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Added: 10/02/2014 - 05:34AM
Updated: 25/01/2017 - 11:04PM

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Last updated at 23:04, 25 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 5:34, 10 Feb 2014

This removes forcegreet from some NPC's that are annoying such as Maul and Brynjolf.

Huge note here! If you have already met the NPC but ran away from them or tabed out of the conversation and they go to forcegreet you open the console and click the NPC to get the ID number showing in the middle of the screen and type "resurrect" without quotes. That will respawn the NPC and hopefully reset the forcegreet AI pack. If you have never met the NPC this shouldnt be required as I never have to do it.

I didnt remove all forcegreet packages, the guards at Whiterun and Riften will still force greet you, the messenger still does it, and the forsworn in Markarth because it wouldnt fit the story if he doesnt. If you stop at the house in Riverwood during the start they will do it. Forcegreets while dialogue is already engaged will still happen. Everyone else that normaly force greets you like Brynjolf will no longer do so.

Brynjolf no longer forces the thieves guild quest on you. You must actualy initiate dialogue with him to get the quest.

Maul will remain at his post by the gate until you choose to talk to him. That's Mauls punishment for carving "Maul was here" in Mavens bedpost. To guard that post until some random person says hello to him.

Sam Guevenne does not force greet you but once he says his line the quest gets added anyway.

Vigilant Tyranus will ask about the house but the quest will not automaticaly start. He will always be there ready for you to start the quest by actualy deciding to talk to him.

The 2 Redguards inside Whiterun gates will not forcegreet you. They will become a permanent fixture until you show them pity and talk to them.

Viarmo at the Bards college will not forcegreet you when you enter. He will stand there and wait for you to talk to him. If a quest sends you to the college and you do not want to join you wont be forced to.

There may be others I have forgotton about since I made this about a year ago and it has improved my game considerably.

Conflicts are anything that changes the same NPC's forcegreet packages. I have been using the mod for about a year and have not found one yet.

****Destroy the thieves guild mod does not conflict and has the Brynjolf forcegreet fixed as well.****

NMM: I do not use NMM and refuse to support it. Use the forums for anything related to NMM. My answer for anything related to NMM is uninstall NMM and install mods manually.

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