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These INI files massively expand the scope and impact of the SkyProc patcher ASIS, adding support for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Skyrim Monster Mod, Falskaar, Apocalypse Spells, and more!

Permissions and credits
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These INI files require

ASIS 1.40.8 or higher. 1.42.4 is the latest version, I recommend using it!
If you are getting NullPointerExceptions, the problem and solution detailed in this article are intended for you!



Recommended Settings

Ever feel like ASIS didn't do as much as it should? That's because the INI files were really only set up for vanilla Skyrim, and didn't have have the entries needed to support the official DLCs and popular mods.

(Note: The above was taken with random spawn settings at maximum for humorous effect, and does not reflect the typical experience.)

Well, no more! These INI files, the result of hours of work, rectify that!

This is important!

From the GELO (Which is another SkyProccer and thus similar) page:
Help! Null Pointer Exception Error!
Null pointer exceptions occur when my patcher can't find a file.

If you're receiving this error while running ASIS with these INI files, you need to read this.

How to use these files

In order to use these files, you need to either:
  • Overwrite the original INI files and Blocklist.txt that came with ASIS.
  • If you're using Mod Organizer, install this as a seperate mod, and in the left hand panel, put it below ASIS.

After you do one of the above, you'll need to rerun ASIS.

For best results in-game, I recommend doing the following after running ASIS.

Go to a secluded interior (I use Anise's Cellar for this.)
Manually save your game in a new slot
Open the console and use the command PCB.
Now, In the console, type: set timescale to 1000000
Close the console.
Wait a few seconds until 31 in-game days have passed.
Open the console again and type set timescale to 20
Manually save your game again in another new slot.
Quit to desktop.
Now restart and load the last save.
This process forces everything that can respawn to respawn. I recommend doing it every time you rerun ASIS or any SkyProc patcher.

These files add support for the following DLCs and Mods:
  • Skyrim (The Base Game)Adds perks and spells to NPCs that it makes sense to, narrows exclusions so more creatures than ever can have their spawns increased.(I also blocked the cells along the road between Honningbrew Meadery and Valtheim towers, because the sheer number and variety of Spawn points along this road caused ASIS to bog my game down. This is literally the only place I had this problem.)
  • DawnguardAdds Perks and Spells to relevant NPCs and summons, adds support for Increased Spawns and Random Spawns on Dawnguard Creatures. Adds the new Dawnguard spells to the list of spells ASIS can add to NPCs.
  • HearthfireBlocks random spawns in the cells containing the Hearthfire homes, adds perks and spells to the new housecarls.
  • DragonbornAdds Perks and Spells to relevant NPCs and summons, adds support for Increased Spawns and Random Spawns on Dragonborn Creatures. Adds the new Dragonborn spells to the list of spells ASIS can add to NPCs. Blocks extra spawns on the last battle, and in Vahlok's tomb for compatibility issues.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures and Skyrim Monster ModAdds support for Increased and Random spawns on SiC and SkyMoMod creatures. Adds perks and spells to relevant NPCs.
  • FalskaarAdds support for increased and random spawns of creatures.
  • Apocalypse Spell PackageAdds perks and spells (Sorry Enai!) to summoned creatures.
  • Midas MagicAdds perks (and spells where appropriate) to summoned creatures.
  • Dwemer CertifiedAdds perks to constructed Dwemer Automata, blocks additional and random spawns on them.
  • SkyReBlocks perks being given to NPCs that shouldn't, thanks to crimsongekko, raulfin, and Saxman.
  • RequiemBlocks perks being given to NPCs that shouldn't, thanks to raulfin.
  • WyrmstoothAdds support for random/increased spawns on Wyrmstooth enemies, distributes spells and perks to Wyrmstooth NPCs where appropriate, and adds a few new Wyrmstooth spells to general distribution. Blocks the cell of the final battle, because it breaks stuff otherwise.
These INI files are a work in progress, and I could definitely use some help! If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please post them in the comments. The more information you can give me, the more likely it will be useful!The best way anyone can help is by using the STATUS mod while playing with my ASIS INI's and helping me find cell FormIDs that I need to block. Status will let you check that in game. Ill need both the Form ID and the exact file name of the the cell is from, as ASIS cell blocks are in the format of 123456=MyFile.esp.It would be especially helpful if people gave me the FormID and Filenames of some of the popular House Mods, so I can block those exterior cells from having Extra/Random summons like I did with the Hearthfire Houses.Another thing that would be useful would be to have a list of the exact Editor IDs of popular mod-added followers, so I can add support for them.I have very slow DSL internet, so I cannot download a huge amount of mods just to get this information.

Really though, the best way to help is to play using these files and letting me know if and where I screwed up.

Mods I plan to add support for:
  • Wyrmstooth - DONE!
  • Moonpath to Elseweyr - DONE!
  • The Dominion series
  • Immersive Patrols - DONE!
  • OBIS - DONE!
  • Deadly Dragons - DONE!
  • Midas Magic Evolved. (Thanks for letting me know that this existed, folks. Time to rebuild my bashed, merged, and proccer patches again...)
Thanks:DienesMatorTheEternal for his TES5EDIT Automation Tools, without which this project would've been impossibly difficult.Bethesda
My cat, Harpo, for being amazing.
crimsongekko for the SkyRe entries.
Saxman for more SkyRe entries.
raulfin, for help with Perkus Maximus, Requiem, and SkyRe support.

About the version numbers: I plan to track alongside the actual ASIS version numbers, adding mine on at the end, so you'll always know what version of ASIS is required. As of 4/17/14, Dienes informed me the the lastest version is 1.40.8! Whoops. Newer versions of my INIs will reflect that.