About this mod

Want a female khajiit follower WITH the correct female khajiit voice? You've got it! This mod adds FULLY VOICED responses for many of the voice types that lacked follower dialogue. Also adds Khajiit marriage dialogue!

Permissions and credits
 ♥ Mod offered to the public AS-IS. No more updates. If you want to fork it, please give credit.
Relationship dialogue overhaul (RDO) by clouded truth is MFVM/VVE’s natural successor. It does everything I had originally set out to do. (Except more marriage voices beyond Khajiit.) But at this point, it  wouldn’t make sense to keep working on that when RDO is clearly the better option. Go give that mod the love and feedback it needs. I learned a lot from VVE and hope to have that experience carry over into newer works.  If you’d like to see what I’m currently working on please check out my website.

This mod adds FULLY VOICED responses for many of the voice types that lacked follower dialogue and expands Khajiit voices to have fully voiced marriage dialogue. (with more voices to come) Trusted and loved with over 11,000 endorsements, this mod is meant to enhance your roleplaying experience when using a follower overhaul or marry anyone mod by giving you more options! Updates for follower and marriage voices are slow but ongoing!

  • Requires all DLCs. Use NMM to download and install mod or download file manually.
  • VVE will now quietly expand your follower and marriage voice options.
  • Use a mod of your choice (or the console) to make NPC's follow and/or marry you. (Or spawn VVE's demo NPC followers/marriage candidates using the console.)
  • Listen to their voiced responses!

  • Dismiss any followers and annul any marriages that use VVE voices.
  • Save your game and then uninstall the mod using NMM or remove files manually.

  • Almost Everyone is An Adventurer: Fully compatible, recommended.
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) & Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO): Fully compatible.
  • Extensible Follower Framework (EFF): Partially compatible. NPCs using VVE voices use the vanilla follower count (so make them follow first).
  • Familiar Faces: Fully compatible, recommended.
  • Follower Commentary Overhaul: Compatible.
  • Relationship Dialogue Overhaul: Partially compatible. RDO WILL override VVE follower dialogue no matter the load order position. If you wish to use VVE follower responses, then look at the NPC you wish to change, go to RDO's MCM menu in Skyrim's settings, and go to "Change NPC Specific Options" > "Prevent Actor from using RDO dialoge". You have to do this with every NPC you wish to use VVE follower dialogue with. Please note: this will prevent the actor from using RDO's extra friendly dialogue as well, currently there is no way to disable only RDO's follower dialogue.

VVE for Mod Creators:
VVE does most of the work for you! All you have to do when making your mod is to select the voice you want. That's it!
Remember, if you are customizing your custom NPC further, make sure your custom remarks, idle chatter, etc have the appropriate conditions to be NPC specific. Once uploaded, list VVE as a requirement for your mod to function as intended. (similar to how mod authors declare dependency on SkyUI for their mods having MCM menus)

Here is a list of mods that require VVE (or legacy MFVM.esm):

(If you're going to make a mod dependent on VVE please provide me a link to your mod and I'll list it here.)

Voice Types Expanded:
Some voice types may be added to the list, and some may be removed. This is all dependent on if it's even possible to make them passable followers or marriage candidates within the constrains of their assets.)

Follower Voices:

Marriage Voices:

Using the Console:
Remember VVE expands voice types to be follower eligible but does not edit any in game NPCs. If you want a particular NPC to follow you or marry you and you don't use a mod for that purpose, then you will need to use the console and write out the commands by hand.

Demo NPCs:
Demo NPC's can only be accessed by the console so they must be spawned by the player. If the voice type has marriage dialogue then I made the NPC eligible for marriage.

Feedback and screenshots are always welcome!