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RUSTIC FURNITURE is a high-resolution retexture of the noble furniture, high chest, and display case for Skyrim. Available in 4K and 2K resolutions. Version with SMIM noble chair textures available.

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RUSTIC FURNITURE is another entry in my "rustic" series of retextures for Skyrim. The noble furniture textures consist of 3 main sets of textures ( color + normal map) as well as one minor set for the noble water basin. There are well over 50 meshes in the "noble" folder, so these three main textures are responsible for many furniture objects in the game. Everything from the four poster beds, to banquet tables, bookcases, dressers, chairs, chests, shelves, and room dividers. New addition is the "high chest" which was never included in the hi-res pack textures. Version 3.0 adds the textures for the display case.

UPDATE: New version available for SMIM users that has the SMIM noble chair textures included. 

With so many objects being covered by these three textures, and the way Bethesda's meshes often only use small sections of the textures, even the 2K size of the Bethesda hi-res pack textures lack much detail in game. I deemed it necessary to work at 4K in order to infuse enough detail into the game models. Since my 2K textures are downscaled from the 4K originals, they still maintain a fair amount of detail for those who can't handle 4K textures in their setup. I worked hard to pack as much fine detail into the textures as possible, giving them a rustic appearance with pronounced wood grain and hammered metal trim.

Unfortunately, the current state of my setup isn't working well, so I couldn't take many screenshots of the textures in game. I trust that I have enough images to give people a fair idea of their appearance, even if I only have a limited number of all the models covered. If anyone takes some nice screenshots that they wish to share, then I'll be glad to highlight any that show noble furniture items that I haven't included.

I hope people enjoy these new rustic textures, and if the response is favorable, I may expand to cover more furniture items. Perhaps, this could eventually morph into simply a RUSTIC FURNITURE mod.