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To Everyone: The latest version now has the CTD issue resolved completely after thorough checking against Lakeview Manor Avant Garden for Hearthfire using TES5edit; it was because of a stray navmesh which caused previous versions to CTD.

So you can now download either version. :)


for the Hearthfire DLC

~The First and The Original~

Grimy after days of adventuring and fighting? Need to recharge and relax on a clear and sunny Sundas? If you own Lakeview Manor, then this mod will add a luxurious pool and hot bath, and a great view of Lake Iinalta, minus the hassle of going down the lake for a swim!


What is it?
This mod aims to provide Lakeview owners a no-cost, add-on swimming pool and hot bath, somewhat missing when you're a successful warrior or mage who have just built a very large estate.

  • Self-Contained -- the mod is highly separate and does not interfere with Lakeview's programming or your ability to purchase and build the home.
  • Full Access -- even if you have yet to build a home there, the pool is available for use, replete with cooking spit, bed and temporary storage chest while taking a swim.
  • Perimeter Fence -- useful for keeping your children safe, and keeping unwanted intruders out! Just enable it in your mod manager.
  • Optimized Lighting -- each light source is tuned and positioned carefully to ensure a good balance of performance and lighting coverage.
  • Watchtower -- need to see afar, and to have a defensible position in case of a dragon attack? It's here! Need to warm up and practice? There's a couple of archery targets and three close-in combat dummies.
  • Integrated Heating System for Frostfall Users
  • Improved navmesh
  • Fence and tower navmesh
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Low-heat/performance version available to cut down FPS lag
  • (NEW) AUTOSTRIP/AUTO-REEQUIP functions for followers

System Requirements:
Because of the large amount of objects, effects and activators used, and that it uses large amounts of heat sources for Frostfall users, hence causing some framerate lag/performance problems to lower-spec systems, I recommend using this mod with the following system specs:

  • CPU: Multi-core processors (from dual-core and onwards)
  • Memory: 4gb of RAM and above
  • Video card: GPUs -- 1gb of DDR3 VRAM or greater, with 128-bit bandwidth and above.
  • Memory allocation: either SSME (for older versions of SKSE) or SKSE 1.7.1

If this mod is continually causing performance problems while around Lakeview, it is advisable to uninstall the mod (I may release a performance version with reduced number of objects to cut down on FPS lag).

To remove the trees or the logs below the pool, you can open up the console, click on the eyesores (be a little careful, though, by coming close enough) and as soon as the object ID comes up, type the command disable. More quicker than the other command. The result is a better view of the lake.

This mod requires Skyrim Update 1.9+ and the Hearthfire DLC installed. Things might get nasty if you don't have both.
  • Frostfall 2.0: Recently tested this mod (default settings) with the pool, especially as I subjected my character (wearing only a birthday suit LOL) to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or blizzards; while my character only experienced "Chilly" to "Cold" while in the pool (assuming there should be no enemies nearby), taking a dip in the hot baths during a blizzard kept her warm despite being overexposed. If you're about to use the pool with the hardest settings, try to lower it so that immersion shock should be down to the minimum, and in an emergency I've installed enough braziers for immediate recovery.
  • Note: some other Lakeview mods which outright alter the navmesh or the physical appearance of the cell (-3,-17) may not work with this mod.
  • Lakeview Manor Lights: Works perfectly.
  • Lakeview Manor Road: This mod slightly rearranges the log pile below, but otherwise it's highly compatible.
  • Lakeview Manor Dock and Shack: I took this mod into consideration, and thus I gave the shack a good deal of berth.
  • Lakeview Manor Fish Hatchery plus opt Mill: according to the author, his mod should be loaded last after all other Lakeview mods.
  • CarlZilla's Home Construction and Decoration: If you prefer a one-of-a-kind DIY homestead, you can easily position your prefab home in the middle and near the pool, and then build the estate around it. I'd say no limits to imagination! :D
  • Lakeview Manor Upgrades (Steam Only): Cannot be activated at the same time with this mod -- The north perimeter fence placed with this mod may cause collision and clipping issues, and could also interfere with the navmesh.
  • Unofficial Skyrim/Dawnguard/Hearthfire Patch: Now fully compatible (and I'm using them all). If, however, some of you are using these patches, do tell me how things are hanging between them and this mod.
  • Tropical Skyrim: as this mod utterly changes the gameworld, some trees may spring out of the stonework or cause clipping, not to mention more hostile creatures such as lethal raptors, so keep your weapon ready at all times and make sure you have mosquito repellent on. Otherwise it's going to be very interesting to see how this mod will work out in my next playthrough.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Hearthfire Extended

For any issues, please leave a message (if it's a glitch, describe it in full) at the comments section or PM me; I'll try to resolve them as much as possible.

The idea came while working on my first mod, as my previous character owned Lakeview. With the lakewaters beckoning, she loves to swim, but it's rather an unpleasant cautious walk down to the shore, and then having to be careful of some incoming nasties who could turn things ugly while in the water.

The other idea for this mod, well... After I've seen that many mods have been made for Breezehome, about a couple dozen for Hjerim, Vlindrel Hall, a few for Honeyside and Proudspire, I focused at the new Heartfire homes (having tried them all, but Lakeview Manor became my favorite of the three). So what I did was to fill out a need, something that was really missing and truly rewarding despite the obvious opulence and size of the estate, and here it is now. :)

BTW, it's hairy work to do when there's several massive static objects (rocks and mountains) right beneath, and I have to be damn careful while being around it (hence I have to make manual backups before saving, as CK doesn't have much in the way of practical reverts, emergency backups and a proper Undo system -- but it's tedious to reload CK when there's a major editing screwup).

* Nexus Mod Manager: After downloading, find the mod and activate it to install.
* Manual: open the 7zip folder, then drag and drop the .ESP file into Skyrim's Data folder.

You can deactivate and uninstall from NMM, or manually delete the mod (the filename is HF_Lakeview_Pool_and_Hotbath.esp).

Upgrade (if it happens):
Almost the same as uninstallation; just overwrite the .ESP file.
    In NMM, activate the new version and it'll ask you to overwrite; select Yes.For manual upgrading, open the 7zip file, click and drag over the .esp files to the data folder and overwrite the old .esp.

Any planned changes to this mod will require my express permission, but redistribution or uploading of this mod to sites other than Nexus and without my authorization is prohibited.

Permission Granted to Modify:
Ac3s -- Lakeview Extended - Hearthfire (nice mod, but...)
Reynard -- Hearthfire Fortifications and Pools

Home Construction and Decoration -- CarlZilla
Frostfall - Chesko
SkyRealism-ENB Evolved -- IndigoNeko
Navmesh fix by TMPhoenix -- much thanks! :D