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A visual overhaul of our favorite vampire princess.
Now with a fancy FOMOD!

Permissions and credits
My mod production for Legendary Edition has ended. All further mod production will be for Special Edition, and I urge everyone to move towards that platform, as it has numerous benefits, and the focus of the community has largely shifted over to SE.


There are many great overhauls of Serana on the Nexus, this is my personal take on her. 
Serana is quite literally a vampire princess, and I tried to give her an appearance that would resemble that. 
In addition to the standard vampire appearance, I have also created an optional cured appearance, for those that have gone that route.

High Poly Head
She will now use your own installed body, and her own CBBE or UNP based textures
Standalone body and textures featuring CBBE or BHUNP Advanced
Bijin skin textures
Original recoloring of the eyes, based on an eye from The Eyes of Beauty
Mouth meshes from Expressive Facial Animation\Fair Skin
Hand sculpted fangs

Install with the manager of choice
For the cured version, wait until you have the conversation about Serana getting cured, and then install after she leaves you.
I don't think there will be issues if you install that beforehand, but just to make sure it goes correctly.

Obviously (obviously) this mod will not be compatible with anything else that edits Serana's appearance
Mod forwards changes from USSEP and should be 100% compatible with the amazing Serana Dialogue Addon

Of course, Dawnguard DLC
The following are not hard requirements, but they were used in the creation of her face, and may not look 100% the same without:
Expressive Facial Animations - Female
Expressive Facegen Morphs

Recommended mods:
The Ordinary Women (This mod adds in my opinion the best Valerica, and she looks related to mine ^.^ )
Serana Dialogue Add-on (I seriously cannot recommend this mod enough, one of the best ever created)
Serana Dialogue Edit (Use in tandem with the above mod)
Lustmord Vampire Armor 
Rustic Clothing
Expressive Facial Animations 
Expressive Facegen Morphs

Bijin Skin
Fair Skin
The Eyes of Beauty
High Poly Head
KS Hairdos
Female Makeup Suite
Shinglescat for her amazing eye cubemaps and hair textures

Shout out to Dirtnap and Yulleona2 for testing and providing some screens, and Tim for convincing me to do Serana.

Check out my Twitter to see what I am currently working on (and for random screens and posts).
My other mods

Fixed facetint on less pale version
Added all files to a FOMOD installer.
Made changes in CK to fix the eye issues some users reported.
Fixed texture/mesh path error
Reduced size of tintmasks