
immersion breaking and unbalanced in terms of gameplay. It functions as
a sort of cheat and should not be used in regular playthroughs.

In addition to moving and picking all object up, this spell also can be
used to acquire any item, including items that are not available for
purchase and are only available through this spell. Choosing "forget
spell" from the master spell menu will turn it back into a spelltome
that you can safely store away. Another feature is a proxy container
which can help you in organizing your loot.

Acquiring the master spell using console commands:

open up your console using tilde (~) (the button next to "1") and type:

help "CShacks Master Spell"

this will give you a code for the spell. Then type:


replacing with the code you found earlier.

Master Spell Items:

Some items can only be acquired using the master spell. The reason for
this is that using these items breaks the immersion in one way or
another, and therefore should not be used in typical playthroughs. These
items are:

Starter Carpenter: This places a carpenter at your current location, and
is meant to be used with alternate start mods. Go to a place where you
think it makes sense for a carpenter to live, and drop the kit. The
carpenter will spawn at this location and sell you a low priced starter
kit amongst other goods.

Wall lamp: A candle fixed on a wall. To use, use tcl command and move
yourself to the wall. Look sideways of the wall in first person mode and
move until the wall is exactly on the middle of the screen. Then face
the room and drop the kit.

Chandelier: Chandeliers are much more brighter than wall lamps or candle
stands, but they are only suitable for interiors. Do not place them on
exteriors as it is likely the hanging rope will come out from the other
side. To place use the tcl command to float above the ground, go into
first person mode and move to where you want to place the chandelier and
drop the kit.

Bridge: Bridges to access places normally out of reach. These don't have
built in AI navigation info and therefore can not be used by NPCs. If
you have followers instruct them to wait before going across a bridge.

Container Transferor: This item can be used to transfer all contents of
a container directly to another container, and can be helpful for loot
and follower organization. To use, put the container trasferor in a
container and select it as the origin container from the menu. Then take
it out and put it in the container you want to transfer the items to,
and select the option accordingly. Example: To swap all the contents of
two containers between each other, first use the container trasferor to
move all the content from the first container to the proxy container.
Then use it again to move everything from the 2nd container to the
first, and finally move everything from the proxy container to the
second container.

Master Spell: Another copy of this spelltome.

Shack (No Navbox): This is a Full shack, it will always be placed
leveled at your feet, and will always have stairs enough for one story
elevations. It's also much lighter and should be used if you don't want
immersion and just want to create a shack fast. Furthermore this shack
does not have AI navigation embedded so it might be used in certain
situations when it's preferred for NPCs to not react to the shacks. Note
that these shacks don't have any information embedded in them so they
can only be destroyed using the "Shack v1 Destruction Kit". (For more
info, view the "Upgrading" section in the readme file)



I have done as much as I could to make this mod bug-free. My mod runs
perfect for the most part, however there are some slight issues that may
occur that have to do with Skyrim's engine and I can't do anything about
them. Here are some workarounds if you encountered any of these issues:

IMPORTANT: Always make a hard save before building anything. Once you've
built it you can't disassemble it, and if you were positioned wrong or
chose the wrong options, or something went wrong with the building
script, you have to load the save file.

Problem: Dropping the shacks or furniture does nothing.
Cause: Skyrim's scripting engine is too busy.
Workaround: Pick the item up and drop it again.

Problem: You get a "Can't build while in combat" message even when
you're not in combat.
Cause: The game for some reason thinks you are in combat. Some NPC is
chasing you from far away etc.
Workaround: Wait a while, go to a different location, find the NPC that
has aggro on you and kill it, etc.

Problem: Some plant, tree, or rock is clipping through the shack.
Cause: Things generally clip through in Skyrim if you placed them inside
each other.
Workaround: Either load the save and build your shack somewhere else, or
use console commands to disable the clipping object if it's not
important. (more info in console commands section)

Problem: Player collides with invisible objects inside the shack.
Cause: This is a problem with Skyrim's engine not updating the location
of the objects' collision data
Workaround: Go to another interior place. Save the game. Quit Skyrim.
Run Skyrim again and the issue should be fixed. This issue will
generally be fixed on its own and only happens once, so you don't have
to keep quitting Skyrim.

Problem: There are two of the same object inside the shack, and one of
them is right in the middle.
Cause: This happens very rarely and seems to be an issue with Skyrim's
Workaround: Reload your save and build your shack again. This issue
happens rarely and usually won't happen twice.

