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Edit: I'm working up updating new versions... With far more balanced vampire NPCs... So that horrible super weakness to fire/silver perk bandaid fix won't be needed anymore!

And actual normal weapon resistance YES YOU HEARD ME, normal weapon resistance, and much more balanced vampire NPCs- at least the ones who aren't always hidden in their basements, as well as making it more possible to sneak past that one khajiit sorcerer boss to get to the potions, which I feel like I made too impossible in earlier versions. I'm working on it right now and have yet to release it though.

Clarification of BugFix versions: These simply fix an issue where the boat teleported players but not their companions, as well as a few navmeshing flaws I previously overlooked.

If you use the Unofficial Skyrim Patch mod, then download one of the versions ending in a Patch2014 rather than just 2014, and it's probably XemorahIslandMassiveUpdateBetterVampsNerfbatPatchBugFix2014 that you want to download also inb4 people making jokes about my file names always growing infinitely longer.

The following is true of the 2014 versions, I highly recommend you download XemorahIslandMassiveUpdateBetterVampsNerfbatPatchBugFix2014, but it's your choice which you choose. The following is all assuming you download the version I suggested, if you downloaded a different version, then I recommend you also look at the pre-2014 readme... If there's more you want to know look at the Readme's, I am making this description here shorter to reduce visual clutter.

If you don't have Dawnguard or Better Vampires I recommend you download XemorahIslandMassiveUpdateNerfbatOldPatchBugFix2014 instead. The reason being that the old version would be overpowered without better vampires, but the new version is made to have stats that synergize with better vampires for balancing reasons.

Only choose the super versions if you want the Quarra/Berne vampires to as much damage with average weapons, as they would do if they were fully sharpened by using smithing without actually doing smithing- as those versions are intended for players who hate smithing, in hindsight I think the nerfbat versions are more balanced, but I left the super versions optional for those who like them.

Adds Morrowind vampire bloodlines to Skyrim... As well as six potential companions two per faction for said vampires. In the 2014 version all potential companions are juse set to protected.

Important disclaimer: The vampiric/vampire affiliated companions that my mod adds Berne Apprentice/Quarra Apprentice/Apprentice Aundae Cyromancer/Helnarr/Jo's Thrall/Yazgarzu Shazog/Ennassean Mirel (all of whom initially spawn in Xemorah Island), it's very important that if you plan ondrinking the purgeblood potion, that you empty everything you put in their inventories before you drink it, because they will be disabled, and replaced by hostile versions of themselves afterward, and if you don't remove everything you put in their inventories first, you could lose items forever, so just please remember this if you plan on drinking the purgeblood potion.

Also it's very unlikely but still possible it could conflict with Whiterun mods, as it adds 3 new NPCs there. Also only pull the chain at Palmordoth if you WANT the respawning enemy vampires to stop stalking and attacking you.

Note that this mod doesn't have any effect on vanilla companions or companions from other mods though. And if you want the khajiit paladin follower Sajilvadni to be an optional follower, you will need to use this mod MFVM - More Follower Voices Mod Plus Khajiit Marriage in conjunction with my mod, or else her voice won't work with the in game follower functions.

In order to get this vampirism you must travel to Xemorah Island which can be teleported to via a boat north of Dawnstar, when you arrive you'll be near Lealmal village, and eventually you should be able to find the Blood Lair, unless you're lockpicking skill is 100, you'll need to enter a nearby building and either steal a key from Leonde Gabenagus... Either by pickpocketing or murdering him.

Once inside you will be able to use a teleport scroll to teleport deeper inside, where you'll fight or sneak past Zabhena Akar, and you will see three doors. The one behind a floating staff leads to the Aundae, the one by the combat dummy like figure holding a sword and shield leads to the Quarra, and the one underneath a bow leads to the Berne blood potion.

One you open the door you will fall inside, and land near some Aundae/Berne/Quarra specific loot, a blood potion, and a teleport scroll, be sure to loot everything especially blood potions before teleporting out with the scroll, there is no return back.

After you drink the potion you'll gain these effects according to your vampiric bloodline, further more upon transforming vampires from other factions will attack you, and the package that makes them repeatedly try to kill the player can only be disabled by pulling a chain to "shower" in the waters of Palmordoth (for people who don't like being endlessly attacked by respawning enemy vampires), also no matter what vampire faction you join, a group of paladins will also hunt down the player.

If you do drink the purgeblood potion though to become an ex-vampire, some of these paladins become optional companions. Lastly fire damage, and silver weapons do extremely high damage to non-elite vampires, and still pretty high damage to elite vampires, although this isn't so much the case on the one of a kind vampire bosses.

And yes, drinking the purgeblood potion, will disable the vampiric (or vampire affiliated in the case of Helnarr-Jo's thrall) companions, and replace them with hostile versions of themselves that attack the player on sight... Because of course, they feel betrayed by you for rejecting their bloodline, and will forever hate you if you do that.

All Vampires: Resist damage 15, fortify destruction 10, fortify health 30, fortify illusion 10, melee damage 10, fortify stamina 30, fortify magicka 30, fortify blocking 10, fortify lockpicking 10, fortify one handed 10, fortify unarmed damage 10, fortify two-handed 10, fortify movement speed 10, fortify destruction 15, fortify carry weight 20, weakness to fire 20, weakness to frost 20.

