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*** ATTENTION *** I no longer have time for skyrim modding or support. To the Skyrim modding community, regardless of what it says in the readme, please feel free to pick up where I left  off and use my mod as a base for your own or to be incorporated into any existing mods. Thanks.

This mod adds an in-game dialogue option to many of the NPCs in Skyrim. The dialogue option is only available to NPCs that have a valid voice type to be a follower. After the first time you use this dialogue, the NPC will be converted into a standard Skyrim follower and then you will no longer see the dialogue option with that NPC anymore. NPCs converted into followers with my mod will have all the standard follower dialogue options (waiting, trading etc.). This mod is fully compatible with UFO and AFT.

To convert an NPC into a follower you need only to say the line "Let's be friends!" or "Follow me. I need your help." (depending on which version you download). After you say the line to an NPC one time, they will become a follower NPC just like any other vanilla follower in the game. The NPCs that you convert to followers using my mod will continue to be followers even if you uninstall or disable my mod. My mod does not edit any NPC form IDs or the follower quest. It only adds one new dialogue that runs a quick script on the NPC you say it to and converts them into a follower on the fly. So, in theory, it should be compatible with just about everything.

Also, the changes to NPC made by my mod are permanent. Meaning, if you convert an NPC to a follower using my mod, then they will still be a follower even if you disable or uninstall my mod. So if you do not want to see the follower conversion dialogue all the time just disable it and only enable it when you find an NPC that you want to convert into a follower. I'm going to work on getting an MCM menu set up to allow you to enable and disable the dialogue without exiting the game but that hasn't been implemented yet.

MFVM - More Follower Voices Mod Plus Khajiit Marriage ( - This mod is *HIGHLY* recommended to be used with my mod. The MFVM version adds a lot more potential followers than the vanilla version.

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul ( - My mod is fully compatible with UFO. Use this to increase your follower count. It also adds a lot of cool new things to do with your followers. I suggest using UFO or AFT whichever you prefer.

Amazing Follower Tweaks ( - My mod is fully compatible with AFT as well. Similar to UFO, you can use this to increase your follower count. If you are using the "Follow Me" version with AFT, you might have to dismiss the NPC one time and ask them to follow you again before you get the tweak options. This mod also adds a lot of cool new things to do with your followers. I suggest using UFO or AFT whichever you prefer.

Marry Me - Allow marriage with any NPC ( - This is my other mod. It allows you to marry almost any NPC you want during the marriage quest using a dialogue option. It is fully compatible with this follower mod as well as my recommended mods.

  • A) Use standard procedures Wrye Bash or NMM for automatic installation.
  • B) Manual Install/Upgrade:
    • 1) Drop the Data folder contained in this archive into your Skyrim directory (the one with the .exe files).
    • 2) Click yes on any windows prompts for merging folders or overwriting files. It should only be overwriting if you upgrading.
    • 3) Enable the mod in the Skyrim Launcher or whichever mod manager you use (NMM, Wrye Bash, etc.).
  • IMPORTANT: The following only applies to those who are upgrading from version 1.0. If you are upgrading from my initial release, then you will need to delete the loose files from that version. Here are the steps to remove the loose files:
    • 1) Go to your Skyrim/Data/SEQ folder and delete LetsBeFriends.seq.
    • 2) Go to your Skyrim/Data/Scripts folder and delete TIF__02000D66.pex.
    • 3) Go to your Skyrim/Data/Sound/Voice folder and delete the LetsBeFriends.esp folder.
    • 3) You will now be able to upgrade to any 1.1+ version or later.
At this time there are no known incompatible mods or bugs. If you happen to find one please let me know! Do not be afraid to contact me to report a bug. In fact, I encourage you to do so. I will fix it ASAP and include the fix in my next release.
Common NPCs that were not meant to be followers tend to have a very low maximum level making them rather ineffective as followers. My mod does work with UFO level scaling. So if you started a new save game with Skyrim version 1.9+ and with UFO enabled then you probably don't need to worry about this. However, sometimes it requires a new save game in order to get the level scaling to work. If do not want to start a new save game, I have an alternative for you. You can remove any specific NPC level caps by doing one of the following:

  • A) Remove the level cap of an NPC manually using console commands:
    • 1) Enter the console in game by pressing ~ key.
    • 2) Use your mouse to click on the NPC that you want to be your follower.
    • 3) Enter this command: setlevel 1000 0 1 0
    • 4) The NPC will now be the same level as you and will no longer have a max level. This command only needs to be done once per NPC per new game. I also suggest using this command on existing followers to remove their level caps.
  • B) Use my optional bat file to remove an NPCs level cap:
    • 1) Download the Optional, NPCLevelCapRemover, file from the files section of this page.
    • 2) Extract the levelup file to your Skyrim directory (the main Skyrim folder with all the .exe files... not the Data folder).
    • 3) Perform the same steps as above but instead use this command: bat levelup
    • 4) This will do the same thing as option A but, in my opinion, bat levelup is a lot easier to remember.
1.21 - Modified the follower conversion script to avoid any potential relationship rank related bugs.1.20 - Added the choice of a version that uses the standard "Follow me. I need your help." dialogue instead of "Let's be friends!" to convert NPCs into followers. Also removed a few more NPCs that will not follow the player even when asked to.1.12 - Removed Jarls, Dark Brotherhood members, Torture Victims, Heimskr and Maul from the NPCs that can become followers.1.11 - Separated out the Optional files to a separate download. Updated the readme this time (derp).1.1 - Packaged the loose files into a bsa and released the vanilla version 3/2/14
1.0 - Initial Release 3/2/14
0.0 - Beta Release 2/28/14 (Thanks to Sam and Jake!)