Problem: After building a shack at a height, you fell from the shack
before making the stairs and can't get back into the shack to make them.
Cause: You were careless.
Workaround: You have several options:
-Load your save file, build the shack again, and be careful not to fall.
-If your shack was marked in the map, fast travel to the marker.
-Use console commands to fly back into the shack. (more info in console
commands section)

Problem: Furniture placed in the wilds is either too much in the ground
or floating in air.
Cause: Skyrim's furniture are only made to be used on flat surfaces, and
the surfaces in the wilds are mostly not flat.
Workaround: You have several options:
-Find a more flat surface to place your furniture.
-Use a plank to create a flat surface in the wilds.
-Use the "Move Shack Items" spell to either pull up or push down an
object until it looks right.
-Use console commands to tilt your furniture until it looks right. (more
info in console commands section)

Problem: After placing a furniture in an interior, the player is
transported into a void.
Cause: You were facing the wall when you placed your furniture. You
should be facing the room.
Workaround: Load the save file and place your furniture when facing the

Problem: Marking a new shack on the map causes the previous markers to
Cause: The total number of map markers are limited. You can mark up to
25 shacks, 10 tents, 16 chests with fast travel and 16 chests without
fast travel.
Workaround: Only mark the locations you think are necessary to be

Problem: NPCs act weirdly close to shacks or shack furniture.
Cause: In version 2, almost all items contain navigation information
that tells the NPCs how to react to them. In some cases the AI decides
to completely avoid the structure by taking a detour.
Workaround: You have several options:
-Make sure you don't place the shacks in the middle of the roads or
other places NPCs use as main transport routes.
-Use the "Master Spell" to move the structure slightly until the NPCs
see enough space to move about. (Use console commands to acquire
"cshacks master tome" if you don't have it.)
-You can try building your shack high up in the air so the NPCs can walk
under it.
-Use the "Burrows and Basements" instead of the shacks. These will only
add a trapdoor to the world that the NPCs can just walk over easily.

Problem: NPCs act weirdly close to stairs.
Cause: For regular stairs, the AI navigation info can not tell the NPCs
the difference between the top and the bottom of the stairs, meaning the
NPCs might think the stairs are built the other way around. As for
spiral stairs, there is no way to tell NPCs how to use them dynamically.
Workaround: Avoid building your shacks at heights if you want them to be
accessible to your followers.

Problem: The location of the rest of the merchants is not known.
Cause: I'd prefer it if you discovered them on your own. :)
Workaround: There are 5 carpenters. One for North, South, East, West,
and Center.
North: Dawnstar, The Mortar and Pestle, second floor.
South: North of Helgen, close to where the player will be when the first
quest is done.
East: Darkwater Crossing, Goldenrock Mine, down the first corridor.
West: Karthwasten, near the entrance of Fenn's Gulch Mine.
Center: Whiterun, Warmaiden's, on your left.

Problem: The game crashes to desktop when I build a shack.
Cause: There may be several cause for crashing, but it's most likely due
to maxed out memory.
Workaround: First double check using Skyrim Performance Monitor to make
sure the cause of the crash is memory. If you're game is crashing when
the game's memory reaches around 3GB, then the cause of CTD is memory
overflow. If it is, you have have several options:
-Load your save and build your shack at a less crowded area.
-Uninstall some mods that use too much memory. (such as HD texture mods)
-Use texture compression tools such as DDSopt to compress your textures
(so they'd use less memory)
-Use "ENBoost" to increase the memory the game can use.
The memory overflow is a general Skyrim flaw and doesn't have anything
to do with this mod.



Since this mod Lets you build shacks anywhere you want, it's almost
compatible with all mods. There are some slight issues that may arise
using certain mods that I will address here:

Jaxonz Repositioner (and other object movers)

Issue: These mods were compatible (and encouraged to use) in version 1,
however in version 2 all items include AI navigation information
attached to them that these mods will not move, therefore rendering them
completely incompatible.
Workaround: From version 2 onwards, you can move all items using built
in tools such as "Move Shack Items" and "CShacks Master Spell" spells.

Follower mods

Issue: This mod is scripted so your vanilla followers will follow you
into the shacks. If you're using certain custom followers or follower
overhaul mods, they might not.
Workaround: Enter your follower's command mode (by default you have to
hold "E" while aiming at them), and instruct them to activate the shack

Economy mods

Issue: The shacks and other furniture are tweaked for vanilla Skyrim
purchase prices. There are some vanilla perks and economics mods which
make trading either easier or harder. Using the vanilla ones or mods
that make mild adjustments is ok, but using a mod to make trading
extraordinary difficult might make the shacks ridiculously expensive to
the point of being more expensive than full blown player homes or
downright impossible to acquire.
Workaround: Use console commands to acquire (or purchase) the goods.
View the console commands section for more info.

