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SkyTEST patches for SIC, MoMod, Real Wildlife Skyrim, Animallica, Beasts of Tamriel True Wolves and Elk, Rabbits of Skyrim Legendary, and DLC.

Permissions and credits
This a compilation of all my SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators patches. I currently support............

Skyrim Immersive Creatures

-Stops non adult animals from being aggressive and adds a few factions to a few variants that are missing out. Adds missing templates and fixes bear cub spawns. Gives brown and timber wolves their own faction and follow ai package.

Monster Mod

-Corrects any behavior consistency issues in Monster Mod variants and adds unique factions and ai packages to numerous creatures.
(Main File is for the Nexus version, the Optional File is for Version 13 on Steam Workshop and Mod db)

Real Wildlife Skyrim

-Enormous patch that edits over 246 variants (more than 300 if the Creature Extension Patch is used as well) and adds on to the main mod. Skytest factions, ai packages, combat styles, and behavior and aggression tweaks combined with the vanilla Real Wildlife additions.


-Edits 177 Animallica variants, giving them new unique factions and re-purposed Skytest ai packages along with the existing ones.

General Overview
-Predators and prey are a lot more factionalized.
-Unique species are disassociated from vanilla ones.
-Added Skytest factions, behavior tweaks, and ai packages to around 98% of the new creatures.
-58 unique factions for Animallica variants.
-55 re-purposed Skytest ai Packages for specific Animallica variants.

(If you use Real Wildlife Skyrim, use the version in the optional files, not main. Also make sure you download the loot patch from the link in the file description)

Beasts of Tamriel

-Adds Skytest behaviors, factions, and ai packages to BOT creatures with unique variants getting custom ones.
-Domesticated and wild guar behave differently.
-Small creatures (ex. slugs) can now be hunted by skeevers, snakes, and foxes.

True Wolves and True Elk

-Outdated mesh file paths render both of these mods' changes to Skytest creature visuals nonfunctional. Until they are updated, these patches are necessary.

Rabbits of Skyrim - Legendary

-Carries over Skytest's rabbit edits to ROS variants. Only compatible with the Legendary Edition of the mod.

Immersive Horses
-Resolves conflicts between SkyTEST and Immersive Horses.

Creature Extension

-Patch that adds Skytest AI packages to Skytest young variants, other vanilla creatures, and dlc creatures.

Skytest Young Variants
-Cave Bear
-Sabre Cat
-Snow Bear
-Snowy Sabre Cat

Vanilla Creatures
-Frostbite Spider
-Ice Wolves
-Ice Wraith

DLC Support
-Chaurus Hunter
-Death Hound
-Dragonborn Spiders
-Vale Deer
-Vale Sabre Cat

(Using this patch makes the Dawnguard and Dragonborn patch in the main Skytest page unnecessary unless you want bristleback to wander in Skyrim {Dragonborn patch}. Not compatible with Animal Tweaks.) 

No Extra Spawns

-This is a replacer for the the 1.65 esp/esm version of SkyTEST. It removes all the spawn points that are added to the game world by SkyTEST.

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