Speed is fortified by 30 for no dawnguard/no better vampire potions... Why? Because better vampires makes you go 20% faster when fully feed stacking to a total of 30%, but without better vampires it's just constantly 30%.

Spell: Advanced drain life: Absorbs 17 health per casting hand per second, for 33 magicka.

Quarra specific: fortify carry weight 175, fortify unarmed 11, resist damage additional 15, fortify two handed 15, fortify one handed 10, fortify health 60.

In "Old" versions (yeah some "old" versions are 2014 btw), Quarra health is fortified by 100, rather than 60 where as in BetterVamps versions it's just 60, this is because better vampires adds 40 more health when fully fed.

Quarra specific differences super versions: Fortify two handed 57, fortify 1 handed 29 otherwise identical to nerfbat version.

Special one day a use ability: Quarra berserking: Fortify health 115, and do 18% more damage and take less damage for 60 seconds.

Quarra players also gain the ability to summon a Quarra Great Hound once a day which is roughly as powerful as a sabrecat.

Aundae specific: Fortify Magicka 100, fortify destruction spell reduction 20, fortify illusion 10, fortify conjuration 20, fortify alteration 20, fortify destruction power 20. As well as Aundae drain life.

Aundae Drain Life: drains 20 health per second per hand casting for 40 magicka.

Once a day ability: Aundae focus casting which fortifies magicka by 450, destruction power by 28, and magic regeneration by 85% for 60 seconds, and lastly...

Aundae Hypnosis: Drains health by 4 every second for 60 seconds over an area of 225 feet, it also makes the nearby victims rally and attack whoever is near them, it's very powerful against several weaker enemies.

Berne specific: Fortify unarmed damage 10, fortify archery 15, fortify stamina 100, fortify one handed 15, fortify sneak 30, fortify speed 60 fortify two handed 10.

Berne specific differences with super versions: Fortify archery 131, 1 handed 84, 2 handed 35- otherwise identical to nerfbat version.

Once a day ability: Berne Adrenaline Rush: Fortify Marksman 46, fortify sneak 95, fortify one handed 28, fortify two handed 15, water walking, and fortify running speed 75% for 70 seconds, also temporarily turns the caster transparent like a ghost.

Berne Poison: 5 poison damage per tick, slow 75%, and drain stamina 33% per tick for 120 seconds, it kills really slowly but can be quite powerful regardless, made to made Berne according to the lore.

New creatures have also been added, the Quarra have a new Quarra Great Hound that is a new type of dog that's roughly equally as powerful as a sabrecat, the Berne get an otherwise ordinary transparent dwarven spider that is heavily resistant to magic attacks, and the Aundae get phantom spiders with one spell that summons about 3-4 weak phantom spiders (equally as powerful as the usual small spiders), or at master conjuration a massive phantom spider.

The massive phantom spider is weaker than a frost atronach in melee combat and will lose against it in all likelihood, but is stronger in melee combat than the storm atronach is, and it has a weak but useful ranged attack, it's initial jumping attack also does a lot of damage. Both phantom spiders are immune to frost damage being ghosts.

The Aundae vampires also now have access to scrolls they can buy from the Aundae merchant who will teleport them safely to the Aundae base. Each faction now has 3 bounties left by the faction leaders, which you can find on a wall nearby said leaders. The scrolls explain where the targets are, why they want them killed, and other such details. You will be awarded gold, and a few items for killing them, although these items are either faction specific stuff, or stuff that exists in the default game.

The Aundae companions are Hellnar-Jo's Thrall (the only non-vampire companion) who summons phantom spiders, and uses scalding hot poison spells, these spells on a target with no resistance do as much damage as default fire spells do, but instead half the damage is fire, and half the damage is poison, and Apprentice Aundae Cryomancer an Aundae vampire who summons frost atronachs and uses frost spells.

For the Berne the companions are Ennassean Mirel also the fastest companion and the weaker brother of the Berne leader Senynd Mirel who is an archer with a spell called shadowgrasp that paralyzes targets for only one second, and causes minor shock damage, the spell is expensive and can't be recast very often. As well as the companion Apprentice Berne Archer without shadowgrasp who is weaker, and Ennassean also has the lightstep perk.

For Quarra the companions are Yazgargzu Shazog the Quarra Leaders weaker sister who has very similar abilities but weaker stats to be a balanced companion, she is a two handed specialized warrior with higher carry weight than all the other companions, and the highest health. The other Quarra companion is Apprentice Quarra Berserker, who is essentially a weaker version of Yazgargzu and carries the second most weight.

The companions are in Galthumun Luxury Depths, Vodeera Arena Forging Room, and Elinunab Laboratory, all connected to the door leading to the player home. Also FYI the player homes are the places with non-respawning containers are where it's safe to keep your stuff.

Lastly a suggested mod to combine with this, is Everyone is Essential - NPCs Protected, as the vampires, can and likely will kill NPCs.

Previous update: Released an updated version, reason: Unofficial Skyrim Patch replaces the default male dark brotherhood torso armor with a different mesh, and since the Berne armor uses the same mesh, the custom texture was replaced with the vanilla. Now this issue won't happen anymore, and all Berne armor will keep it's custom textures even with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch turned on.