Location mods

Issue: There might be some compatibility issues with mods that alter the
same cells that are used by carpenters. I have double checked to make
sure the following mods remain compatible: Skyrim Flora Overhaul,
Lanterns of Skyrim, Expanded Towns and Cities. I have also tried to use
cells that don't seem to be important for editing by other mods to avoid
incompatibilities as much as possible.
Workarounds: If you are using a mod that does edit the same cell as the
carpenters, you can use one of the "compatibility version" of this mod
when installing. The "interior only" version removes all carpenters from
exteriors and puts them in interiors, making sure it stays compatible
with all mods that alter skyrim's exteriors. Specifically, this version
is compatible with Alternate Start's "Camping in the Woods" scenario.
Whiterun only version removes all carpenters besides the one in
Warmaiden's, Whiterun. If you have a mod that alters Warmaiden's and it
isn't compatible, use console commands to acquire the starter kit. View
the console commands section for more info.

Alternate start mods

Issue: There isn't any real issue. Just that since you don't start in
Helgen, you won't see the carpenter at the start of the game
Workaround: If you want the starter shack with your alternate start mod,
use console commands to acquire the starter kit. This kit places a
carpenter at your current location, and he sells a starter shack for a
low price. View the console commands section for more info.


Issue: The campfire burns forever and is therefore a better campfire
than those of frostfall's.
Workaround: There isn't any real workaround as I don't consider this an
issue. There are other campfires in Skyrim that burn forever, such as
those of the bandits. It always bugged me that the bandits would get to
have eternal campfires while the player had to keep adding firewoods to

However, pay attention that the campfire in this mod is inherently
different than the one from frostfall, in that the one from frostfall is
suited for traveling, while this mod's is suited for a warm player home.
The campfire offered by this mod is quite expensive, heavy, and can only
be acquired at certain locations. It doesn't make much sense to travel
with one of these instead of some firewoods, and the chances of you
wanting to return to a campfire is not much unless you want to make that
place your home.

On the other hand, this campfire fixes the issue that in frostfall, your
player homes would be considered "safe", but you wouldn't be able to
turn a place in the wilds into a safe place. As the aim of this mod is
just that, I felt that adding this campfire was rather necessary.


[5]Console Commands

Using console commands are explained in detail here:

I will explain some of them that are related to this mod briefly:

For each of these commands, you first need to open the console by
pressing the "~" key on your keyboard. (It's usually next to "1")

Disabling an object:
Click on an object with mouse. This will select the object and a number
(it's id) will be shown at the middle of the screen. After this simply
type "disable" with no quotation marks and press enter. Be careful that
some objects are larger than you think. If disabling an object was a
mistake open the console again and type "enable".

Flying back into your shack:
First make sure you have no item selected by double clicking on any
object, then type "tcl" with no quotation marks and press enter. Close
the console menu and fly back into your shack. Then open the console
menu and type tcl again.

Summoning followers:
Select a follower in console menu. Write down its id. Then whenever you
wanted to summon him/her, type "prid " with no quotation marks and
replacing with your follower's id. Press enter then type "moveto
player" with no quotation marks. Press enter.

Tilting objects:
Select an object on the console menu. Type "GetAngle X" with no
quotation marks. Write down the angle. Then type "SetAngle X value>" with no quotation marks and replacing with the new
amount you want your object to be tilted towards the X axis. Do the same
for Y axis by replacing the X with Y in the above commands.

Acquiring the master spell:

help "CShacks Master Spell"

this will give you a code for the spell in this format:
SPEL: () 'Cshacks Master Spell'

Write down the code and then type:

replacing with the code you found earlier.

Paying for items acquired with master spell:

To pay for the item, type:
player.removeitem F

replacing with a value from the following chart.

