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Quickly grab and return crafting materials

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Makes Crafting Easier
Quickly load crafting materials from nearby containers and return them all with 1 keystroke

This is a simple mod to make crafting easier. I found it burdensome to load up on crafting materials only to have to return them 1 by 1. My solution is Crafting Helper.

How To Use Crafting Helper

  1. Store your crafting materials in containers near the crafting station. (Example: Ores near a Smelter)
  2. Stand at the crafting station.
  3. Tap the Crafting Helper hotkey (default is Insert) and all contents from the nearby container(s) will instantly be moved to your inventory.
  4. Use the crafting station to make whatever you wish.
  5. Tap the Crafting Helper hotkey to return unused materials to the original container(s).

Note that items move quickly from containers to your inventory, but are returned more slowly. Please be patient if you have tons of items. You can go about your business and even leave the cell and your materials will still be returned. I have used Crafting Helper to successfully load and return over 10,000 items; however, it took a while to get everything back in its place.



  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods
  • Works with Crafting Overhaul and other mods that affect crafting. (All Crafting Helper does is move materials.)
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.

Game Safe

  • Adds no scripts to containers or workstations.
  • Safely and easily remove at any time.

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