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Advanced Mining is a full remake of the entire mining process. It has many options, each one can be toggled individually and adjusted.

Permissions and credits
Advanced Mining v6

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Short Description
or TL;DR

Advanced Mining is a "mining overhaul" in that it completely replaces the two
scripts the game uses for mining and as such allows you to control the ore deposits
in the game in many ways.  Each is individually selectable and configurable.
The MCM will allow changes to the specifics of each of the options.





Major Features

All the major features of this mod can be [dis/en]abled individually.  If all
options are disabled, the deposits will function as vanilla.

General Options

Allow Followers

Tell up to 10 of your followers to mine for you. Just tell them "I need you to
do something for me" (or hold down the 'activate' button when looking at them).
Once you can tell them what to do, point at the ore deposit and tell them to mine.
Now, WAIT for them to walk over to the deposit, THEN cancel out of the order mode.
If done right they will make another comment about the work and begin mining.
Followers will continue mining until one of the following conditions are met:
+ The deposit has been depleted;
+ Eight (8) hours have passed;
+ The player has told them to continue following via dialogue.

Just like the player, followers require the proper tools, that is to say - a pickaxe.

Always use Smithing Skill

Enabling this option means that no matter how a deposit is mined, the miners
smithing skill will be used for calculations.

Enforce Ownership

Synergizing with Real Estate v3.0, this will enforce theft crimes in owned
mines. You can view the list of mines and owners in the list view menu.

Monitor Tools (Mod Management)

In case you forgot to, didn't bother with, don't use a merged or bash patch,
Advanced Mining will detect other (known) mods which add tools to the mine ore
tools list and wood chopping tools list and make sure their tools are in the
proper lists.


This menu page is normally turned off.  This is for testing certain aspects
of the mod and there is nothing in here which will be useful for normal

Detailed Options

Deposit Multipliers

Depending on where in the game world an ore deposit is located, a multiplier
is applied which effects the total number of times an ore vein will "payout".
The default number of times an ore vein will payout is (usually) three.
If the vein is located near a mine, in a mine, at a special location or in
an interior not otherwise mentioned (cave/dungeon/etc), it will payout more.

Skill Boost

If your miners skill is sufficient, it will take less strikes to mine.  The
skill used is determined by the method of striking the vein.  Normally the
smithing skill is used but if a spell is used, the spells related skill is
used instead.

Harder Ore

More valuable ore will be more difficult to mine.  This difficulty is not
based on the ores "hardness" but on it's gold value.  The "difficulty" is
simply more "strikes" required for a vein to payout.

Mining Experience

You will receive experience to the appropriate skill when the vein pays out.
Only the player receives this experience bonus as only the players skill
advancement is tracked by the game.

Spawn Ore

This option will spawn ore at the miners feet instead of adding it to their
inventory.  This can be turned off completely or refined as follows:
Never - Never spawn ore (will encumber)
Always - Always spawn ore (never puts ore into the inventory)
Encumbered - Only spawn ore if adding it to inventory would encumber the miner

Random Bonus Output

With high enough skill, more than one piece of ore may be freed up when the
vein pays out.  This bonus ore, however, does not add any additional

Mining Makes Noise

Striking an ore vein with a bandit around the corner leads to trouble.

Advanced Gems

This allows for greater options for the gems you may randomly get from the
deposit. Advanced Gems offers the following features and options:

Enabling the main option allows for ignoring the deposits ore and mining
directly for gems by sneak attacking or start mining in sneak mode.

Manual Labour Restrict places the requirement for physical mining to payout
gems, restricting spells to only extracting ore.

Improved Gem Mining increases the chances of a deposit paying out gems however,
this bonus is only when mining for gems directly (sneak activation).

Deposit Respawn

This option allows you to fine-grain control when and how deposits respawn.
The default options will respawn an ore vein five days after the deposit is
depleted. Obviously this is meaningless to infinite ore veins.

Harder Random Bonus Ore

With the Harder Ore and Random Bonus Output options enabled, another option
becomes available - the penalty to difficulty will also be applied to the
amount of bonus ore the vein yields. This option is intended to slow down the
acquisition of more valuable ores.

This option is available under both the Harder Ore and Random Bonus Output
detailed options.

Bug Fixes

USKP Fixes

+ Deactivate sneaking before mining to prevent sneak issues. This returns
the miner to sneak mode when exiting mining so game flow isn't interrupted.

+ Deposits should reset properly on cell reset and timed respawn.

3 Animation Strikes to 1 Attack Strike

By listing for "SoundPlay.NPCHumanPickAxe" instead of "AddToInventory" in the
related furniture script, I have fixed the annoying "3:1" problem of deposits.
All mining mods run into this problem, they can change the amount of attack
strikes required by any amount but the animation strikes must be a multiple of

Now, every time the vein is struck (by animation or attack), it counts as it
should.  As an example, with Skill Boost enabled (and high enough skill),
Iron Ore will only take two strikes to payout.  Normally, this would be
three animation "strikes" or two attack strikes.  This fix makes it
so that two strikes either by animation or attacks (or a combination) will
cause it to payout.

Hearthfires "Infinite" Clay/Stone Bug

With Mod Management enabled, the Hearthfires "infinite" quarried stone and
clay bug has been completely fixed.  Hearthfires didn't actually make the
stone or clay infinite, they just set a really large number of times (1000)
they would payout as well as a large (four) payout.  While 4000 stone is a lot,
it's not really infinite.  With Advanced Mining and Mod Management enabled,
those resources *are* infinite.

Known issues

Follower Mining

It may take a couple of tries to get followers to start or stop mining. This
is mostly timing issues on the players part. Just be patient, once you figure
it out then you're golden.