Name Price
Alchemy Table 500
Barrel 480
Basement - Basic 2200
Basement - Empty 1700
Basement - Full 2500
Basement - Large 2550
Bed 300
Bedroll 150
Campfire 150
Candle Stand 100
Cave - Basic 700
Cave - Empty 200
Cave - Full 850
Chair 50
Chest 500
Compact Cooking 250
Compact Smelting 700
Cooking 350
Crafting 650
Cupboard 600
Enchantment Table 400
End Table 530
Grindstone 200
Large Shack - Basic 3500
Large Shack - Empty 3000
Large Shack - Full 3800
Large Sheltered Shack - Basic 4000
Large Sheltered Shack - Empty 3500
Large Sheltered Shack - Full 4300
Plank 100
Shack - Basic 2000
Shack - Empty 1500
Shack - Full 2300
Sheltered Shack - Basic 2500
Sheltered Shack - Empty 2000
Sheltered Shack - Full 2800
Smelter 1000
Spiral Stairs 100
Stairs 100
Table 100
Tanning Rack 150
Tent 400
Wood Chopping 800
Workbench 200



If you have been previously using this mod's version 1 (or 1.0.1), you
have to carefully read this guide:

Jaxonz Repositioner:

This is a mod that I encouraged people to use alongside this mod in
version 1, however as of the new version, jaxonz repositioner, and other
mods that move static objects, are all incompatible. The reason for this
is that in new version the objects have embedded AI navigation
information that these mods don't move. So if you move something from
this mod using jaxonz repositioner, NPCs will think it's still where it
was before. There is a spell available from merchant called "Move Shack
Items". Use this spell to move the objects from this mod as this spell
has been scripted to move the embedded AI navigation information as

Disabling objects:

Since objects have AI navigation attached to them, you should refrain
from using the "disable" console command on them, as NPCs will think
it's still there. To destroy objects use the "Shack Destruction Axe"
available from the carpenters.

Upgrading Toolset:

When you first upgrade to version 2 and run the game, you will be asked
2 questions. One asks you if you are upgrading from version1, and the
next asks if you want the "CShacks Master Spell". You should answer yes
to both as these items are needed to make the things you have previously
purchased and built compatible with the new version.

Kits refer to objects that are either in your inventory or stored in
some container. These reside in the misc category of the inventory, and
are items that have not been built yet.

If you're upgrading from version 1, these kits will completely stop
functioning. Dropping them from your inventory will just make them

You need to write down each object, and then drop them all (making them
disappear). Once you have done that, use the Master Spell's "Get Item"
feature to reacquire their new versions.

Important note regarding interior kits: (sheltered shacks, basements,
and burrows) Your kit has an ID that is not visible to you. This ID will
not matter if you have not built any of the same type of that interior
dwelling before. (Example, it wont matter if you have a full basement
kit and you have built an empty basement before. The ID is only
important if you have built an empty basement before, and want to build
another empty basement again. Both "empty" and "basement".)

If you have built the same type of the interior before, you have to
avoid using the same ID twice as that will remove your previously built
one. You can avoid this by saving the game and testing each kit to find
your ID: Move to your previously built dwelling. Use the Master Spell's
"Get Item" feature to reacquire kits of that type one by one and build
them one by one, until one of them removes the one you had built before
in version 1. Remember the ID of the one that did and then load your
save file and avoid using the kit with that ID.

These are your regular furniture such as crafting stations.

These will work as they were before in version 2. However new items in
version 2 have navigation information embedded in them so the NPCs can
avoid bumping into them. Furthermore, the "Move Shack Items" spell and
"Shack Destruction Axe" only work with furniture placed using version 2

If you want the new features that come with version 2 furniture, first
you need to delete them and then build new ones. To delete them open
console and select the item, and then type "disable", press enter and
then type "MarkForDelete" and press enter again. (more info regarding
console commands can be found in console commands section) Once you
deleted the previous furniture, use the Master Spell to acquire new ones
and build them again.

Chests, Barrels, End Tables, etc.

Same as furniture.

Same as furniture. However before you delete your v1 containers, use the
"Container Transferor" from the Master Spell's console item section to
move all the contents of your container to Master Spell's proxy
container. (more info in "Master Spell Items" under "Shack Purchase
Guide"). Once the old container is empty, you can safely delete it and
make a new one as instructed for furniture items, and then transfer the
contents back to the container.

Open Shacks:
Non-sheltered shacks.

Same as furniture. The old ones will work, but if you want NPCs to
correctly find their way around them you need to rebuild them.

First get some chests using Master Spell's "Get Item" feature and place
them somewhere nearby. Use the container transferor to move all of the
shack container's contents to the chests.

When the game asked if you're upgrading from v1 and you answered yes,
you would get an item called "Shack v1 Destruction Kit". This kit should
be used with extra caution: Destroying version2 shacks with this will
leave the navigation info around and can cause issues. However in terms
of upgrading, it allows you to quickly get rid of your old shacks
without having to disable each shack prop one by one using console.

