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Attack Speed Fix

Requires SKSE 1.7.3 or higher
Requires SkyUI 5.1 or higher

Attack Speed Fix is a framework that corrects a bug in vanilla Skyrim. It allows attack speed effects to be stacked properly and makes attack speed debuffs possible. In addition, versions 3.0 and later provide a MCM that lets you set the base attack speed for yourself and for NPCs. Combat too fast or too slow? Now you can fight at the speed you've always wanted.

More About the Fix


Substitute List
You don't need ASF if you have installed one of the following mods, as they contain their own version of the fix. However you may still want ASF for the ability to set your own base attack speeds.

Skyrim Redone
Perkus Maximus
SPERG (fixes Player only)
TheThirdRace Skill Overhaul
Vigor - Combat and Injuries
Better Vampires (only if vampire)

Which Version?
The full-featured version is the latest version. However there are some people who want to minimize scripts and/or dependencies in their game. In the ASM 2.2 Races version there are no active scripts. The spell is simply added to all vanilla races. This version also does not require SKSE or SkyUI. However this version doesn't fix custom races and doesn't allow you to set your own base attack speeds. It will also conflict with mods that edit the vanilla races.

Mod Organizer or NMM are the recommended installation methods. However if you want to install manually, simply extract the archive to your Data folder.

This mod has soft incompatibilities with the mods on the Substitute List because they do the same thing. By soft incompatibilities I mean that they are easily fixable. Most of these mods allow you to turn their attack speed fix off in their MCM.

This mod will have hard incompatibilities with any mod that modifies attack speed using the old vanilla method. If you notice some unexpectedly fast attacks, and can identify which mod is using the old method, you should first contact the mod author and ask them to update their mod based on the ASF guide in the downloads section. I'd also like to know about it so I can add it to my list of hard incompatibilities.

If the mod author doesn't fix it, you can fix the incompatibility yourself in TES5Edit or the Creation Kit by finding attack speed modifiers with a value greater than 1, and subtracting 1 from those modifiers. I will NOT be making patches for other people's mods.

Hard Incompatibilities
The following mods are not compatible with ASF because they use the vanilla method of modifying attack speed. These mods are also incompatible with all other mods that modify attack speed for the same reason.

Syynxs Perky

Known Issues
- If you change NPC base attack speeds you will have to change location before those changes take effect. The easiest way to do this is to enter or exit an interior. This only needs to be done once each time you change NPC attack speed. For most people this means once per character.
- The game engine interprets both zero and negative attack speed values as normal attack speed, so if you debuff a character too much, the debuffs will appear to have no effect. I have not found away to fix this with just ASF's framework

Delete the following files from your Skyrim Data folder:
Attack Speed Fix.esp
Attack Speed Fix.bsa

Delete these older/optional files if present:
atkspdmod - Races.esp

How It Works
ASF simply corrects the base attack speed value to be 1.0 for the player and all NPCs, and adjusts the perks that modify attack speed to add 1-x, where x is the previous value, to compensate for this change. To distribute this effect to NPCs in the Main Version, the player gets an invisible cloak that applies it to surrounding NPCs. There is very minimal scripting to achieve this. In particular, there are no continuous polling scripts. In the older 2.2 Races version the spell is simply added to all vanilla races.

Check out the ASF guide in the downloads section. It would also be great if you make me aware of any ASF-like implementations so I can update the Substitute List.

(Old) Youtube Vid

Lastly, HUGE thanks to Mattiewagg! She provided tremendous help in resolving bugs in the latest version of the mod, saving me countless hours. Check out her mods, they're all amazing! I especially like Fighting Fatigue.