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Grand hall at the lakeshore to relax. Plus dungeon, armory, bath, pantheon, garrison and a library. Including trophy displays and a beach. Anything else?

Permissions and credits
Silvermoon Hall at Lake Ilinalta

  • Look for the message at the tombs it will lead you to the Key.
  • Check screenshots for updated areas and toggles
  • Best enjoyed with multiple followers


  • Spacious open plan area with Bedding for 4
  • Alchemy and Enchanting corners
  • Toggle for throne and privacy curtains
  • Secret passage to cistern
  • Breakfast and dinner gets auto served (read sticky for details)
  • Fire and lights have auto switch (dim during the day, roaring in evenings)
  • Small Bookshelf
  • Ample weapon and shield plaques.
  • Many unique trophy displays (see below)

  • Offers a cosy area for servants with Bedding for 6
  • Cooking, Oven
  • Alchemy and Enchanting
  • Armor Workbench, Sharpening Wheel
  • Weapon Racks, Trophy displays (see below)

  • Large and dramatic space for displays and ceremonies with Bedding for 6
  • Plus coffins for 2 Vampires
  • Unique Enchanter, Staff Enchanter and Alchemy station
  • A few small bookshelves
  • Toggle for lights and fires
  • Altar
  • Trophy displays for: (see below)

  • Chill out Bath & Bar area with Bedding for 5
  • Cooking, Alchemy station
  • Auto Undress for followers
  • Unique Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood displays (see below)


  • Large ceremonial area with bedding for 4 and 4 coffins
  • Atar with toggle to clear the stage
  • Alchemy and Enchanting
  • Cages for your beloved ones
  • Exit to Half-Moon Mill bridge
  • Single cell with cistern
  • Trophy displays for: (see below)

  • Empty bookshelves for hundreds of books
  • 4 Library Cabinets full with hundreds of books
  • Enchanter
  • Nice balcony and ceremonial roof
  • Civil War map (with toggle)
  • Shortcut to Armory
  • Trophy displays for: (see below)

  • Bedding for 4 followers
  • Crafting stations
  • 18 mannequins
  • 18 weapon racks
  • 6 Shied and sword plaques
  • Dagger and Bow plaques
  • Ample storage
  • Shortcut to library
  • Tanning Rack
  • Trophy displays for: (see below)

Garrison (new)
  • Bedding for 6 guards
  • Some alchemy
  • This will be the weaponry trophy display area, check in for updates

  • Bonfire 
  • Toggle for the steam (new)
  • Patio with Jacuzzi (hmm)
  • Smelter
  • Armor Workbench
  • Sharpening Wheel, Anvil, Tanning Rack
  • Enchanter
  • Beach with platforms and Auto Undress for followers
  • Stable for up to 4 horses
  • Trapdoor to cistern
  • Farming area with planters
  • Goats (2 domestic, 1 wild) and Chickens (of course)
  • Tanning Rack
  • 2 Apiary

  • Well-Rested Beds
  • Many idle markers, interactable by the player.
  • Full chests for tinkering
  • Some Poison and Potion Storages
  • Enchanting supplies
  • All storage is safe except the "Public Donations Chest" outside the Library
  • Thrones are reserved for the Dovahkiin.
  • All furniture is slightly elevated for use with high heels. Don't ask me to change it please.
  • Everything is carefully nav-meshed. 
  • Added text file with all display items. For test purposes. Type in console: bat display

Please let me know if you run into problems and endorse if you like it.
Screenshots are welcome, I'm terrible at those.


  • This mod effects a large area near the Lady Stone Island.
  • Removes some of the slaughter fish.
  • Look for the message in the tombs to find the key.
  • Check the screenshots to find light switch, throne toggle and displays.
  • I will keep adding and updating displays
  • The name comes from the ship wrek. 

Check out my Home in Riften - Crimson Hall

Hall Displays:
Elder Scrolls, Shield of Ysgramor, Auriels Shield, Shields for 9 holds with matching weapon plaque, Dawnguard Rune Shield,
Dawnguard Rune Axe, Dawnguard Rune Hammer, Harkon's Sword, Aetherial Staff, Staff of Magnus, Keening, Wuuthrad, Auriels Bow
Dragonstone, Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, Dragon Burial Map, Deathbrand Map, Initiates Ewer, Bugs in Jars, White Phial, Aetherial Crown, Arch-Mage’s Robe & Boots, Savos Aren’s Amulet, Gauldur Amulet, Amulet of Zenithar, Amulet of Mara, Amulet of Julianos, Necromancer Amulet, Locket of Saint Jiub, Gauldur Black Bow,  Gauldur Black Blade, Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

Cellar displays:
Targe of the Blodded, Aetherial Shield, NEW: Skull Keys

Den Displays:
Dragon Priest Masks, Dragon Claws, Black Book’s, Paragons, Oghma Infinium, Spellbreaker, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Ebony Mail, Mace of Molag Bal, Mehrune's Razor, Ring of Hircine, Ring of Namira, Rueful Axe, Savior's Hide, , Sanguine Rose, Dawnbreaker, Wabbajack, Ebony Blade, Staff of Hag's Wrath, Werewolf totems

Cistern Displays:
All Thieves guild rewards, Crown of Barenziah, Aretino Heirloom
NEW: Nightingale Blade, Nightingale Bow, Blade of Woe, Chillrend, Mercer Plans,

Pantheon Displays (new):
Volendrung, Skull of Corruption, Azura's star and Black Star option, Weystone, Mooncrests, Warhorn, Witchhead, Focus Crystal, Draw Knife, Kolbjorn Skull

Library Displays:
Skull of Potema, Ancient Falmer Crown, Sigil Stone, Skeleton Key, Torc of Labyrinthia,

Armory Displays:
Jagged Crown, Yngol Helm,


Recommended Mods:

General follower management Relationship Dialogue Overhaul,  Amazing Follower Tweaks and the according MCM mod.
For the pantheon area Multiple Floors Sandboxing.

Setting home and work: My Home is your Home 
1. you set a home (the place for mornings and evenings)
2. place to work (the place they hang around during the day)
3. place to sleep
* you can use as "home" outdoor areas too
* choose the places apart from each other, like that followers will be actively walking from place to place
* the "guard at night" function can end up in aggression to other followers.

Placing unobtainable items: AddItemMenu

Oriental Rugs by Volek
aMidianBorn Whiterun by CaBaL120
Cloth Mannequins by Hanaisse

Special Thanks goes to:
Bathing Suit in a pool Script and files by jet4571
HearthFires - Unique Display Room by Jayer117
Modder Display Compendium - Custom Displays for the Collectible Items found in Skyrim by MrDanSG1
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys
Open Books Resource and Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary
Open Books Library by stoverjm
Darkfox127 Resource Collection by Darkfox127 for scripts
SalaciousIdles by Shubal for the dance idle