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    Hey people,
    for all intents and purposes, consider this mod, and all my other mods, "done".
    If you want a tiny bit more to read, take this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/51061/?.
    Goodbye and have fun
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    Installation video. Watch if you got issues.

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    In depth documentation can be found in the optional download section in the Files tab.

    Support/Info links:
    *Supported mods: List of mods covered by PerMa and PCaPP.
    *PerMa Translation table
    *XML tweaks video: Changing PaMa Language, Active Modules, Removing weapon type from weapon name.
    *Support Requests: Please put all requests to have a mod supported here, it can easily become lost in the main comments section.

    *PerMa Compatibility and PaMa Patches (PCaPP): Main place for patches and XML updates.
    *Attack Speed Mod: Helps control attack speed changes made by mods.
    *Nock to Tip patch
    *Unique Uniques patch
    *Undeath - PerMa Compatibility Patch

    Tweak/Extension mods:
    *Defluffing PerMa: Changes perk descriptions, adding detailed information.
    *PerMa Extended Perk Descriptions: Changes perk descriptions, adding detailed information while keeping the fluffy feel.
    *PerMa Weaponry Fillout: Adds several missing weapons for most materials.
    *Shouts Redragonized: Modifies existing shouts, making them more balanced for PerMa.
    *PerMa Headless(or Helmetless) Warrior: Makes perks that require full set to work without a helmet.
    *PerMa Perk Adjustments
    *PerMa SoT & SOT_USKP patches
    *Spells and Lockpicking Restrictions - PerMa
    *SkyRe Artifacts: Adjusts artifacts in the same way SkyRe did.
    *Perma Patches and Tweaks: Makes Gold and Lockpicks weightless.
    *Lethargy - Stamina Oriented Changes for PerMa
    *ASIS Improved inis If you use ASIS and PerMa you will need the inis from here.
    *SUM 1.3
    *PerMa slower skill leveling: Alternate uncapper ini.
    *Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux - Perma Patch
    *Scroll And Quill - Adds a few recipes and animations to scroll crafting.
    *Keyword Check - MCM-based mod to display weapon categorization in game.
    *PermArchery - expansion mod for PerMa's Ranged Weaponry tree.
    *Perkus Maximus Arrow Tweeks
    *Perkus Maximus - remove claws - Removes the claw weapons.

    *Perma Español
    *PerMa Russian

    Legacy patches/Tweaks:
    *Useful Spell Descriptions for PerMa: Adds scaling damage descriptions to all scaling spells. Merged into 1.1.
    *PerMa Weapon Models Fix: Fix for some weapon models showing wrong weapon. Merged into 1.1.
    *Audio Overhaul for Skyrim: Has an updated script to correct looping audio after a sneak attack with a destruction spell, works for all PerMa users, AOS not required for the fix. fixed in 1.2
    *xMAWARCombatLogic Quick fix: included in 1.2
    *PerMa 1.2 Dexterity Fix: Install after or in-place-of the Lockpicking fix. Merged into 1.3
    *Better Skeleton - Dwarven - and Mook Minions - Improves AI and increases variety among PerMa's custom minions. Merged into PerMa 1.4.1

    *Dual Sheath Redux for Perkus Maximus - DSR has a full PerMa pack.

    Patchus Maximus, Java and you

    Make sure Java is up to date.
    Patchus Maximus - Contains info on setting up, running and troubleshooting Patchus Maximus (PaMa).


    *Adding new mods that add Weapons and Armor which require new variants to be made can cause PaMa to push other items back in the patch order, which can change their FormID. This will remove the existing items from the save, if the item is equipped to you in the save it will cause the save to fail to load. To avoid this make sure to have unequipped items that were created by PaMa before re-patching.

    *We know about the BufferUnderflowException and are trying to figure out why it is showing up so often since the update. A BufferUnderflowException error occurs when the buffer limit is reached. 32bit systems and MO users have a much lower limit than 64bit non-MO users. There is no special fix for it.

    Non-English Users

    The following is by Estebanium.
    The post was to large for the sticky, moved to the PerMa wikia.
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    I am a sticky post.

    Raulfin and Tascani handle compatibility patches and XML updates for PaMa. Link to their page

    Update your Java. This has a huge effect on patching time.

    - This mod is large. You need to read the description. No excuses.

    - Yes, the perk descriptions are fluffy. This mod adds in-game books with documentation. Go use it.

    - Full description (without fluff) available under "Optional Downloads"

    - Yes, a few textures are unfinished. My art guy is working on it, and they will be replaced in time. PerMa has been in development for so long that I didn't feel like delaying it any longer just for that.

    Yours truly
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    I am experiecing a bug for some time: my stamina randomly drains (or not when it should be, like when I am running), and keeps drain even if I stay stationary, and it stops draining if I equip or unequip something, and equip/unequip something updates my speed, because it not updates itself with the percentage of stamina.
    Does anyone know how to fix this, or at least some attemps to do?
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    One of the most complex to set up yet rewarding mods out there. Worth the effort of getting it to work with your load order.
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    Is there a way to disable some of the modifications this mod alters in the game? For example, the gold weight and the experience while using the tanning rack/smelter?

