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Includes 383 all new meshes for creating new interiors and exterior farmhouses. Includes furniture and many other items.

Permissions and credits
383 all new meshes for creating new interiors and exterior farmhouses. Includes furniture and many other items. All building parts snap at 64 units.

1. 235 farmhouse kit parts for creating all new farm interiors and exteriors.
2. 2 swimming pools, one fits the 512 water tile and the other fits the 1024 water tile. These can be used in interiors and exteriors
3. 19 parts for making a porch or deck for some of the Riften buildings.
4. 38 Whiterun interior parts.
5. 2 new bar/counter kits.
6. 2 complete sets of furniture.
7. Upgraded Upper class beds to have a mattress and blanket instead of fur piles.
8. New modular dock kit with extension poles so you can make the posts as tall as you want.
9. 4 new bottles for making drinks.
10. Many other miscellaneous items such as old timey toilets with a bucket inside.

The farmhouse kit is not meant to be used with the vanilla farm kit, it is completely standalone and complete. I added an example of an exterior at Rorikstead and in the woods below Hunters Rest. Both of those exterior samples have a decorated interior showing the furniture and some of the kit parts.

There is a large cell named AAAAArchitectureTestCell that has all of the new parts and various interior and exterior samples of the farm kits. This interior can be accessed in the game via the 2 exterior samples or from their respective interior samples. There is also another interior that can be accessed from that cell that is just for fun.

To use, open ArchitectureTest.esp with your mod, make your mod the active file. Find the parts you want from the lists in the Object window then right click them and select Duplicate. No need to change the name of the object unless you want to. I do not because It really is a waste of time. Once you have all the parts you want to use duplicated you can then drag and drop the duplicated parts into the game like you would anything else.

Retextures for your mod... Feel free to change the textures to whatever you want but use texture sets in the CK or rename the .nif files. DO NOT retexture and change the .nif files without renaming them. Someone might have a farmhouse built and prefer the textures they use and then you upload yours and it changes his, this is something that should NOT be done.

Use permissions:
1. DO NOT move the .nif files to a new folder even if it is a retexture, all .nif I added must remain where I put them. If I find someone has moved them all to a new folder I will have your mod taken down until it is fixed. Textures you create can be put wherever you want because they are yours, the .nif files are mine and I want them where they are at.
2. You may include the .nif files you used in your mod and upload anywhere or simply make users download the whole resource pack.
3. I must be given credit with a link to this page in the description. No linked credit and I will have your mod taken down until fixed.
4. These models cannot be used in another mod resource pack without my permission.
5. These models cannot be ported to another game without my permission.
6. Not required but highly desired, please post a link to your mod in my comment section. I would love to see the parts being used.
7. You cannot use these for a Steam Workshop mod that is being sold. Don't even ask for permission to use in a for sale mod, it will not be granted.

Creation Kit
3DS Max 2012
Photoshop CS3
Textures are Bethesda's or from CGTextures.
Dovahklon For inspiring me to do this.
Emma for allowing me to use her forums for the WIP version.

Emma, Lycanthrops, and Amgepo have full use rights and can use my models however they please except throw them onto Turbosquid or something and sell them. These permissions have already been given elsewhere and am making a note here as well.

Used in:
Provide me a link and have your mod linked here!!
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Skaal You Need - Skaal house and follower by Elianora
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