To use, stand in the middle of your shack and drop it from your
inventory. Select yes and it will automatically destroy all shack props
nearby. If some props were left, pick it up and then drop it again near
them. Note that if your shack is built at a height, it may be advisable
to use the "tcl" console command before dropping it to float and avoid
falling to your death afterwards.

Once you have destroyed your old shack, use the master spell to acquire
a new one, build it, and use the container transferor to move the
contents of your container back into your shack. Finally, use the master
spell to destroy the temporary containers you had built.

Sheltered Shacks:
Non-sheltered shacks.

Same as open shacks.

The interiors of the sheltered shacks have not been changed between the
two versions, so you donít need to move the contents of your containers
like the open shacks.

To destroy, simply stand at the front door, and drop the "Shack v1
Destruction Kit" from your inventory WHILE SNEAKING. The kit will find
your shack's ID and will put the corresponding kit in your inventory
before destroying the shack. Once the shack's destroyed just use the kit
that was automatically placed in your inventory to rebuild it. The
interior will be as it was before and doesnít need any updating.

Basements and Burrows:
The underground dwellings..

Since the NPC can walk over these, the only new feature is the ability
to destroy them.

There is no need to update these. If you wanted to destroy your basement
or burrow just use the console commands to disable the trap door. View
the console commands section for more info.



Q: Do I need any DLC's to use this mod?
A: No. No DLC is required. However you need to have "skse" installed.

Q: Are the interior dwellings navmeshed?
A: Yes. Bring in your followers!

Q: The Shack/furniture was not built correctly, there are parts missing!
A: This happens when skyrim's scripting engine is busy. Load a save
game, wait a while, and then try building again.

Q: Is this compatible with real shelter?
A: No. The regular shacks let rain and snow in. However the sheltered
ones don't, and these are specifically made with different visuals. (The
regular shacks have broken rooftops, the sheltered ones have closed off
roofs) They are also different in terms of weight and price. This
implementation was chosen because it's more immersive, requires less
scripting, and is compatible with all weather mods.

Q: Is this compatible with the mod "Helgen Reborn"?
A: I'm not sure, I haven't played through the quest. This mod does
change some exterior near helgen, so if you want to be sure use the
interior only compatibility version when installing. That version is
definitely compatible.

Q: Can you make the shacks and furniture craftable?
A: I decided not to make these craftable for several reasons.

One is gameplay concerns, regarding how much vanilla houses and
furnishings cost, and balancing them out with the shacks. If the shacks
and related furniture are craftable, they almost certainly will be
ridiculously cheap to build.

2nd, is the fact that there aren't enough vanilla materials to build the
shacks from. There are some interesting items available in the
Hearthfire DLC, but I didn't want to make Hearthfire mandatory to play
this mod.

3rd: The interior buildings are limited, and therefore it isn't possible
to just simply make them craftable as they are unique items.

Immersion-wise: I never considered it a problem. The player might be an
adventurer who has learned to build his own armor. But does he know how
to build shacks? Not necessarily. The player is a weaponsmith, not a
carpenter. He does learn carpentry in the Hearthfire expansion, but that
is not a necessary expansion and many people don't have it.

Q: Can you make the item placement the same as frostfall or jaxonz
A: No. There is no need for that. The current placement system is very
precise if you use the third person camera, and you can use the "Move
Shack Items" spell to fine tune their placement. I prefer this method to
frostfall's wonky placement and jaxonz's method uses keyboard shortcuts
which I don't want to use.

Q: Can you make big houses using this mod?
A: No. The large shacks are the largest thing you can build. If you want
to build larger buildings use the "Home Construction and Decoration"

Q: When I want to build something, they just hang in the air or drop on
the ground instead of being actually built. How can I fix this?
A: Pick it up and drop it again, this happens when skyrim's scripting
engine is too busy. If it kept happening, you may have deleted the
script files by accident, try re-installing this mod and load a save
from before the mod was installed.

Q: My follower doesn't come inside the dwelling.
A: If your dwelling has a door (like sheltered shacks) enter command
mode and order them to activate the door. As for shacks built at a
height, currently followers are not able to access shacks through spiral
stairs. Multiple regular stairs also confuse the AI to the extent that
they just cant use them usually. (However regular stairs do have AI info
so feel free to experiment with them)

Q: The current Shack kits can only be built up to 3 levels high, how can
I build ones at higher heights?
A: You can make it higher using planks. Build a plank 3 levels high,
then build your shack on top of the plank. You can keep building planks
on top of planks until you are at the height you desire.

