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Added: 22/04/2014 - 06:09AM
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Last updated at 18:51, 26 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 6:09, 22 Apr 2014

This mod has been superceded by Jaxonz Archery Util.
I do not intend to continue updates.

Tools for the Expert Archer
Jaxonz Archery Perks adds 3 new lore-friendly perks to the archery skill tree

Tracer Shot

  • Makes your projectiles glow when shot
  • Better aiming for long shots
  • Easier to find your arrows

Collect Shots

  • Automatically pick up projectiles within reach
  • Grab ammo on the fly without event thinking about it

Hunter's Discipline, level 2

  • Makes your projectiles strong
  • 100% of arrows shot are recoverable from enemies



  • Works with bows and crossbows
  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods
  • Works with 3rd party weapons
  • "Learns" DLC and 3rd party ammo types (just shoot one into a tree and then inspect it)
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.

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