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This mod adds 57 new Nordic(Viking) themed Round Shields to the game. The shields are distributed through leveled lists, this means you'll find them being sold at
the merchants and even carried by enemies (Skeletons, Draugr, Bandits for example). Each of the shields can be upgraded at a workbench, but they cannot be created at a Forge.

There are two versions of the shields, ones that have more basic designs (Cross, sun design etc) which are common and other more unique shields which are rarer and are not available at

The new shields were made with new models and textures.


1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
2) Check the Insanity's Shields.esp in the Launcher Data Files screen


1) UnCheck the Insanity's Shields.esp in the Launcher Data Files screen
2) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod


Added: Enchanted Variations
Added: Additional lower level variations
Fixed: Leveled list oddities
Tweaked: Shield Stats


InsanitySorrow @ TES Alliance


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Elderscrolls.

Tools Used:

Insanity's ReadMe Generator
Photoshop CS5
Creation Kit
Marmoset Toolbag - For the Render


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