Mod Added Mines/Deposits

If the deposits have been set up like vanilla deposits, there will be no issues.
Mods implementing their own special functionality could lead to errors
depending on how they do it.  For maximum compatibility I recommend the
safest way would be cloning both of the vanilla deposit and it's associated
furniture game objects and their associated scripts and implement them
specifically for their use.  Mining overhaul mods cannot account for all the
 possible ways other modders may be extending functionality in specific
locations so it is important that we all take the time to do it as safely as
possible for maximum compatibility.

Windstad Mine

Currently not compatible.  Ore deposits not associated with this mod will work
but due to incompatibilities introduced by both mods Advanced Mining breaks
the deposits in Winstad Mine.  I will look at improving compatibility in future
releases of Advanced Mining.

Installing / Updating / Uninstalling


Installing is recommended to be done with some form of mod manager.  No direct
support is given for installing manually.  If you choose to do this it is
understood that you know what you are doing and therefore don't get to ask

The steps to installing are simple.

1) Install after any mod that may touch mining.
2) Enable anywhere in your load order.
3) Play Skyrim and hopefully you derive some enjoyment from this mining overhaul.


Updating is simple.  Just follow these easy steps:
(This section has been expanded with the full Pop Tarts toaster instructions).

1) Move your character to someplace without any ore deposits
in the same cell.  An unmodded vanilla player home
(eg, Breezehome) works perfectly for this.

2) Save in a NEW slot.  This save could also be backed up so you
have a "last known good save."

3) Quit Skyrim.

4) Make note of the load order position of Advanced Mining, this is important!

5) Uninstall the old version.

6) Install the new version.

7) Making sure the new version is in the same load order position the old
version was that you noted in step 4 and that it is enabled.

8) Start Skyrim.

9) Load the save you made in step 2.

10) Save in a NEW slot.  This will be you "update test save."


Go to a location with an ore deposit, if you've been there or mined from it
recently you will need to attack or bash the deposit to force it to update.
If you have never mined from the deposit or it's been longer than the
respawn time for the deposit, it should update automagically.

12) If all was good in step 11 you are done and continue on your game.

13) If something went wrong with step 11, revert back to the version you
were using previously and thank your lucky stars that you made a "last
known good save" which you also made a backup of.




Removal of the mod mid-game is NOT supported - DO NOT DO THIS.  Ore
deposits are everywhere and a script which has been run is stored in the
save game itself.  A script may updated mid-game but not be removed.
Blame Bethesda.

If you decide you no longer want to use Advanced Mining, you MUST start
a new character.  There are no two ways about this.

That being said, if you feel like you want to live dangerously, there is a
tool which can attempt to remove scripts from a save file.  However, no
support will be given and posts/bug reports regarding this in conjunction
with Advanced Mining will be deleted.

Currently Supported Mods
(Mod Management)

Direct support of certain mods by monitoring for known locations, tools and
ores.  Please see the version history for full details on the mods, this is
just a short list for quick reference.  This support is partly to account for
dlc(s)/mod(s) being setup incorrectly (missing keywords) and load orders (missing
items in formlists) without a "Bash Patch" or "Merged Mod."




Bound Pickaxe Spell
Bound Tools
Bound Tools
Bound Pickaxe and Bound Woodcutter Axe
Conjure Bound Pickaxe
Extract Ore Spell
MAD Magical Mining
Magickal Ore Mining
Midas Magic Skyrim


Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
Helgen Reborn
RE - Real Estate


Gyldenhul Dragonborn Mining Fix

This mod is not required unless you don't want the extra ore from this
one deposit. Gyldenhul Barrow is not a Deep Mine (and therefore not infinite)
but it does otherwise benefit from a multiplier.

"Overhaul" mods

Overhauls, such as SkyRealism, which make changes to the mining script are
not specifically compatible with Advanced Mining. That being said, you can
likely use them together but you must install Advanced Mining after the
overhaul mod. You will lose any features to mining the overhaul makes but
with few exceptions Advanced Mining probably has the same or similar features.

Traps Make Noise

This mod changes the mining script to add a noise detection event. This is
an incorporated option in Advanced Mining.

Otherwise Compatible

This mod should be compatible with any and all mods otherwise not mentioned
above EXCEPT those which change the following scripts:

Mods which modify these scripts may have limited functionality and will
definitely prevent Advanced Mining from working. If you are using a larger mod
in which the changes to the mining script are a small part of the whole, you
can try to use Advanced Mining with it but you *MUST* install Advanced Mining
last. See notes on "overhauls" above.

Mods which add new mining locations (assuming they are tagged with the proper
keywords) will work, new ore deposits and ore types will work (including from
DLCs) as long as they are properly set up. Tools should be fixed by making a
"Bash Patch" or a "Merged Mod." If for some reason you didn't create either
of these, Advanced Mining will auto-correct the lists for the mods it knows
about and detects.

Not specifically addressed

If there is something which is not covered, is missing or otherwise doesn't
work as intended, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section
on the Skyrim Nexus and I will try to address them.  If you have found a proper
bug or major issue which isn't a mod conflict then please make a report
in the bugs section.


These people and mods are the inspiration for Advanced Mining.  No resources
where used from the mods but I did learn from them.  Not everything listed
here is directly related to Advanced Mining but without some of what I learned
it would not exist as it does.  Please check these mods and their authors out
too as they are awesome.

Listed alphabetically, not by relevance.

Fast Mining Animation by The Old One
This mod works fine with Advanced Mining but the combination may result in
acquiring ore too fast.

Mining Extended by NiMayne aka Donald Love

Mining More AND Faster by FireHawkX

Random Mining by IsharaMeradin

RP chopping and mining by Issarlk