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Take the Treasure! Leave the Junk!
SmartLooter automatically takes valuable items and leaves junk,
removing tedium and letting you concentrate on the adventure!

Tired of sorting through chests and corpses, deciding what to keep and what to discard?
Tired of running from flower to flower to pick ingredients?
We can fix that.

Jaxonz SmartLooter automates looting of containers, corpses, and loose items.

It is simple to use but rich in features and options:
  • Weight to Value Ratio: Selects items to loot based on relative value. This means you get the good stuff and leave the junk behind. This ratio can gradually increase as you level up.
  • Loot without Opening: Optionally loots from chests and bodies without opening them! This also allows looting in combat, from horseback, etc.
  • Always Loot by Type: Optionally always loot certain types of items you chose (ingredients, ores, skins, unread books, etc.), regardless of value.
  • Harvesting: Automatically picks flowers within reach. Also catches critters, harvests hanging rabbits, etc.
  • Mining: Automatically mine ore veins without the animation. New!
  • Stealing: Doesn't loot things that would cause your character to steal.
  • Re-looting: Anything you drop won't be looted again.
  • Overweight: Won't loot anything that would make you too heavy to run.
  • Excluded Locations: Wont loot player homes or other special locations you designate.
  • Never Loot: Keeps a list of items to never loot. (No more low level arrows!)
  • Quest Items: Warns when nearby, but does not loot to prevent breaking quests.
Properly configured, SmartLooter can do all the work for you with few or zero clicks.SmartLooter lets you concentrate on the adventure!



  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • Not known to conflict with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Hotkey can be easily changed to avoid conflicts.
  • Adds no scripts to objects, so it can be cleanly uninstalled at any time.
  • Super efficient and works great even on low-end computers.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party mods that add new harvestable critters/fish/plants, such as 83Willows 101Bugs, More Critters, Special Flora of Tamriel, and Improved Fish.
See the change log for a list of all improvements.

Known Issues and Suggested Workarounds

  • The GetGoldValue() function does not report the accurate value of tempered, enchanted, or quality items. This causes SmartLooter to incorrectly calculate value to weight ratios on some special items, which means they may not be automatically looted. Workaround: Pay attention to magic items and jewelry that may not be automatically looted. If Loot Without Opening is enabled, inspect containers that aren't completely emptied by SmartLooter (especially urns which often contain jewelry).
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