Q: Can I name the shacks?
A: It isn't a built in feature, however it's possible to achieve this
using the mods "jaxonz Renamer" and "Multiple Custom Markers with Notes"

Q: Do the carpenters ever restock?
A: Yes. The carpenters use skyrim's basic merchant system and restock
once every few days. If there are any anomalies with the merchants it's
most likely some other mod that's modifying skyrim's merchant system.

Q: The carpenters don't sell basements and burrows.
A: Either your game is not running the scripts correctly, or you have
not chose to include them when you installed the mod. Try reinstalling
and load a save from before you installed this mod.

Q: Are all crafting stations available?
A: Yes, all of them are available but a specific carpenter might not be
selling all of them at the same time. Either wait until he restocks, or
seek another carpenter and he might have what you're looking for.

Q: Can you build custom shacks by putting in walls where you want?
A: It is actually possible to code something like that but is not
currently within the scope this mod.

Q: Grass is clipping inside shacks and I can't disable them. How to fix
A: That's how Skyrim's engine handles grass, it just spawns them on
certain textures, so they're not objects to be disabled. You can tone
down your grass in skyrim's ini settings, or build your shacks at some
elevation, ie choose uneven terrain when you're building them. You can
also place the planks at an elevation, and put your furniture on the

Q: I returned to one of my 3 shacks, which is a sheltered shack, and the
door was gone.
A: This happens when a sheltered shack with the same id is rebuilt. If
you are using console commands, you should use a different code for each
new shack you build. If using master spell, refrain from building shacks
with the same ID twice. This will not happen in regular playthroughs.

Q: I'm using a "Realistic Carry Weight" mod and am overencumbered when I
purchase a shack.
A: Shacks are heavy. That's realism for you. Here are some suggestions:
1-Have one of your followers carry it for you.
2-Install the "Convenient Horses" mod and put it in your horse's
3-If you don't mind "magic", use the "Conjurable Chest and Crafting
Furniture Spells" to conjure a chest and put the shack in it, then go to
wherever you want to go to build the shack, wait a day and conjure the
chest again to get your shack.


[8]Recommended Mods

Enhancements: These mods expand upon the functions of this mod and
provide greater functionality:

Home Construction and Decoration: Lets you build a full blown house
anywhere you like. Also adds a variety of furniture.
Multiple Custom Markers with Notes: Lets you mark a place on the map.
Constructible Shacks allows you to mark shacks, tents, and chests. If
you want to mark something else use this mod. You can also use this mod
to mark your shacks with unique names on the map.
Jaxonz Renamer: Rename your shacks, containers, etc.

Living in Wilds: These mods enhance the experience of living in the

Alternate Start - Live Another Life: Lets you start the game somewhere
else than Helgen.
Frostfall: Revamps the traveling system for realism, immersion, and role
Hunterborn: Revamps the hunting system for realism, immersion, and role
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim: Adds shelters to different parts of skyrim.
Craftable and Placeable Bedrolls: Offers bedrolls that are more suited
for travelling than the ones from this mod.
Loot Later: Adds containers that are more suited for traveling than
those of this mod.
Travellers of Skyrim: Adds merchants that frequent the roads. Useful if
you don't like going to cities!
NPC Bartering: Lets you trade with random NPCs
Pocket Money: With this mod NPCs carry more money. Useful in conjunction
with NPC Bartering.

Town mods: These Mods revamp or add towns to Skyrim. Use the shacks
provided by this mod to live in them!

Expanded Towns and Cities: Revamps the vanilla Towns.
Legendary Cities - Tes Arena: Adds cities from the first elder scrolls
game to Skyrim.
Forgotten Settlements: Adds some lore friendly settlements, villages,
and cities.

Live Anywhere: These mods allow you to live anywhere in a different way
that this mod offers.

Dynamic Things: Allows you to turn any container into a safe storage.
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger: Live anywhere in a portable camp.
Gypsy Eyes Caravan: Live anywhere in a caravan.
Airship - Dev Aveza: Live anywhere in an airship.

Inspirations: This mod was inspired by these mods.

Home Construction and Decoration: The house you can build with this mod
is quite expensive compared to the ones you can build with Constructible
Shacks. Constructible Shacks also offers unlimited shacks whereas with
this mod you can only build one player home.
Starter Tent: Inspired me to add tents to carpenters.
Beginner's Shack: This was my main inspiration considering the design of
the shacks. Small and to the point.
City Shacks: This mod made me think people would probably need a small
shack anywhere.