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Painting mesh resource for mods.

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Contains 3 nif files, 3 sample textures, 3 normal maps and the sample static objects for the CK in 2 versions.

The first version uses vanilla textures to save on download files size, and if you like that texture.

Resource pack 2 uses a custom texture for the frame for those that want to retexture all of it. UVW map was exported, paintwood.jpg to make and You can make multiple versions of frames as well as paintings easy enough.

Requires Nifskope and an image editing program with a DDS plugin like Photoshop or Gimp.

Please rename the folder's the .nifs and textures are in so they wont overwrite others.

Making a new painting:
1. Take an image like a screenshot, crop and resize to 512x512 for the square painting. 768x512 for the wide version.512x768 for the portrait.
2. Save as .dds, DXT1 no alpha channel. paint01 for the first square, paint02 for second, paintw01 for first wide, paintw02 for second. paintp01 for the first portrait, paintp02 for the second. make as many as you want.
3. Open paint01.nif, paintp01.nif or paintw01.nif in Nifskope.
4. open the paint NiTriShape tree and edit the BSSahderTextureSet.
5. Change the filepath to the one that goes with your mod.
6. Change, paintp01, or to the new one. save as. repeat for all the new painting textures you made. (wide versions will not show in Nifskope, dont worry they do in the game)
7. Open the CK, load my sample esp, and your mods esp. make your mod the active file.
8. find aaaapaintingsamplesquare, portrait, or wide in the static/clutter section. right click and duplicate so the duplicates are now part of your mod.
9. Rename the duplicates if you want. edit the model path to wherever you saved the .nif files. repeat for all your paintings.
10. drag and drop them into your mod cell, scale larger or smaller as you see fit.

The model in the first pack uses vanilla resources for some textures.
farmhouse: and
riften: and

Use note:
Feel free to use in your mod, no permission is required. credit is optional. but I would be happy to know what mod it is that uses them.

You cannot use these for a Steam Workshop mod that is being sold. Don't even ask for permission to use in a for sale mod, it will not be granted.

You cannot use the first set in a different game because the wood textures are property of Bethesda. painting resource 2 has all custom textures and can be used in another game.

Used in:
Lurking In The Shadows - A Castle Quest Mod by Eltesco
White River Cottage by Gentester
Vampire Slavers Den - Adult by Mindboggles
The Lofty Loft - A Thalmor-Themed House by Jokerine
Haven Bag by Haishao
Frostflow Lighthouse Player Home by Jokerine
DragonPerch Player's Home by IceSpiders
Merchant of Ivalia by Lucifer Beoulve
Fox Cafe_X by fox

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