    I'm only asking because the experience-while-tanning conflicts with the Elisdriel house mod, and upon entering the house, the game crashes (and it has been confirmed that the tanning-experience is the cause of the CTD). I love both mods and I don't want to disable either to enjoy my game.
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    I have to say I don't like the way you're handling the enchanting perk.
    You're dropping around with the whole tree with "enchantment is 4% stronger", to more like force someone, to skill the whole tree, to reach a somewhat adequate enchanting level on items.
    Also, I can't find any place to use scrolls for skilling.. Not even in Dragonreach. Seems pretty unfinished.
    How can I get rid of this enchantment tree?
    I think I can remember the SkyRe one and he was good.
    Also your smithing perk warforged, for "way stronger" gear, what can't be enchanted. This "way stronger" is 20 points armors on a armor with 230 points defense. Thats a joke. I never would do that ever, guess noone else eather. But to ensure someone maybe would do that, you gave enchanting like the super nerf ban hammer.
    Atm, I've put 8 skill points into the enchanting tree on a tree-level of 80 and i can't even reach enchant quality of random stuff i find in the world.
    Not even that, but you gave a second nerf ban hammer to double enchants. you've put it somewhere into the middle, nerfed it to 60% each enchant. Weapon enchants alrdy do have a nerf, reducing their loads drastically when double enchanted. Your mod makes it useless to double enchant a weapon. With a black soul gem, i can enchant 8 points life and stamina steal for 47 hits. WOW, that's useless. But hey, i can reduce it to stealing 1 life/stamina for 77 uses. Thats like fighting 3 bandits and the weapon as to be refilled.

    I rly do like your mod at a certain way, but it's complete unfinished on many points :(
    Especially the conjuring tree. You're half of your playtime occupied to look up for your conjured creatures, trying to get em back when going through a loading screen. Skeletons for example, would be complete useless without another mod called "Truly undead". Because they're extremly weak.
    Where i fall into another point your mod does a wrong job. (in my opinion)
    The player overall is brutally weak, while even on lowest difficulty, any bandit will kill you with 3 hits even wearing 500 armor. Onhitting you always when wearing less. Playing on legendary is most over impossible, every simple bandit is a bossfight, 1 hit and you're dead, while you just tickle him with a fully upgraded and enchanted weapon, because you rolled a nerf ban hammer over smithing and enchanting. A legendary weapon upgrade does 9 points, from 29 to 38. That's a joke too.
    I reinstalled your mod without the "combat" plugin. Everything, rly everything is a lot better now, including the games balancing. + The char doesn't stop running anymore when I'm at half stamina and is like crawling when on 1/4 stamina. In combinationi with a disease, it gets complete unplayable.
    Also, luckely there is a option in CompleteCraftingOverhaulRemade, to up the enchanting by 50%. With this option, enchanted items get on a somewhat adequat level.

    But now, there is a new problem. I skilled your own made "dragon sigil" perk point, the last one for the enchanting area. To be honest, i just skilled it for the +10% enchant strength. What your perk does sounds more like complete unneeded and planking around. I never would use a dragon sould for a 10 minute whatever it is. Because those "10 minutes" are like 2 minute in real time, because you somehow played around with the timescale of cooldowns too.
    If i take a 5min lasting potion, it truely lasts for 1 minute. Why, rly why you do that?
    Back to the problem. Whenever i load into the game i get those dragon sigils put into my stash (and they have weight!) even i alrdy enchanted them.
    Reddit says it's a bug and someone is working to fix it, that's 4 years ago.

    I know this sounds like I'm ranting over your mod, but i just want to give a reply of my experiances with your mod and sadly, it's more bad then good.
    But more sadly, your mod is the only where i can spawn skeletons to fight for me, so i have no choice.
    You even took out the 1h weapon + spell enhancement perk points.

    Overall your mod is like, you sticked your fingers into everything possible, just to had your fingers sticked into, even if no reason is given, but you didn't thought-out it. It feels like playing Fallout 76 at the first day and i have to wonder myself, if you have ever played your mod yourself.
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      he created the mod that he wanted not what someone else wants
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    Hey! I really love this overhaul, so thanks! But I have a question: is there any way to reduce the amount of traps in the world? It would be fine if not that every single bandit has around 3-5 units of each of the different traps there are in game, making fighting against them nearly impossible with difficulty changes and different builds.
    Im using aswell OBIS, if that can affect in any way.
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    I went through the rigmarole of setting up, patching and installing this, but couldn't bring myself to use it. It has too many flaws for me to recommend it.
    The armor ratings are incredibly unbalanced (for instance, Iron Armor is twice as strong as Steel Plate Armor and even Daedric), and some armor sets even have an Armor Rating of 0. Just as an example.
    Just stick to Ordinator and Enai's gameplay mods. They're far more compatible and less heavy on script load than this one.
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    Will this play nice with Ordinator so long as I run the Skyproc patcher? Thanks in advance ^^
    1. RagamuffinSkullman
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      No. They're both incompatible, since they overhaul the same perk trees.
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    I know that that this is a question that has probably already been asked, but is there a mod that removes the fortify constitution enchantment or just adds in the alchemy\smithing\enchanting potions\enchantments back into the game?
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    Your skyproc patcher is useless it cuts me off at 71 mods saying it doesn't have enough heap space and the bat files don't help at all.
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    Hi people !

    So I have a rather unusual problem. I have played SkyRE before and now installed PerMa. I started a new game and I wanted to play mage with. I leveled up and wanted to spend some points to conjuration, BUT: it appears that I have the old conjuration tree from SkyRe. Why do i know that? 1st the desriptions are not fluff and 2nd i just checked the video of Brodual to see how it should look. Mine doesnt. Well Fuck. Any ideas guys? I tried reinstalling it and it didnt work. I also dont have any SkyRe modules.
    But so far i like this MOD haha.
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      Are you using mod organizer?
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      Did you run the patch program? If you run it correctly you will have an esp named PatchusMaximus at the bottom of your load order. Every time you add or remove a mod you need to erase this and make a new patch.