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Disparity and Diversity - Diversified Individual Race Textures is a simple mod to give each non-beast race unique textures to give them a more varied appearance and to better reflect each race’s characteristics. Available in 4K and 2K resolutions, with support for Vanilla, Males of Skyrim/Nordic Faces, SOS, SAM, UNP and CBBE body meshes.

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Disparity and Diversity - Diversified Individual Race Textures

(Description copied from Skyrim SE version - links have not been changed to LE versions.)


Disparity and Diversity -Diversified Individual Race Textures is a simple mod to give each non-beast race unique textures to give them a more varied appearance and to better reflect each race’s characteristics. Available in 4K and 2K resolutions.


Either use the FOMOD or:
1. Download "Disparity and Diversity - DIRT - ESP"
2. Download "Head Textures - 4K" or "Head Textures - 2K"
3. Download "Facegen Files - Default" or "Facegen Files - Ethereal Elven Overhaul"
4. Download a set of male textures and a set of female textures.
5. Enable the ESP.

See images for comparisons to vanilla for each race.

All elves have been given hairless bodies by default to make them appear more ethereal and alien, however there are optional textures with body hairs. To further add to their nonhuman appearance they have a subtle skin effect similar to Snow Elves. They are more slender than men besides the Orcs, their skin is more colourful than that of men.
Dunmer - Dunmer are darker, similar to how they appeared in previous games.
Altmer - Altmer have brighter, smoother skin with warm golden hues.
Bosmer - Bosmer are more toned than the Altmer and Dunmer and have wiry lean muscles, the elven effect to their skin helps distinguish them from men despite their similar skin tone.
Orsimer - Orsimer are greener, similar to how they appeared in previous games. They are by far the most muscular race.

Humans can now be easily differentiated at a glance and their racial characteristics and lore have been reflected in their new appearances.
Imperial - Imperials are pretty “standard” looking, they have relatively tanned skin and the males have more body hair than Bretons and Redguards, but less than Nords.
Breton - Bretons have a subtle version of the elven effect to their skin, reflecting the elven tint to their blood. The male Bretons have less body hair than Imperials due to their elven ancestry.
Redguard - All Redguards are toned, with only Nords and Orcs having a stronger appearance, as all Redguards are expected to have some level of martial prowess. Their skin has been made darker and more saturated, to better reflect how dark skin appears in real life. Their palms and soles are slightly less melanated than the rest of their skin and they have mostly hairless bodies due hailing from a hot desert climate.
Nord - Nords are the palest humans, with pinkish wind chafed skin. They are bulky and strongly built and are by far the hairiest race, all designed to help them survive in the freezing colds of Skyrim. By default female Nords have unshaven legs to give them the appearance of favouring practicality over vanity, in contrast with Imperials and Bretons, but there is an option to give them hairless legs too.

Complexions - The older complexions now use different normal maps to add some variation and make it so the older NPC's wrinkles don't just look like facepaint, but the complexion detail maps themselves are untouched. See the images for a couple of examples of this effect.

Vampires - Vampires now use the respective normal map of their race, no other changes have been made to their appearance.

Not Changed

Detail, Specular and Subsurface Scattering Maps - The mod will not replace these files.
Elders - All races share the same elder race and elderly elves simply don't look old at all, but I am planning an addon to this mod that will change them to their actual respective races to work with Disparity and Diversity while keeping their elderly appearance. It will also make old elves like Nurelion or old Orcs like, well, the Old Orc appear elderly too.
Children - I didn’t want to interfere with RS Children, though I might make an addon to this mod if there are any RS Children mods that adds elven and/or orcish children.
Dremora - I am already working on another mod to overhaul the appearance of Dremora.
Afflicted - There wasn’t really any need to change them.
Snow Elves - I plan on changing them later.


  • Compatible with the following male body meshes: Vanilla, Males of Skyrim/Nordic Faces, SOS and SAM (the body textures for SAM must be downloaded here)
For SOS users, load D&D after SOS. You will need the schlong textures from Tempered Skins for Males to avoid seams. I have not made individual textures for each race's schlong, so there will be a bit of a mismatch unfortunately.
  • Compatible with the following female body meshes: Vanilla, UNP and CBEE.

