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Complementary survival mod for use alongside basic needs mods such as Realistic Needs and Diseases. Increases difficulty by removing most food and drinks from the game. You have been warned!

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Successor to You Hunger has been released.

Poverty - You Hunger Reborn

This mod is also featured in Modular Morrowloot Overhaul and Minimal Immersive Morrowloot Explorer's Guide

-This mod has 3 goals, increase the difficulty of basic needs mods such as Realistic Needs and Diseases and iNeed - Food Water and Sleep, decrease the Skyrim food and wine epidemic to a reasonable level, and increase performance.


-Lonely Joe in his Cabin won't be able to provide you with a week's worth of food, probably nothing. If you want any food, your going to have to loot wealthy individuals, businesses, and institutions of law or prestige, purchase some from inns and vendors, or go hunting some wabbits. If you can't find enough to eat, then too bad.

(Jessie Pinkman's favorite word), ITS IMMERSIVE!!!!

-Based on the population of a cell (interior/exterior), there may be a greater or worse quantity and selection of foods and drinks scattered in an area. 
-Food types available in locations are based on the presence of nearby crops, the environment (forest, river, ocean, snow), the wealth of the individuals, and lore.
-Non disabled foods/drinks are located in more logical and harder to reach/steal places.


-Different locations influence the scaling of food and drink availability; a jarl's palace will naturally have much more excess sustenance than an inn, and an ancient ruin will always have nothing. There are 11 area modifiers with Food and Drink Ratings ranging from 0-4, which determine the quantity and quality of the foods and drinks available. 

1. Dungeons
Food Rating: 0
Drink Rating: 0
Includes: Ruins, Mines, Abandoned Forts, and Caves (with creatures)

Until recently, these forgotten dwellings have been abandoned and left with foul creatures. You will find nothing here.

2. Bandit Camps
Food Rating: 0
Drink Rating: 0.5
Includes: Anywhere with Bandits

Besides being cut off from the rest of civilization, bandits are extremely poor and must live off the land, leaving behind no scraps. Food is nonexistent and drinks are sparse.

3. Residences of the Destitute
Food Rating: 0
Drink Rating: 1
Includes: Homes of loners, poor people, and nobodies.

A (small) step up from banditry, these people, mostly unemployed, have very little to their name and leave no room for excess, besides a drink to wash away their sorrows.

4. Workers' Residence
Food Rating: 0.5
Drink Rating: 1
Includes: Homes of workers or communal buildings.

Workers are one of the most affected by the famine and live their lives with whatever food their meager wage can afford. They have few room for excess and must take whatever they can and live with it.

4. Farm
Food Rating: 1
Drink Rating: 1
Includes: Farms

Growing food for themselves, farmers are able to sustain themselves. However, with the civil war raging on, the blight of the crops, and the needs of the rest of Skyrim, most produce are sold rather than stored.

5. Business Residence
Food Rating: 1
Drink Rating: 2
Includes: Homes of business owners

Generating more income than most Skyrim residents, business and shop owners can afford a little extra food and a better selection of drinks.

6. Inn
Food Rating: 2
Drink Rating: 2
Includes: Inns

Although having been hit hard by the food shortage, inns have an okay selection of food and beverages on display.

7. Wealthy House
Food Rating: 2
Drink Rating: 3
Includes: Property of lucrative business owners, thanes, and other very rich people. Temples

Even with the famine, the wealthy live a comfortable, although, not excess lifestyle

8. Military 
Food Rating: 3
Drink Rating: 3
Includes: Buildings owned by the Stormcloak and Imperial Army (Not including former bandit occupied forts)

Due to the civil war, the food distribution has been shifted to the military, with soldier combat effectiveness a major concern.

9. Guild
Food Rating: 3
Drink Rating: 4
Includes: Buildings owned by the Companions, College of Winterhold, etc

Guilds contain a number of wealthy, well respected, or sneaky individuals who can all pitch in and provide a semi excess lifestyle.

10. Jarl
Food Rating: 4
Drink Rating: 4
Includes: Thrones and homes of jarls.

Jarls are excessive, maybe not as much as before, but compared to everyone else, there are no shortage of food and drink in a jarl's hall.



1. Having less things to load
2. ?

Other Features
-Areas that are abandoned or have no npcs that are of a playeable race have zero food.
-Barrels and sacks have no food (V2), but have a chance to receive salt (V2.1), garlic or wheat (V2.1.1).
-Each inn has different selections of food that it can and cannot sell based on location (V2.1).
-Harvesting crops on farms will net you with either a healthy, edible morsel, or an inedible blighted version that can be used for alchemy (V2.1).
-Set ownership to crops on farms (V2.1).
-Crops disabled in abandoned farms and destitute residences (V2).
-Extra domesticated animals in farms disabled (V2), and the amount of chickens available is dependent on the quantity of chicken nests (V2.1).
-Giant camps won't have mammoth cheese if there are no mammoths (V2).
-Market stalls contain only one of each item (usually) and are losing a bit on item selection.
-Only camps of hunters or soldiers have food (V2).
-Salmons and clams disabled only if near people (V2).
-Streets and outdoor areas near buildings have been picked clean (V2).

Wait! What the hell did I just read!

-Basically, Skyrim has too much food/wine lying around, making basic needs mods such as Ineed extremely easy to survive without much effort. This mod disables most of those consumables in areas where there is too many depending on the location, type of items, and quantity of npcs.

Does that help? 



-Move the main esp file into the data folder manually or with a mod manager and either wait 10 in game days for all food/wine placements to be reset or start a new game. If you have a mod that allows you to adjust the cell reset time (ex. Deadly Dragons) then use that if you are not starting a new game.

Patches (All Patches in the Optional Files are only compatible with V2.1.2 or above, search the Old Files for pre V2 patches if you are using any LEGACY versions)

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul V2
-Adjusted CACO leveled lists to YH standards and incorporated CACO items into YH leveled lists. 
-Disabled most onions in Carlotta's market stall, and added them to her leveled list. 
-Matched Blighted crops' ingredient effect values to match CACO standards. 

Expanded Towns and Cities Complete

-Applied YH changes to ETAC food and drink distribution.
-Replaced food baskets with normal baskets as well as plates containing static food with normal plates.
-Resolved conflicts between ETAC and YH


-Applies You Hunger changes to Falskaar.

Moon and Star

-Applies You Hunger changes to Little Vivec.

Load Order and Compatibility

-This mod should be loaded after your basic needs mod, but as high as you can for maximum compatibility. Since this mod contains cell edits, if you load it after a sound/lighting overhaul mod, it will overwrite the lighting and acoustic space edits made by that mod. For bash patch purposes, the Delev and Relev tags are required. If you play with house mods or city renovation mods (ETac, Dawn of series, JK's overhauls, Realistic Room Rental Enhanced, Skyrim Radioactive), more food and wine will appear since they add more and move existing food which renables them.
If you use Dynamic Things, get the Enhanced Edition which allows you to turn off food distribution.


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