  • Mods that add new NPCs will need facegen files, feel free to request them and I’ll add them to the optional files. See the FAQs for a guide on making your own facegens, it's really easy.
  • Compatible with all racial ability overhauls such as Imperious or Aetherius.
  • Compatible with skeleton replacers such as Racial Body Morphs or FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons.
  • Compatible with NPC overhauls such as Pandorable or Ethereal Elven Overhaul, though they will need facegen files. I am providing facegen files for Ethereal Elven Overhaul and will add more facegen files as they’re requested. Load Disparity and Diversity after any of these types of overhauls.


None that I know of, let me know if you come across any.
Not a bug but there are some seams I just can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try, sorry about that.

Skysight Skins by fadingsignal -  Used in the male textures for Bretons, Imperials and Redguards. Real feet textures were used in some of the SOS textures. Face normal maps were also used.
Tempered Skins for Males by traa108 - Used in the male elven textures besides Orc and used for the SOS textures.
Fried's Male Skin Textures by TheFriedturkey - Used in the male textures for the Orcs, Nords and Redguards.
True Faces by nbtime - Used for the face normal maps, also the male human face diffuse textures.
The Pure by regenbot03 - Used in the female textures for elves besides Orcs.
Mature Skin by Shiva182 - Used in the female textures for Bretons, Imperials and Redguards.
Fried's Female Skin Textures by TheFriedturkey - Used in the female textures for Nords, Orcs and Redguards.
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska - Used in the female textures for elves. Also used in the optional EEO facegens, of course.
A new normal map for males by albron111 - Used in the male Orc body normal map.
Muscular Women by elmanouche which uses textures created by Xenius and Tigersan - Used for female Orcs.

Nordic Faces by deletepch - Used the FaceGen preset esp to generate prettier FaceGens.
  • Which also means I used:
Expressive Facegen Morphs SE by Niroku
Expressive Facial Animations for Males, Expressive Facial Animations for Females by Niroku
SUEMR SSE by Ruhadre, RAN46, bellwood2206, Borearis, HHaleyy, and rxkx22
High Poly Vanilla Hair by Macxhiin
Note: This does not mean D&D includes these mods. If you want them to apply to your character, you will need to download and install them.
Smooth Body Textures - Used in the male normal maps for several races.
  • Smooth Body Textures requires me to credit the following:
Sundracon for Nude Male with Import from Roberts new vegas male
Chris57 and FavoredSoul for Better males
AlienSlof link her site Slof's Hive
Robert2 for RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52 for OBLIVION
thegal for 
Nude Males v0_4


Q: Is this mod compatible with X?
A: Apart from other body texture mods, almost definitely yes - The only mods where this is in question are body mesh mods, but I would be surprised if you're using a body mesh that doesn't work with one of the provided options. If you find a body mesh that none of the D&D options work with, let me know and I may possibly create another option.

Q: What about the beast races?
A: They literally already have unique textures, what more do you want?

Q: What's the deal with FaceGen?
A: FaceGen files are how the game loads NPC faces, you need new ones for DaD to make NPCs use the correct face textures. This includes NPCs added by other mods. Feel free to request additional FaceGen files for any other mods you're using - though generating your own FaceGen files is quite simple:
  • Download the Creation Kit.
  • Download Creation Kit Fixes
  • Open up the Creation Kit, tick DisparityAndDiversity.esp and the mod you want to generate the chargen for. Set that mod as the active file.
  •  (Optional) Also tick the FaceGen esp from Nordic Faces (after downloading the appropriate mods) for much higher quality FaceGens.
  •  (Optional) If you're using Ethereal Elven Overhaul then tick the esp for that too.
  • Go to Actors > Actor in the Creation Kit menu.
  • Tick the "Show only active forms" box.
  • Highlight all the visible records.
  • Press Ctrl + F4
  • Wait until a pop-up saying "done" appears.
  • That's it! No other steps necessary.